REVO Party Barge-Extra Large Insulated Beverage Tub Review

The REVO Party Barge is unlike any other cooler we have reviewed in the past. As the name implies, the Party Barge is a beverage tub as opposed to a roto molded cooler which we frequently test & review. Having said that, the beverage tub is constructed in a similar fashion to a hard sided cooler, but without a lid. This tub is meant for parties, get-togethers, tailgates, etc. Therefore, we set out to test the Barge as it was intended. 

Dinner Party Cooler

Insulated Beverage Tub Testing Procedure

We didn't want to test the open tub cooler in the same manner as the past coolers we've tested. Considering this cooler is meant for frequent interaction, testing only for ice retention would be a disservice to this style cooler. Rather, we took the barge to three different gatherings; camping, dinner party, and a college football Saturday cookout. Our goal was to gauge the reaction of people who had never seen a cooler like this. Although not as scientific as many of our ice retention tests, this was much more practical. 

Using Beverage Tub For Party

The Party Barge was very well received. In our opinion the cooler was more of a novelty than simply a cooler. Friends were excited to sit and use the cooler. After all, what guy or gal watching college football doesn't like the fact they can remain seated yet grab an ice cold beer. Our friends certainly did. However, the tub has many other uses than simply cooling drinks. We also used this for a dinner party where we used the party barge to hold/chill, olives, salsa, cheese, deli meats along with beverages. 

Needless to say, the party barge becomes the center of attention. 

Practicality Vs Novelty

Although the novelty factor of the cooler was nice, it was simply not enough to justify buying the cooler. In order to justify the price, the plastic beverage tub needed to perform. On all three uses, the REVO held ice for well over the duration of our use. Although we didn't record the exact length of time the barge held ice, we can confirm that it maintained ice for the duration of a football game. We used the barge while outside on a patio for over four hours in 75° temperatures. While using the cooler indoor, ice was held even longer. However, the ice retention was not the only selling point. 

Tailgating Cooler Barge

One of the biggest complaints with many other beverage containers is sweating or water leaking as a result of ice melting. The REVO neither sweat or leaked ice. We were able to leave this on a coffee table without a hint of condensation. 

For those who frequently entertain, the Party Barge is the perfect accessory for any event. After successfully using this in several different situations, we can confirm the REVO is not just a novelty item, but rather a practical beverage tub for any party.