Insulated Baby Bottle Cooler Bag Review

An insulated baby bottle cooler is the perfect solution to maintaining bottle temperature when on the go. This style cooler is most often a soft sided cooler which can be used to keep items warm or cold. Although, the main function is to transport baby bottles and maintain desired temperatures, parents have found several other uses as described below.

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Baby Bottle Bag Comparison


Neoprene 6 Bottle Baby Bottle Carrier

Open JJ Cole Bottle BagPack It Freezable Bottle CarrierTommee Tippee Bottle Holder
Cost: $$$Cost: $$$Cost: $$$Cost: $$
Holds: 6 BottlesHolds: 2 BottlesHolds: 2 BottlesHolds: 2 Bottles
Ice Pack Included: XIce Pack Included: Ice Pack Included: Ice Pack Included: X

Multiple Use Bottle Cooler

New baby bottle cooler bags aren’t just ideal for baby bottles. Some of them are able to hold bottles of all types securely often with a divider in between. Most may collapse down when not in use, yet are also not bulky when in use. Many parents find these much more practical than trying to lug around a large roto molded cooler.

Top Insulated Baby Bottle Bags

Neoprene Baby Bottle Bag

Neoprene 6 Bottle Baby Bottle CarrierThis six-pack bottle carrier is constructed from a durable neoprene fabric. Because it is made from neoprene, most liquids will not be absorbed into the bag. This is suitable for most cans or bottles from 12-20oz or baby bottles up to 3″ in diameter.  Several color schemes and patterns are available making this the perfect baby shower gift for all expecting mothers. See Colors & Styles⇒

 Neoprene Bottle Carrier Cooler______________________________

JJ Cole Bottle Cooler

JJ Cole Stylish Baby Bottle BagThe JJ Cole bag is polyester on the exterior and aluminum lined on the inside. It is insulated with polyfil to keep bottles colder longer. It also comes with a freezer pack to ensure that everything inside stays cold for hours. The JJ Cole also has a handle and an exterior pocket for your additional storage. It holds two large bottles at one time and comes in several stylish color patterns. See Color & Styles Here⇒

JJ Cole Baby Bottle Cooler


PackIt Freezable Baby Bottle Bag

Colorful PackIt Baby Bottle CoolerThe PackIt Freeze baby bag is one of a kind. The entire bag is frozen. This bottle bag has a zip closure and holds two bottles. Since you freeze the entire bag, you do not have to deal with ice packs and it can hold its chill for hours. It is available in a few different color patterns and is food-safe rated and water resistant. See Colors here⇒Pack It Freezable Bottle Carrier______________________________

Tommee Tippee Insulated Bottle Bag

Tommee Tippee Bottle Carrier CoolerWith the Tommee Tippee you get two bottle bags. They each have one adjustable strap that can attach almost anywhere. You can use one for hot items and one for cold. It is ideal for travel and fits easily into diaper bags or backpacks. You’ll feel safe knowing they are BPA and phthalate free. Tommee Tippee Bottle Holder