K2 Coolers for Sale, Price & Reviews

K2 Cooler Vs YetiK2 Coolers offer “Real Value. Real Cold,” which is the motto that they stand behind with each and every cooler. K2 offers a quality cooler that provides maximum ice retention without breaking the bank. When we tested the K2 summit series cooler, it was a top performer, holding ice for 6+ days in the middle of summer in FL. See Our K2 Video Test Embedded Below.

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Different K2 Cooler Sizes and Options

The roto molded cooler line by K2 is the Summit series. These coolers available from 20quarts to an extremely large 120quart cooler which can hold up to 86 cans. Regardless of which size you choose, all K2’s offer SNOWblown insulation. This type of insulation is pressure injected into the one piece roto-molded cooler shell. This ensures maximum insulation inside cooler walls to keep ice longer.

K2 Coolers ReviewThe shell is constructed of food grade material that is UV resistant. You can also use dry ice in these coolers for an even more extreme cooling effect. The Summit Series include SUREgrip rubber feet, which will never damage any surface the cooler is sitting on. The TORRENT draining system helps to clean even the largest of coolers easily and efficiently.

K2 Cooler Latch System

Latch System

The latching system on K2 coolers is slightly different when compared to Yeti or Igloo. The latch is attached to the base of the cooler as opposed to the lid. The principle is very similar to the T-Latch offered by Yeti, but this is a square shape hole and peg which secures the lid. Rope handles on the larger cooler sizes and a padded shoulder strap offered on the Summit 20 make for comfortable transportation.

Why Purchase K2 Coolers?

When it comes the K2 Coolers for sale, you will notice two important features, quality and affordability. Admittedly, there are cheaper coolers on the market, but many of those are not able to hold ice for days. As previously mentioned, we have already shown (video below) K2 coolers to hold ice among the best. In our K2 Coolers vs Yeti article you’ll see that not only does the K2 outperform Yeti, but it is also much more affordable. Below are the most popular K2 cooler sizes available.

WATCH: K2 Cooler Performance

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Available K2 Cooler Sizes

K2 Summit 20

K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler The Summit 20 can hold about 14 cans. It is small and lightweight enough to carry it filled to capacity on your shoulder comfortably, thanks to a padded shoulder strap. Because it is so portable this makes for the perfect picnic cooler, lunch box for contractors or a day trip to the beach. Even though this is a smaller cooler, it is rotationally molded and durable enough to double as a seat or casting platform. The Summit 20 is offered in three different color schemes. See Available Color Schemes⇒

Summit 20 Qt Cooler


K2 Coolers Summit 50

K2 Coolers Summit 50 Cooler This is the same size cooler as seen in the video above. In our testing the K2 50qt held ice for 6.25 Days in the middle of summer, in central Florida. The lid on the dark green cooler we were testing was regularly reaching over 100°. This outperformed the Yeti Tundra 45 by about 1/4 of a day. The Summit 50 cooler is available in a variety of colors, basic gray, white, or green. In addition to these standard colors, the K2 Summit 50 also comes in exotic colors such as pink, purple, orange and even sports team schemes. You will never have to wonder which cooler is yours when you are in a crowd. See Available Color Schemes⇒

LSU Color Cooler

LSU Color Scheme


K2 Summit 30

K2 Summit 30This cooler is also available in various colors. The 30Qt comes with the standard 7 year warranty just like other K2 Coolers offer. The Summit 30 is another ultra portable cooler making it idea for short camping trips or even as a daily use cooler. The biggest difference between the 30 vs the 20 is the carry method. The 20qt cooler offers a padded shoulder strap and the larger 30 offers dual rope handles. See Available Colors⇒

Pink K2 Summit Cooler


K2 Coolers Water Jug

K2 Cooler Water JugFor backyard barbecues, sporting events or family picnics in the park; you can leave the cooler at home and take your water jug instead. This is also perfect for contractors who are out in the field all day.The K2 water jug has a gasketed lid, handles, a vacuum release plug.  Because this water jug is roto molded just like all K2 coolers, this will hold ice significantly longer than the standard gatorade water jug. This K2 comes in Blue or Green.

Green K2 Roto Molded Water Jug _______________________________

K2 Coolers SS Bottle Opener

This is just one of the accessories available for Summit coolers. There are two different bottler openers available. The one shown below is designed to fit the Summit 20, however their is a separate model for larger K2 Coolers. Both are constructed from stainless steel, easy to attach, and of course simple to use. With both you do not have to worry about damaging the cooler as there is no need to drill into your cooler’s outer shell. K2 Bottle Opener

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K2 Coolers Hydro Turf Mat

This mat is designed to attach to your Summit cooler. It adheres via 3M adhesive on the back and fits onto the top of your cooler, creating a non-slip surface. This simple addition to your cooler can give you a place to stand or a place to put your drinks. This also works great as a poling platform or as a casting platform. See Available Sizes⇒

K2 Hydro Turf