Outdoor Wooden Ice Cooler Box

One of the easiest ways to create a unique outdoor entertaining area is to incorporate a wooden cooler box. These boxes blend in when not in use, are aesthetically pleasing, and are simply different. Many wooden cooler boxes actually incorporate a roto molded cooler on the inside, which are capable of holding ice for days at a time. There are also several manuals online to create a DIY wooden cooler box, but this article is for those who simply want an already assembled solution.

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Wooden Cooler Box Comparison

Country Char-LogMountain SceneCasual MahoganyHandmade Box
Wooden Ice ChestLifoam Patio CoolerOutdoor Patio CoolerCustom Wooden Ice Box
Cost: $$Cost: $$Cost: $$$Cost: $$$$
Size: 56 QuartSize: 57 QuartSize: 30-40 QuartSize: 48 Quart
Bottle Opener: Bottle Opener: Bottle Opener: XBottle Opener: 

What Is a Wooden Cooler Box?

Wooden Ice BoxThe wooden ice chest cooler is a rustic way to keep beverages and snacks cold. Even though most of these do not resemble a Yeti, Pelican, or Engel cooler at all, some may provide similar performance. The build quality of the internal cooler will ultimately determine ice retention capability. Although, the reality is, most want one of these to set off an outdoor patio, BBQ area, or pool deck. A wooden cooler box is usually much easier on the eyes. A wooden cooler box is also a crafty way to disguise and older style cooler.

Why Choose a Rustic Wooden Cooler?

VTC Wooden BoxPeople choose to go wooden for a variety of reasons. The most common is because they love the way that it looks. It can be used as a patio cooler and never look out of place. Some people also use them because you can find free wooden cooler plans on the internet and build your own that fits your individual space. You can even build them using scrap wood or old pallets that you have around your home. However, because not everyone wants to build their own cooler, there are also a variety of choices available for purchase. Below are some of the top choices available online.

Top Wooden Cooler Box Choices

Country Cooler Char-Log Cooler

Leigh Country manufacturers many custom patio/outdoor coolers (see collegiate team color schemes here). This is the most rustic looking option. This 54-quart cooler features an insulated, galvanized metal liner ensuring that cold beverages will stay cold. Powder coated hardware prevents rusting, even after years of use. There is a bottle opener and drain valve built into this cooler and all wood is varnished.Wooden Ice Chest_______________________________

Mountain Scene Rustic Outdoor Wooden Cooler

The Lifoam cooler features a rustproof, galvanized steel liner that is fully insulated with foam. It is a 57-quart cooler that is as beautiful as it is durable. On the front is a decorative mountain scene. The mountain scene coupled with the antiqued wood make this cooler the most rustic looking wooden cooler available. This is perfect for patio areas, BBQ or especially fitting for a cabin porch area.Lifoam Patio Cooler


Casual Willow Wooden Ice Chest

The Cambridge Casual is the most modern looking wooden ice chest. This cooler is made of solid plantation mahogany wood. It arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Brass chromed steel handles provide for an easy way to pick the cooler up. The wood itself has been hand rubbed to appear weathered. It also has a polyurethane coating to ensure it looks great for years. Outdoor Patio Cooler


Wooden Cooler Box

This is one of a kind wooden box, literally. Each wooden box is made to order. When and order is placed online, it take 2-3 weeks to create the cooler. It offers brass drains and it is made of 3/4” knotty pine. It is constructed using tongue and groove pieces of wood, which are then screwed together. Inside the cooler holds a Coleman 48 which is large enough to hold 63 cans and ice.

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