Orion Coolers by Jackson Kayaks Review

As a result of testing well over 40 different roto molded coolers, we often receive the question, which cooler is your favorite. Speaking from a strictly aesthetic stance, the Orion has to be our choice. This is one of the best looking coolers we have ever reviewed. The ice retention abilities offered by the Orion are also quite impressive. See Our Video Test Below.

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Orion Coolers Features

Orion CoolersStandard features of Orion Coolers include 6 tie down points on each cooler and four aluminum bottle openers, one on each corner of the cooler. This means that bottle openers are always available, no matter where you tie it down. All of the tie down areas means that you also never have to worry about it slipping, even in the back of a truck or when used as a casting platform.

The Orion line of coolers are also bear resistant and lockable, which is great for camping trips. The camming latches are low profile and sit flush to the cooler front. This is a feature that can make it even harder for wild animals to get into it. More importantly, this makes packing the cooler in tight spaces or up against a truck bed feasible.

The carrying handles for this rugged rotomolded cooler are motorcycle grips. The grip is attached to rope handles which we found to be longer than most competitor coolers. The cooler is heavier than many others of a comparable size, so the comfort handles are an appreciated addition.

The Jackson kayak cooler has earned the title of being Best-in-Class when compared to all other coolers that provide 2” or more insulation. That is quite a feat for a new cooler on today’s market and as an added bonus, it is made in the USA.

OrionInsulationThe Orion 65 weighs 39 pounds and the smallest Orion cooler, the 25 weighs in at 21.5 pounds. Hinges are covered by a lifetime warranty and any other issues that may come up with your new cooler are also covered with a 5-year warranty.

The Orion offers YakAttrack Tracks with RAM Integration and a very functional tray system on every cooler. This is one of the best premium coolers available, simply because no other cooler can give you so many options. You can even add in a sectional divider that doubles as a cutting board if you want just a little more from your new camo cooler.

Blue Orion Coolers By Jackson Kayaks

Orion Performance

As we originally stated, the Orion 45qt cooler that we tested not only looked great but also performed great as well. When matched up against 11 other roto molded coolers, the Orion finished among the top. In the middle of summer in Florida, with afternoon temps into the mid 90°’s the Orion 45 held ice for 6+ Days. See the results of our Ultimate Ice Challenge here⇒

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Orion Cooler Sizing & Colors

Orion Coolers utilizes real world sizing. If you’re purchasing an Orion 65 or an Orion 25, then that is exactly the size you’ll get. Although, a seemingly obvious point, it is not, as other manufacturers such as Yeti use model numbers on their coolers. Orion offers a 25qt cooler, a 35qt, a 45qt, a 55qt, as well as a 65 and 85-quart cooler. No matter what outdoor activities you regularly partake in, there is a “right” size for your needs. There are also a variety of colors to choose from. Most all of them are camouflage style pattern, but you can choose from a sky blue and white camo, Bluefin, blaze orange, forest, jungle, or a light green Dorado.

For what its worth, when we are testing coolers, everyone ask “which is that cooler over there,” always in reference to the Orion. There is no cooler that looks like this. You’re likely to stand out on the boat, at a tailgate or party with an Orion cooler.


Orion Cooler Final Thoughts

OrionCoolersLatchesAlthough the Orion line of coolers is often priced above other competitors, there is no cooler that looks as good as the Orion. If you are someone to buy the best of the best and desires unique products, then the Orion is for you. This cooler is packed with features and feels more robust than most competitors. The padded top that functions as a seat or casting platform is a nice feature that we utilize more and more. Based solely on the number of friends and family members that have tried to buy this cooler from us solidifies the desirability of this cooler.