Yeti Hopper Cooler Price, Is It Worth It?

Yeti has has established worldwide credibility for providing quality coolers capable of holding ice, during extreme heat, for very long periods of time. However, most associate Yeti with hard sided coolers and the release of the Yeti Hopper has made people question whether it can perform as well. The Hopper is soft sided, yet nearly the same price that typically comes with the Yeti name on hard sided cooler. So is the Yeti Hopper price worth it or not and what are the advantages?  See Our Video Below to discover some of the drawbacks.

Yeti Hopper Size Comparison

Flip 8-12-18Hopper 20Hopper 30
Hopper Flip TopYeti Hopper Two ReviewYeti Hopper 30 Tote Cooler
Holds: 6-12-16 CansHolds: 18 CansHolds: 24 Cans
Max Ice: 8-15-20 lbsMax Ice: 20 lbsMax Ice: 30 lbs
Cost: $$Cost: $$$Cost: $$$$
Waterproof: Waterproof: Waterproof:
Rating: 4.4Rating: 4.4Rating: 4.4

Why Is The Yeti Hopper Expensive?

Yeti Hopper 20 Review

When you see the Yeti name on a cooler, you know that it has been thoroughly tested and approved by avid outdoorsmen. Yeti test their coolers to ensure they can withstand heat and cold. For many campers, hikers, and fisherman, they feel quality is worth the added price. The Hopper can hold both hot or cold items, The Hopper will also never sweat thanks to its high grade internal liner. One of the biggest selling points of any soft sided cooler is the storage size. When not in use, the cooler can be collapsed down and takes up a fraction of the size of comparable sized roto molded coolers. Yeti Hopper Cooler Inside

How Does The Yeti Hopper Compare to Other Soft Coolers?

Hopper Flip TopThe biggest difference for us with the original Hopper vs other soft sided coolers is the opening. The Hopper uses an extremely durable waterproof zipper across the top of the cooler. Although durable, the zipper can be difficult to open. Once open, the zipper then provides the biggest inconvenience. Because the cooler is still somewhat rigid, this leaves the opening narrow. Therefore, we’ve found our arm passing across a very rough zipper when reaching into the cooler. It doesn’t feel good on the forearm. To be fair, Yeti has greatly improved this design with their more recent models.

Hopper Ice Retention Performance

Although we haven’t tested the Hopper yet (coming soon) we have tested a myriad of other soft sided coolers (see video below). In our most recent ice test we had several soft sided coolers last 3-4 days. This is truly impressive considering testing was conducted in the middle of summer in Florida. The temperatures of lids were regularly reaching above 100°.  The closest soft sided cooled (in terms of construction) that we tested compared to the Hopper was the Orca Pod and the Engel TPU. Both coolers held ice for 3+ days, therefore, we feel the Hopper will last similar length of time. We will have that test coming soon.

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Yeti Hopper Sizes & Styles

Hopper 20

Burnt Orange HopperThe Yeti Hopper Cooler 20 only has a rubber foam padding on the bottom and the sides. This leaves you with plenty of space and it can hold ice for days, rather than a single day like the other coolers. It is 100% leak proof thanks to welded seams instead of stitched, and a HydroLok zipper. There are tie downs on it to ensure when you are on your boat or in a UTV, you do not have to worry about it getting tossed overboard and it can even ride easily in the back of your pickup. It is priced on the higher end, as with all Yeti products, but the quality and prestige is justified by almost all owners. This is available in Fog Grey and Burnt Orange. See Available Color Schemes Here⇒Yeti Hopper Two Review


Hopper 30

Hopper Used For FishingThe Yeti Hopper 30 has the same DryHide Shell and RF welded seams as the 20, but it is of course larger. It has the ColdCell rubber foam on the sides and the bottom to ensure minimum wasted space. Most love that it can hold ice for several days and take advantage of it by using it on long road trips or extended camping/fishing trips. However, because of the added size the Model 30 is more expensive than the Model 20 and will be a bit heavier when filled to capacity. Because this is slightly larger many find it as the perfect fishing cooler. Also Available In Multiple Colors⇒Yeti Hopper 30 Price


Hopper Flip Personal Cooler

Yeti Flip Versatility The Hopper Flip is the smallest of the Yeti Soft Sided Cooler line up. This is the ideal personal cooler for a day fishing, lunch to the job site, etc. The Flip comes in either the Flip 12, which can hold 12 cans or the Flip 8 which can hold 6 cans. Both models offer the same style cold cell insulation as well as dry hide shell exterior. You’ll find that the exterior also offers several attachment points for additional gear or these can function as tie down points when you want to lock your cooler down. Of all the soft sided coolers offered by Yeti this model opens the best. The entire top of the cooler is accessible once opening. This isa a HUGE improvement for us, as we really disliked the original design which required running your forearms across rough zippers to access the cooler. With this new design though, you lose the ability to collapse this cooler like you would on the other hoppers. Because this cooler is so small, this is rarely a concern by most. The Flip is also available in several colors and sizes. See Colors & Sizes Here⇒Flip 12 Hopper Cooler_______________________________

Is the Yeti Hopper, Soft Sided Cooler Worth It?

Yeti Hopper In Back Of TruckThe Hopper is worth it if you’re looking for a solid soft sided cooler by a prestigious brand name. Sure, you can find cheaper soft coolers, but some prefer the Yeti name, and that is perfectly o.k. Additionally, of the soft sided coolers we have tested the Hopper is one of the most robust and heavy duty coolers. However, it is a smaller cooler than some hard sided Yeti Options, which may be a problem for people who want to carry a lot of food and drink in their cooler. In the end, whether you purchase the Yeti Hopper 20, the Yeti Hopper 30 or even the Flip soft sided cooler, you will get what you pay for in regards to space and ice retention.

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