Siberian Cooler & Ice Chest Review

If you haven’t heard of Siberian coolers, you’re not alone. It should come as no surprise in a world where brand-names like Yeti Coolers dominate the marketplace. Ironically enough, we have now tested several Siberian Models and every test resulted in the same; Siberian outperformed coolers which cost significantly more. As proof you can (See Our Video Test Embedded Below).

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What Makes Siberian Coolers Better?

Siberian CoolersPrice. It really is that simple. Siberian offers a superior performing cooler, with the Alpha Series at a more affordable price. Common name brand coolers like Yeti and Engel are often high dollar items, especially for larger sized coolers.

A good example is to consider the Yeti 110. The name alone may imply that it is 110 quarts, when in all actuality, the Yeti 110 is actually a cooler that is 87 quarts. The numbers are purely a model number and not the size of the cooler. It works this way with most Yeti coolers and many people buy assuming they are getting more size for their money. With Siberian the model numbers match the cooler size every time.

Siberian Coolers Performance- Five Day Ice Challenge Results

Siberian Coolers Vs Yeti

Yeti Tundra 45 Vs Siberian 85 Q after Five Day Ice Challenge

Much to our surprise the Siberian Coolers 85 Q cooler absolutely crushed it in our Five Day Ice Challenge. This result replicated itself in an updated challenge in the Summer of 2017 (video just below this paragraph). Additionally, you’ll see in the video at bottom of post, we call the Siberian the family favorite cooler. It just so happens that all our friends and family members who saw all the coolers lined up next to each other thought that the Siberian looked the best. In regards to performance, the Siberian 85 held ice for five day with ease. Based on this test, if we had to guess, the Siberian could go 7-8 days of moderate use (we have since confirmed this). During testing we opened the coolers 3 times a day and shifted the beverages inside around to mimic someone reaching in the cooler for a drink. Granted this is an 85Q cooler (larger than competitors), it held ice significantly better than Yeti and Grizzly.

UPDATED RESULTS: In an updated test (Summer 2017) we tested the Siberian Alpha Series cooler. We matched Siberian up against seven other top performing coolers of similar size. As you’ll see in the video below, Siberian wins out, lasting over 8 Days, in 90°+ ambient temperatures every day. Granted the Siberian was slightly larger than the rest of the coolers, there is no denying this incredible performance. Best of all, this sort of performance comes at a reasonable price point

WATCH: Siberian Wins Best of The Best

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You Get What You Pay For

When you purchase a high end cooler, you often pay more as the sizes of the cooler increase. With the Siberian 85, you will pay approximately $379.00, which when divided by its 85 quarts, means you pay $4.45 per quart. With the Yeti 110, you will pay about $499.99, but considering it is only 87 quarts, leaves you with each quart equaling about $5.74 per quart. Anyone who is interested in value of their dollar can see that you pay more for a Yeti per quart. Therefore, you’ll 29% more per quart To be fair, we completely understand that there are some that prefer the Yeti brand name, and that is perfectly o.k. Yeti makes a solid cooler. Our only point is that there are more affordable high quality alternatives.Siberian Ice Chest

Siberian Coolers Vs Yeti, Who holds Ice Longer?

The video below will provide the details and differences of Yeti Vs Siberian. As you’ll see, not only did the Siberian hold ice longer, but there are a few build quality differences as well. It’s worth noting that the new model Siberian is way different than the model shown below. In our opinion the new Alpha is a major improvement in design and quality. Fortunately, the new model is roughly the same cost and actually holds ice better.

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Siberian Ice Chest Cooler Options

Siberian Alpha Series Cooler

Alpha CoolerThe biggest improvement with the Alpha Series is the implementation of the Cam Latch System. This cooler latch sits flush against the body face of the cooler to save space and allows for the cooler to be packed it into tight areas. This is also especially useful on boats or truck beds where the cooler needs to sit flush against an inside wall. Latches are constructed with fiber infused thermoplastic and military grade aluminum. No matter what the weather or how much salt water it is exposed to; you will never have to worry about corrosion.

Alpha series coolers offer tie down points and hidden padlock holes constructed in the roto molded design. PE foam is used to insulate low-density polyethylene outer shell. As if the impressive ice retention times weren’t enough, the Lifetime Warranty offered makes this cooler a no-brainer. The Alpha comes in granite or white and several sizes.

White Alpha Series Siberian Cooler_______________________________________

Siberian Softside Cooler Bag

Soft Sided SiberianThis soft sided cooler measures in at 18L x 10W x 14H. This makes it ideal for carrying up to 30 twelve ounce cans. It can also hold bottles and features dual bottle openers on the front of the case. The Siberian Cooler Bah also has a dry storage pocket on the front for your cell phone, wallet, keys, etc. The inside liner is tear-resistant thanks to a TPU coating and leak proof welds. For your convience, it comes with a carabiner bottle opener, a large storage pouch on the back and padded shoulder straps for comfort. The base of the cooler is also made of non-slip material so that you can set it down just about anywhere without worry of sliding.

*NOTE: This cooler is frequently out of stock, check our full Soft Sided Cooler Review for more optionsSoft Sided Siberian Bag


50 Quart Outback Series

Outback Series Siberian CoolerThe Outback Series utilizes stainless steel hinges, a freezer style gasket, and non-skid foot pads. The 50Q weighs 24 lbs empty and can usually be picked up for less than $300. Because this is a discontinued model, it often can be found at a discount. As with all Siberian coolers, the Outback Series comes with a lifetime warranty. Included are built in beverage holders on the lid which is strong enough to sit on top of.

*NOTE: This cooler has been replaced with the Alpha SeriesSiberian Outback Series Cooler Open


Siberian 85qt Roto-Molded Cooler

Siberian Certified Bear Resistant CoolersIn our Five Day Ice Challenge this cooler lasted among the longest. However, the model you see in the video below has been replaced by the Alpha Series. Luckily though, the Alpha Series is available in 85 Quarts as well. The Alpha offers up to 2.75″ of insulation in the walls, which helps generate impressive ice retention times. The Alpha comes in White and Granite color schemes.

85 Quart Siberian Alpha Cooler

Siberian Video Review

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