Pelican Elite ProGear Review

Pelican has been around in creating hardcore outdoor cases and gear for nearly half a century. Just recently, Pelican ventured in producing marine coolers to meet the high demand from the market. In comparison to other cooler manufacturers, it’s among the top-listed Editor’s Choice on sites across the web, including this one. Pelican coolers come with paramount insulation valued highly which allows them to compete amongst the other cooler manufacturers such as Pelican Vs Yeti OR Grizzly Coolers Vs Yeti

Pelican Marine 35 Cooler On Sale

Pelican Performance:

Pelican After 5 Day Ice Challenge

Pelican After 5 Day Ice Challenge

In our Five Day Ice Challenge the Pelican ProGear Elite 45 was among the top performing roto molded coolers. However, its worth noting that this was the heaviest cooler in the ice retention test. The Pelican handled five days of ice retention with ease. Pelican advertises 10 day ice retention, and we definitely can see this is not only feasible, but possible. Recently we test the New Model Pelican IM which went 10 FULL DAYS.  Take a look at the videos below to see just how well the Pelican performed. If you are someone strictly concerned with buying a cooler than can hold ice the longest, look no further than a Pelican.

Our Pelican ProGear Video Review & Five Day Ice Challenge Results

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Pelican Elite ProGear Features and Specifications

Pelican ProGear Elite With WheelsThe Pelican ProGear 35 Quart Elite Marine Cooler has an interior volume of 40.70 quarts equivalent to 38.52 liters. Its external measurements (LxWxD) are: 26.41 inches by 20 inches by 18.75 inches or 67.1 x 50.8 x 47.6 centimeters with 15.75 inches length by 12 inches width and 11.50 inches depth or 40 x 30.5 x 29.2 centimeters. interior dimensions weighing at around 32.28 pounds or 14.64 kilograms. The Pelican ProGear Quart Elite Marine Cooler is available in various sizes: 35 quarts, 45 quarts, 65 quarts, 95 quarts and the largest capacity of 150 quarts. It comes in a variety of coolers & with wheels or without wheels.

It boasts 7 to 10 days ice retention at 90 degrees Fahrenheit (we experienced 5 days with ease and 10 Full Days with new Elite IM). We confirmed these results several times of the course of multiple ice challenges. See the video below for the full review.

The Pelican is built with freezer grade gasket and 2-inch thick polyurethane insulators on its inner lid. The dual handle system allows ease in transportation whether you’ll have to use the hard-built molded-in handles and or the sliding hinge handles. Also, adding to the user’s convenience is the press and pull latches which are wide enough to accommodate gloved hands. Pelican is one of the few coolers which uses a unique latch system, different from the most common T-Latch system. It is also worth noting that Popular Mechanics actually tested these coolers with a Grizzly Bear, and the Pelican with the press and pull lathes was the only cooler capable of preventing a Grizzly Bear from getting in.

Watch Our Test Where Pelican Last 10 FULL DAYS

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The non-skid and non-marking raised feet or plates protect the unit from undesirable scratching during rough handlings. It prevents the cooler from sliding even in the most slippery floors or on tough waves and movements inside the boat. It also features a molded-in lock latch along with the stainless steel plate.

When the ice starts to melt, you won’t experience issues on draining the fluids inside with sloped drainage design from the drain plug down. No need to tilt the item 45 degrees just to drain the water inside. It also comes with a tethered threaded plug with the capability of connecting to a garden hose.

The entire hardware construction consists of stainless steel which resist corrosion. Another great feature is the integrated fish scale measurements on the lid. The components and parts are assembled in US coming with a lifetime guarantee on the materials and craftsmanship including maintenance on the gasket at a 90-day guarantee.

About Pelican Warranty Policy

Orange Pelican ProGear ElitePelican products offer lifetime warranty on its cases against breakage or defects and not the contents or the foam. For queries and concern about the warranty claim, contact the or call their customer hotline number at 1-800-473-5422. The Pelican customer service shall determine whether the product or item is deemed defective in terms covered by the company’s policy. The cost of handling fees, freight and repairs shall be borne by the purchaser in any case that the returned product or item is outside the warranty and guarantee policy coverage.

Pelican ProGear Cooler Pros


Even at first glance, anyone can see that the Pelican ProGear Elite Marine Cooler is made from high-end materials. Putting the product to a test, it can withstand pressures on humps and bumps in any surface without being damaged. As you’ll see in the video review, we call this cooler “beefy” quite frequently as this is an extremely robust cooler.

Great Handles

With its’ dual handles – the molded in and hinge handles, users have option on how to transport the item accordingly to preference and comfort. Unlike other brands, Pelican coolers have sturdy bar-type and fold out handles versus plastic sliders which are certainly the weaker counterpart. These are also much more conducive to carrying with gloves on, or to accommodate two-person carrying.

Pelican Marine Fish Cooler On Sale Highly Insulated

Enclosed and carefully crafted seals ensure that prducts kept inside for storage are highly insulated. Upon our product test at 70-80° Fahrenheit temperature, the pack of ice remained at ¾ quarter on the 5th day. When tested again at 90° ambient and over 100° on the lid, the cooler still handled 5+ days. Ice can certainly last for 7 to 10 days as advertised.


Heavy and Bulky- Depending on the size choice, Pelican Coolers are somewhat bulky in comparison to its internal capacity.

Expensive- The quality and performance is great but one of the major downside of this product is its cost. It’s somewhat expensive compared to the other coolers. See our full cooler comparison chart for a quick overview of all brands/sizes.

New Model Elite

New Model Elite: Available In Multiple Colors

Why Should You Buy The ProGear Elite Marine?

Pelican products, coolers for example, are notably durable, premium quality roto molded products made to withstand various physical and weather conditions. Although somewhat expensive, Pelican ensures real savings in the long run. To keep your meats, dairy and refreshments fresh, your products will be safe with Pelican cooler. Looking into its long-term benefits, certainly Pelican outlasts the cheaper contenders in the market.

Who Should Buy The ProGear?

Anyone who values quality and performance over cost will certainly pick a Pelican ProGear Elite Marine Cooler. This is the perfect cooler for a variety of people including those camping, contractors, marine environments and just about anything in between. Pelican also offers a variety of Pelican Cooler Accessories with this cooler to make even more use of an already awesome product.

Be sure to also check out the new model Pelican Elite here. This cooler lasted 10+ days in a recent ice challenge.