Vibe Element Cooler Review

Vibe Elements Kayak CoolerVibe Element coolers are designed with the outdoors in mind. Specifically, they are one of the best options for paddlers who want to experience freedom on the open water for long adventures in their kayak or boat. Vibe, originally a specialist in fishing kayaks, has been working towards the perfect cooler since 2013 ensuring that their products not only look great, but offer the most practical features. Lastly, and most importantly these coolers are available at an affordable price point.

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Available Vibe Element Cooler Sizes

Element 20Element 45Element 75
Cooler With Handle45 Quart Element Kayak CoolerVibe Element 75 Quart Cooler
20 Quarts45 Quarts75 Quarts
14.1 x 7.8 x 9.8 inches20.2 x 10.6 x 11.6 inches27 x 11.7 x 13.2 inches
Weight: 14.4 lbsWeight: 23 lbsWeight 32 lbs

UPDATE: 110Qt Performance Test Results

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Recently we tested a brand new size Vibe, the 110qt cooler. This would be our largest cooler we have tested to date. Many of our YouTube Commenters have regularly asked for a large cooler test. Testing the vibe was our chance to not only test a large cooler, but to test it under real world conditions. In many of our previous test we open coolers three times a day to simulate actual use. Again, answering to our viewers, we wanted to test this cooler under real world conditions by using the cooler while camping.

Testing Procedure

Cooler With One Weeks Worth OF Groceries

50lbs Of Ice & One Weeks Worth Of Food

We filled the 110 quart cooler with 50 lbs of ice which filled the cooler up about 20-40%. On top we added all of our groceries from our Travel Trailer. This would be one week’s worth of food/beverage. Because this now held all of our groceries we were in and out of the cooler frequently. The cooler remained outside exposed to the elements and sat in the back of our pickup truck which has a black colored truck bed. We also drove well over 1,000 miles with the cooler in the back as we traveled from one destination to the next. This included elevation levels as high as 10,000ft, off road terrain, and rain.

Vibe Suctioned Close

In the end the the Vibe 110qt held our groceries and maintained ice for 6.5 days. We found this very impressive considering how frequently the cooler was opened and closed. Exposing the cooler to external temps is one of the biggest detriments to ice retention times, yet the cooler put up a solid performance.

High Afternoon Temperatures

High Afternoon Temperatures

Some may be quick to jump to the conclusion that the Vibe was not our best cooler in terms of ice retention as some coolers we have test have held ice for 10+ days. However, there is a big difference between prior tests and the test we put the Vibe through. The Vibe only had, at most 40% ice and the rest was reserved to groceries or open space. Therefore, if we had filled the cooler to capacity with ice, the Vibe would have held ice much longer. We estimate that it could hold ice in excess of two weeks.

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Features of Vibe Coolers

Vibe coolers are high end roto molded coolers which can hold ice for days (as our test have shown).

Each cooler is crafted via rotomolded construction, ensuring supreme durability. The extreme ice retention comes from three inches of insulation within each of the roto-molded walls. Not only are the walls strong enough to hold up against the bumps and dings that may come in the great outdoors, but they also have UV protection built into them. This means that even the elements will not cause damage over time.

Pressure Release Valve Cooler

Pressure Release Valve

The freezer style lid gasket and heavy-duty rubber T-latches keep warm air from intruding (limiting ice melt. All cooler sizes also offer a pressure release valve on the front so that you can open it easily on hot days. This ensures that even when the cooler is sitting in the sun, filled with ice, you will still be able to open it without worry about suction that may form. You may even have seen us struggle with this issue in several of our cooler review videos. Needless to say, your ice-cold beverages will always be accessible when you want them, without working up more of a sweat to get into the cooler.

Built In Bottle Opener

Built In Bottle Opener

All Element coolers have built in bottle openers that are located on two sides of the cooler; so no matter how it is sitting in your truck or your kayak, it will be within easy reach. They are metal bottle openers which are multi-purpose, meaning you can also use them as lock down points to secure your cooler.

The Vibe Element 20 features a stiff, metal handle that is wrapped with foam. The two larger sizes have nylon straps (wrapped in rubber for comfort) for handles on each end. These coolers are made by a fishing kayak company meaning convenience is of utmost importance. For example a feature that many will appreciate is the fish ruler that is located on each cooler.

Cooler With Handle

When you are ready to head back home, you can clean the cooler easily thanks to a rapid-flow drain spout. The drain spout cap is secured with a chain to ensure that you do not misplace it; even if you are in a hurry to get home.

How Does Element Coolers Compare?

Many feel that quality comes with a price, which is why there are many people who choose coolers like Yeti. This isn’t to detract from those coolers, however, these same people could end up spending as much as $200 more on their name brand cooler. Furthermore, by purchasing a competitor cooler could result in missing out on the pressure release gaskets and the three inches of insulation offered by Vibe. Yeti coolers, for example, only offer two inches. Vibe coolers also come with a limited lifetime warranty, which means all manufacturer defects will be covered at no cost to you. Yeti only offers a five-year limited warranty against defects.75 Qt Vibe Cooler

Final Thoughts

Many owners claim their Vibe Coolers were able to hold ice for at least three days. We tested an earlier model Vibe in addition to the 110qt and confirmed this to be more than true. The new models are even that much more capable. If you’re looking for a solid cooler at an affordable cost, the Element line of coolers are an excellent choice. These are perfect for kayaking, camping and just about any other adventure.

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