Orca Coolers Review 26 QT, 58 QT and Pink Cooler

OrcaCoolersIn many of our video ice tests and reviews you’ll see that the Orca has regularly been THE cooler to beat. Although many coolers claim to be the best, the truth is most fall short in performance when tested. This is where Orca Coolers stand out above the rest. If you’ve never heard of an Orca Cooler, you’re likely not alone. However, after conducting numerous cooler challenges and watching Orca dominate the competition, we’re convinced everyone needs to know about the Orca line of coolers. [Our Video Test Embedded Below]

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Popular Orca Cooler Sizes

20Q Ocra26QGreen
40Q Orca40QBrown
58Q OrcaPink58Q
75Q Orca75QW

Popular Size




Cost: $$
Cost: $$$
Cost: $$$$
Cost: $$$$
Size: 26 Q
Size: 40 Q
Size: 58 Q
Size: 75 Q

Orca Cooler Performance- Our Five Day Ice Challenge Results

Orca 58 Q Drained After Five Day Ice Challenge

Orca 58 Q Drained After Five Day Ice Challenge

In our Five Day Ice Challenge, where we matched up all the high end roto molded coolers such as Yeti Coolers, Pelican, Grizzly, Igloo, and more, the Orca 58 Q cooler absolutely blew the competition away. Three times a day we shifted the six beverages around to mimic actual use and all coolers were pre-chilled for 24 hours prior to the test. After five days, the Orca had plenty of ice to go a few more days. The orca was by far the most impressive cooler in our Five Day Ice Challenge. We feel confident in saying the Orca can go 5-7 days of use with ease. Since then, we have put the Orca through a multitude of tests, all of which resulted in top performances. Full Five Day Ice Challenge Video below. Click on more videos below to see the other video challenges.

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Orca 58 Q Cooler After Five Day Ice Challenge, Not Drained

Orca 58 Q Cooler After Five Day Ice Challenge, Not Drained

Orca 58 Q After Five Day Ice Challenge, Water Drained Top View

Orca 58 Q After Five Day Ice Challenge, Water Drained, Top View

About Orca-Outdoor Recreation Company of America

Orca coolers are brought to you by a company whose very name stands for outdoor adventures. Orca is short for,The Outdoor Recreation Company of America.” This cooler was designed by two men who themselves are active outdoorsmen whom, like you, were tired of wasting their hard-earned money on a cooler that could not keep up with their active lifestyle in the great outdoors. As an added bonus, each time someone purchases a cooler, a portion of the profits will be donated to one of several charities. This includes, breast cancer research, women’s outdoor groups, conservation groups, and wounded warrior programs. Each cooler is made in the USA with only high quality American made components.

Green Orca Cooler ReviewThere are a variety of sizes available from as small as 20 quarts to the very large 140 quart cooler. These coolers are available in a variety of colors as well, so that you can tell yours apart from all others. Collegiate color schemes and patterns are even available!

Orca coolers are also guaranteed for life to be bear proof and virtually indestructible. They are also able to withstand extreme temperatures and still keep ice and contents inside cold. The Orca really does offer it all.

Five Day Ice Challenge Video 

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UPDATE: In an updated cooler challenge, The Ultimate Ice Challenge, we tested the same coolers (plus many more) but in the middle of summer. Afternoon temps were well into the 90°’s and lid temperatures were hitting 100°+. So how did Orca perform? Just as we expected, the Orca 58 came out on top again! In fact, in this test we tested the coolers until they ran completely out of ice and Orca went 7 FULL DAYS. It is also worth noting that the construction of the Orca seems to be more robust when compared to many other counterparts. Many of out readers will also appreciate the fact that Orca Coolers are Made In USA.

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Orca Coolers Vs Yeti

Orca Vs Yeti CoolersWhen comparing two brands like Orca Vs Yeti, there is a lot more to consider than just Ice Retention. We must also consider price, warranty and build quality. Many of our readers associate the Yeti lineup of coolers with a premium priced product but Orca is not exactly cheap either. When compared to Orca, Yeti coolers are slightly more expensive when compared to a similar size. We have to be careful to point out that “similar size” does not simply mean comparing similar models like Orca 20 vs Yeti 20. The reason is each manufacture offers different sizes in their lineups and more importantly, Yeti coolers are quoted in model number not size. In other words, a Yeti 45 is not necessarily 45 quarts. In fact, a Yeti 45 is only 37 quarts. Therefore, in our comparison below we will compare a Yeti 45 vs Orca 40 as this is a closer comparison. All Orca cooler models are reflective of their size. An Orca 58 is in fact 58 quarts.

Orca LogoYeti Coolers
Price: $$$Price: $$$$
Warranty: LifetimeWarranty: 5 Years
Build Location: USABuild Location: Overseas
Ice Retention: 6.5 DaysIce Retention: 6 Days
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Lifetime WarrantyOrca dominates the cooler market when it comes to comparing warranties. The lifetime warranty is unmatched across almost all manufacturers. The 5 year warranty offered by Yeti is certainly attractive, but yet still doesn’t hold a candle to Orca. Considering that Orca offers a lifetime warranty on their products, it should come as no surprise that the build quality offered is superior. In all the coolers that we have tested Orcas are among the most robust. That is not to say that Yeti coolers are cheaply made by any means, but to us, the Orca feels significantly more durable.

Made In USALast but not least is build location. Most Yeti coolers are manufactured overseas. Orca coolers, on the other hand, are manufactured right here in the USA. Surprisingly, considering domestic manufacturing, Orca is still able to compete in terms of price not only against Yeti but many other brands. It goes without saying (in our opinion anyways) that based on ice retention, price, build quality/location, that Orca comes out ahead.

Orca Reviews

Below are short reviews of the most popular Orca cooler sizes. Each size can serve a its own unique purposes. We even tested a 40Q vs a 58Qt Orca and the larger size held ice much longer. We have seen this across other manufacturers as well. Orca coolers come in a huge variety of colors. We receive a ton of emails from people asking how much cooler color affect ice retention times. In our testing the difference between a tan cooler vs a white cooler has been negligible. Needless to say, you should pick the cooler color you really want as ice retention times should not be compromised by color alone.

Orca 20 Qt Cooler

Orange Orca Cooler Review

Collegiate Color Schemes

When you look at the 20qt Orca cooler, one of the first things you will notice is the unique design. There is no part of this cooler that resembles other coolers of its kind. It has flex grip handles to make carrying it easy on your hands and a cargo net on the backside provides for added storage. The lid has a gasket seal to ensure that all of your cold items stay cold in the cooler for maximum ice retention. It weighs 17 pounds when empty hold ice cold for days. The 20qt is available in a bunch of colors and color schemes (even collegiate colors). See Color Schemes Here⇒

Orca 20Qt Cooler With Handle


Orca 58Qt Cooler

-The Cooler To Beat-

Sea Foam Green 58QtThis is the exact cooler we have named “the cooler to beat.” The 58qt cooler is larger and therefore heavier than the smaller of its kind. The total weight of it when empty is 34 pounds. Its dimensions are 36x21x20 inches. However, you should not let this stop you from considering it. You can carry it easily, alone or with help from a friend thanks to the extendable flex grip handles. It has an easy flow drain spout and the standard lifetime warranty that people expect from Orca coolers. This is the cooler we tested in many of our cooler challenges, and again, it always performed among the best. This is also available in a variety of colors. See 58Qt Color Schemes⇒

Orca 58 Qt Cooler


Pink Orca Cooler

Pink is a color that many associate with breast cancer awareness and this is a great way to show you are supportive of research. The pink edition of Orca is available in a variety of sizes. In our Best Of The Best Ice Challenge, we tested the 40Qt Pink Orca. As expected, it lasted well over 6 Full days in the middle of a Florida Summer. Get The Pink Cooler Here ⇒

Pink Orca Cooler Breast Cancer Awareness

Orca White 58Qt Cooler

For anyone who does not like tan or pink, here is the white option. It has all features that other Orca coolers have including the cargo net attachment for added storage. The only difference is a cooler that is brightly white and easy to keep clean. It has the ability to be locked up via holes in the corners of the cooler . This combined with the sealed lid can keep your food and drinks cold for a longer amount of time than most people would expect; or 7-10 days in our experimenting!

White Cooler By Orca


Pod 28.5 Quart Cooler Backpack

Camo Orca Pod Backpack CoolerThe Orca pod was one of our top performing soft sided coolers. This amazing backpack cooler has an internal capacity of 7.13 gallons or 28.5 quarts. It weighs in at 8.5 pounds when empty and measures 18 x 11 x 18. It is made of 840 Denier double TPU that is BPA free and anti-microbial. For insulation, it uses 28mm met polymer closed cell foam. The Pod also has EVA reinforcement in the lid, base, and back to provide more insulation. The lid flips completely open [see our video – bottom of post] after you unzip it to make it easy for you to access the inside of it. The German TiZip Master seal #6 zipper is waterproof to ensure no leaks and that cold stays sealed inside. That is why it can hold ice for days at a time. Outside of the cooler, you have areas to attach other gear. The Pod is available in blue or Realtree Max 5 Camo among several other colors⇒BackPack Pod by Orca


Orca Podster

Pink Podster Backpack CoolerThe Podster has padded shoulder straps and a Molle webbing sewn into the outer walls to give you more storage. It is available in seafoam/grey, camo, green/brown, and coral/grey. It is a 14.25-quart cooler backpack using the same 840 Denier outer material as the larger one. It weighs approximately 4 pounds when empty. The Podster comes with a full three-year warranty. It is very comfortable to carry and can hold enough food and drink for a day out. It also has the ability to hold ice for days at a time. [See Video Review Below]Podster Soft Sided Cooler

Our Orca Pod Test & Review

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