Pelican Cooler Accessories

You simply can’t go wrong when buying a Pelican cooler and they know it themselves – almost all of their products come with a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, we have already proven through multiple ice retention test, that Pelican holds ice among the best. [See video at bottom of post] The only thing that can make a Pelican better, are Pelican accessories. Although not everyone needs to accessorize their cooler, these add ons serve specific purposes which many find beneficial.

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Pelican Cooler Accessories

Pelican Cooler Performance

In our Five Day Ice Challenge, the Pelican ProGear Elite 45 With Wheels, held ice with no problem for five days. Pelican advertises 10 day ice retentions, and we have proven this to be true as well. In an updated ice challenge, we showed the new model Pelican to last 10 FULL Days with the original model not far behind. This makes the Pelican a wise choice when heading into the woods, out on the water, or to a BBQ. Thus, the following accessories are intended to help frequent users get even more use and comfort out of their Pelican cooler.

Pelican After 5 Day Ice Challenge

Pelican After 5 Day Ice Challenge With Ice Melt

Pelican Cooler After Five Days & Water Drained

Pelican Cooler After Five Days & Water Drained

Pelican Marine Cooler Accessory

Deluxe Marine Cushion Seat

The marine cushion can easily handle and distribute weight on the cooler comfortably. This is a heavy-duty, non-slip vinyl cushion that fit perfectly over the cooler box. It has two strips of vinyl on each side with holes drilled in. You simply screw it to your cooler. It’s surprisingly comfortable for being that thin plus it saves valuable space on a small vessel. This can make using your cooler as an additional seat or casting platform that much more comfortable.

Pelican Marine Cushion


Pelican Tie-Down Kit 

The Kit comes with two heavy-duty polyester straps. They are strong construction-grade straps and come with their own plates and screws. With a half hour worth of work, the straps can be installed. The best part of it is that each cooler has its dedicated strapping slots which allow the straps to stay on as tight as you want them without getting in the way of the lid. Sure, the price might be a bit too much for a pair of polyester straps at first but once you see your cooler sitting like a statue even on the sharpest turns or biggest waves, you’ll know it’s worth it.

Pelican Tie Down Strap____________________________

Wire Basket

No one likes a soggy sandwich. Unless you are using an ice pack, like the one below, you’re likely to experience ice melt over the course of a few days. One of the best ways to keep sandwiches or other packaged goods from becoming waterlogged is to use a wire basket. The Pelican wire basket is made to fit perfectly inside any Pelican-made cooler aside from the twenty-quart model. Its non-corrosive and is quite sturdy. These baskets are designed to sit on the inside lip of the cooler, which does not interfere with the lid closing. Because it is not permanently affixed to the cooler, it can be removed or moved from one side of the cooler to the other.

Pelican Wire Basket____________________________

Pelican Ice Pack 

Pelican Ice PackRecently, all cooler manufacturers, including Pelican, began developing their own line of ice packs. Because of this recent surge we have tested a variety of ice packs, which can be seen here. The outcome of these tests was that ice packs help to prolong the life of ice about 24-48 hours. Using ice packs on their own, unless multiple are used, will not provide a chilled environment for a long duration of time. In fact, most ice packs exhaust themselves within 12-18 hours (again if no base ice is used). Therefore, we concluded that the best way to use an ice pack is to use it in conduction with physical ice. This will give you maximum ice retention times. The Pelican 5Lb ice pack is comes in a UV resistant shell which is BPA free and FDA compliant. Reusable Ice Pack Pelican

Watch Pelican Elite IM Last 10 FULL Days:

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