Lifetime Cooler Review- 28, 55 & 77 Qt Coolers

Ever since our Ice Variation Test, the Lifetime brand of coolers have been hugely popular. I guess this should come as no surprise considering the performance and affordable price. Now that we have tested and reviewed every size of Lifetime Coolers we felt it necessary to address the hype and put together a full review. Surprisingly, these budget-friendly coolers held ice longer than many high end roto molded coolers.

Lifetime 28Qt

Lifetime 55Qt

Lifetime 77Qt

Cost: $$Cost: $$Cost: $$$
Held Ice: 6.5 DaysHeld Ice: 7 DaysHeld Ice: 9 Days
Weight: 18.75lbsWeight: 30lbsWeight: 33lbs

Lifetime Cooler Performance

Lifetime 28 & Lifetime 77

Lifetime 28 & Lifetime 77

Initially some may be quick to discount a Lifetime due to the fact that they are not roto molded coolers. However, there is positively no denying the superior performance that lifetime coolers offer. Lifetime Coolers are not roto molded rather blow-molded, yet keep up with roto molded coolers in terms of performance. In fact, while we were testing, the Lifetime 77Qt held ice longer than several (smaller) roto molded coolers.

When testing for performance, we pre-chilled the Lifetime 28, 55 & 77 for 24 hours. After pre- chilling we topped all coolers off with ice and began the test. We always add at least two beverages to all coolers as it provides a better visual for those watching online. This also allows us to rotate the beverages three times per day. By rotating the beverages we are able to simulate actual use as well as monitor the progression of ice melt. During the test the lids of the cooler reached 100°+.

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After several tests, we can confirm that Lifetime can hang with many of the top roto molded cooler manufacturers. The 28 qt cooler held ice for 6.5 days and the 77 qt held ice for an impressive NINE Full Days. This is the best non roto molded cooler we have ever tested. Some of the smaller roto molded coolers (45-60 qt) held ice for 7-8.5 days.


Durability Test

Durability Test

Ice retention is only half the battle. After all, how good is a cooler if it’s flimsy or going to fall apart in a matter of months. Prior to this test, our biggest complaint of the Lifetime cooler was the lid. When sitting on the lid it would cave/dimple in and the lid would leak. With the newer model 28 & 77 quart, the lids neither leaked nor caved in. In fact in the video review we stood on the lid and not so much as a flex in the lid of cooler was witnessed.

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However, that’s not to say that this cooler is just as durable as a roto molded cooler. The Lifetime lineup of coolers is more susceptible to scratches and warping of the lid over time. The latches of the cooler do not feel as robust compared to a roto molded cooler. Considering durability and longevity the Lifetime is still a scream buy for the price-point.

55 Quart Lifetime

Budget Friendly

Last but not least, the biggest driving force behind Lifetime Cooler’s popularity is the price-point. Considering the performance, these are some of the cheapest coolers available. All lifetime coolers come in under the (roughly) $150 price point. The 28 and 55 quart coolers can almost always be picked up for under $100. Considering the performance, this is a steal compared to comparable coolers.