Igloo Trailmate Review – An All Terrain Cooler

The Igloo Trailmate 70 is the best rolling cooler for the money we have tested to date. This is a pretty bold statement considering we have reviewed a ton of wheeled coolers in the past. However, this claim is easily defended considering the superior ice retention and the included features/accessories.

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Igloo Trailmate With Handle Out

Unique Trailmate Features

For what it’s worth, this was one of our “fan favorites” among friends and family while we were conducting an ice retention test which included 25 different coolers. A quick look at the Igloo Trailmate will reveal its’ unique stance. This is not a run of the mill budget cooler yet not a roto molded cooler, it falls somewhere in between.

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Trailmate Journey StorageOn the outside of the cooler you can find dual built in bottle openers on each side of the cooler. Coming around the the front of the cooler will reveal two separate storage areas. One storage area is a removable compartment which is lined with a rubberized material. Personally, we felt this was the perfect storage area for cell phones, keys, and other items which need to remain dry. Directly below the removable storage area is another storage area which to us resembles something like a magazine holder. This area is not sealed off but would be suitable for sunscreen, bug screen, towels etc.Handle Of Igloo Trailmate 70

The handle is located right above both of these storage areas. Of all the wheeled coolers with telescopic/collapsing handles we have tested and reviewed, the handle on the Trailmate is the most robust. We tested pulling and pushing the cooler when filled to capacity with ice and the over sized wheels and handle rolled without issue. Igloo also includes a tray/cutting board which lays on top of the extended handled. When the tray not in use, this can be placed on the inside of the cooler lid.

Cooler With Rod Holders

Cooler Rod Holders

On the back side of the cooler are two removable rod holders. The same mounting bracket that is used for the removable rod holders can be used with removable Igloo cup holders. Needless to say this is the perfect cooler for a beach day or surf fishing.

Performance & Ice Retention

For a non roto molded cooled, the Igloo provided impressive ice retention ability. On the front of the cooler, Igloo advertises up to 4 days of ice retention. In our testing, the Trailmate crushed these numbers with 8 days of ice retention. Every day during our test, the lid temperature of the Trailmate was 100°+. To be fair, the cooler was filled to capacity with ice, as we do with all of our ice retention tests. However, 4 days should be easily attained with a decent amount of ice used.

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Ice retention is not the only factor to consider in a cooler. In the case of the Igloo Trailmate we really wanted to put the wheels to the test. Some of the smaller, cheaper wheeled coolers utilized significantly smaller wheels which are incapable of traversing sand and thick gravel. We were pleasantly surprised when the Trailmate glided through the sand without ease. Granted, the sand we were testing in was not the sugar sand of Siesta Key, but it was a close second. The point to take away is the Trailmate handled the sand significantly better than any other wheeled cooler we have reviewed.

White Trailmate 70 Rolling Cooler

Perfect Combination & Affordability

Trailmate Beach CoolerAs we mentioned in the opening, we feel the Trailmate is the best bang for the buck when it comes to wheeled coolers. This cooler others impressive ice retention, more features than most competitors, yet doesn’t break the bank. Prices are constantly fluctuating, but normally the Trailmate can be picked up for under $250. Some may find this price point to be steep, but a comparison of a similar sized roto molded cooler will reveal the value. For example, the Yeti 75 is nearly $200 more expensive and does not have wheels nor the added features as outlined above. It goes without saying that the Trailmate is the perfect beach, tailgating or surf fishing cooler capable of handling rugged terrain at a reasonable price.