Techni Ice Signature Series Ice Chest Review

We have to start this review out with a huge THANK YOU, to all of our YouTube Subscribers & Commenters. The Techni Ice was one of the most requested coolers, and thankfully, it did not disappoint. This is one of the best coolers for ice retention we have tested to date. (Video Review At Bottom Of Post)

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Recessed Latches

One of the first things you may notice about this ice box is the sleek style. All external parts (latches, handles, drain plug) are recessed so that you can store it virtually anywhere. This makes the cooler ideal when needing to fit tight against the truck bed or boat gunnel; giving you more room for all your other gear. Additionally, there is a recessed area for padlocks allowing you to keep unwanted fingers [or claws] out. The padlock area can also be used to tie down the cooler with bungee cords or straps. If you want to use a lock and tie the Techni Ice down, there are additional tie down points located on the rope handles or on the base of the cooler. Needless to say, there is no shortage of tie down points on the Techni Ice.

Foam Explaination

Super Thick Techni Ice Insulation

When you open this cooler, you will immediately notice that the walls of this cooler are thick. The walls are 2.8” thick which is thicker than many other coolers. The lid is 3” thick. All walls are filled with a high density multi-compound PU insulation.

With seals on every access point of this cooler, you can feel confident that your items will stay cold, longer. It has a dual lock seal system around the entire lid. One seal is an EVAS seal and the other is a fridge gasket seal. Although the cooler offers an extra large drain plug, it is throughly insulated, limiting warm air intrusion. This makes draining the cooler before leaving the campsite and loading back into a vehicle that much faster and easier.

Dual GasketThe Techni Ice’s four sturdy feet ensures that you can put it on a hot surface without worry that the heat will seep up through the bottom. The feet keep the cooler elevated off the hot surface and allows air to freely move about the external surface. Heat from the ground, your boat deck, or your truck bed will never again drain the life out of your icebox.

Techni Ice Signature Series Features

Wire Basket OptionThe Signature Series coolers include a fish ruler, which is located on top of the cooler. Also present is a wire basket to keep items separated from ice/melt. If further separation is needed, the inside of the cooler is divider compatible. All interior areas of the cooler are made with a food grade liner ensuring safety if food comes in direct contact with the cooler. The exterior is made of high-density polyethylene making it more than capable of handling the dings and bumps that come along with adventures.

The 45L Techniice cooler is 43 x 67 x 46 cm on the outside and an interior dimension of 29 x 53.5 x 30 cm. However, for as large as it is; it weighs in at only 24.3 pounds when empty. This should make for easy transport, even if you have it filled with your favorite beverages or the catch of the day.

All Signature Series coolers are backed by the Techni Ice Parts and Labor Lifetime warranty. This proves beyond a doubt that they are proud of the product that they have created and stand behind it 100%. This is impressive and a unique offering from any roto molded cooler company.

This cooler is available in a variety of sizes. The largest sizes have wheels making it even easier to transport. Regardless of which size you choose, if you are using the Signature Series cooler, you can expect an ice retention of between 8-25 days. Of course, this depends on the external temperatures among other factors, but suffice it to say, it can hold ice for a very respectable amount of time.

Opinions of the Techniice Signature Series Cooler

As we originally stated, the Techni Ice cooler was one of the most requested coolers that we received on our Ice Challenge Video Comments and emails. This alone says something about the owners of Techni Ice. Once we looked the cooler over it was easy to see why this cooler was so requested. Although the cooler looks rather bulky, the looks are deceiving. The Techni Ice 47qt was fairly lightweight for its size. 

Now for the important part, how well does it perform? Turns out, our viewers did no disappoint. The Techni Ice held ice for 8 FULL Days in the middle of summer in humid Florida (video link below). Furthermore, this is longer than many coolers which were larger in size compared to the Tecnhi Ice. Needless to say, this is the most impressive cooler we have tested under 50Qt. We are looking forward to testing the larger size against our top cooler to date to see if the Techni Ice can reign in king of the hill. Our gut tells us this is possible. Stay tuned for new tests!

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