IceMule Soft Sided Cooler Review

Ice Mule CoolersIce Mule makes one of the most versatile line up of soft sided coolers. As you’ll see in our testing (see video & results below) the Ice Mule can hold ice for over 2 Full Days in 90°+ ambient temperatures. Soft Sided Coolers like Ice Mule, collapse down, occupying a fraction of the real estate when compared to a roto molded cooler, yet holds ice just as long (as some). So just how long exactly can an Ice Mule Hold Ice? See the top performers below of our most recent soft sided cooler ice challenge.

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Ice Mule Performance Comparison

Ice MulePolar BearOrca PodEngel
Ice Mule XXL



Orca Pod Backpack

Leak Proof

Most Durable

Longest Lasting

Most Versatile

Price: $$Price: $$$Price: $$$$Price: $$$
Holds Ice: 2.5 DaysHolds Ice: 2.5-3 DaysHolds Ice: 3+ DaysHolds Ice: 2.75 Days
Sizes: 20-30LSizes: 12-48 CansSizes: 28QtSizes: 23Qt
Rating: 4.2Rating: 3.9Rating: 3.3Rating: 4.1
Backpack: Backpack: Backpack: Backpack:

Ice Mule Performance

The IceMule cooler is is lightweight and ultra-portable. You can carry it like a backpack, strap it down to a kayak, or use it as a waterproof bag. One of the coolest things about an Ice Mule is the fact that, unlike other coolers, does not use zippers (on most models). It closes via rolling the top and hooking the side release buckle. You will not have to worry about leaks and it can keep ice for up to 48 hours, even during the hottest part of the summer. See our most recent Ice Mule testing below and be sure to check out YouTube Channel to see the various Ice Mule Test we have conducted. We experienced very similar results across all Ice Mule tests that we have conducted.

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Ice Mule Coolers Price Comparisons

IceMule coolers are fairly priced, not the cheapest or the most expensive. These cooler bags are not as cheap as the AO cooler, yet not nearly as expensive as the Polar Bear Coolers soft sided cooler. We like to think of the Ice Mule as providing great value for an affordable cost. Also, you’ll see below Ice Mule comes in several colors, sizes, and design variations to suit almost any need.

Ice Mule Classic Soft Sided Cooler

Ice Mule Value Comparison

Ice Mule Cooler Being Used OutsideSimply look at the warranty to see the difference between Ice Mule and competitors. AO offers warranties that are some consider confusing to understand. For example if the cooler were to break it may be covered by a limited warranty, but other parts are not covered. With Ice Mule, the warranty is simple. If you are not happy at any time during the first 90 days, you get a refund or a replacement cooler. Its also worth noting that these are among the simplest coolers available, thus, offer the least breakable points.

Available Ice Mule Styles & Sizes

Below are some of the most popular cooler choices by IceMule. As we originally noted some models are more applicable to certain activities (i.e. kayaking, fishing etc). Most models also are offered in a variety of color schemes and sizes.

IceMule Coolers Classics Cooler


This cooler rolls up easily for quick storage, but when unrolled can hold it for up to 24 hours. It has a padded back strap to ensure comfort even during prolong carrying. It has waterproof welded seams and no zippers which allows it to float (when closed properly). Several size options are available with the Classic model. The smallest can hold 12 cans or 5 bottles. The largest is able to carry up to 18 cans, depending on the amount of ice you add. See Available Sizes⇒

Classic Ice Mule Cooler Bag


Pro Series

Backpack Pro Series Ice MuleThe Pro Series is the model you’ll see in many of our video test & reviews. If properly closed the Pro Series will no leak. This line comes in several color choices as well as sizes to choose from. The extra-large bag can carry up to 24 cans which will make you appreciate the padded carrying straps. As we have confirmed in several test, the Pro Series can hold ice for up to 2 full days in extreme heat. The option to function as a dry bag in addition to a cooler makes this the perfect kayak, boating or rafting cooler.  See Available Sizes⇒


Several Color Choices Available


Pro Catch Cooler

Carrying Options On Pro CatchIn our testing, the Pro Catch held ice longer than the Pro Series. To be fair, it was significantly larger than the Pro Series. Because of its size/design the Pro Catch cooler is one of the top choices for those who go kayak fishing or who want to use a Fish Kill Bag Cooler. It keeps ice and your catch cool for 24+ hours and comes with multiple tie down clips, bungee webbing for gear or paddles and even a padded carrying strap. This is one of the widest soft sided coolers we have ever tested. This cooler holds a ton of ice. In fact, when we were testing, it was difficult to get this cooler to sit on its “bottom.” It seemed to us that the cooler wanted to lay flat, which is how you’d likely strap this down to a kayak or paddle board. The Pro Catch is available in three sizes. See Sizes Here⇒. See Our Video Of The Pro Catch Below.Ice Mule Pro Catch Fish Kill Bag

WATCH: Pro Catch Performance

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IceMule Pro Pack

Pro Pack Attached To Ice Mule CoolerAs with all other IceMule coolers, this cooler is made with 1000 denier Tarpaulin fabric. It is one of the few Ice Mules that has a zipper  The Pro Pack is the perfect size to hold your keys, wallet, and cell phone. It is designed to be stored securely behind your IceMule Pro bungee strap. See the picture to the right to see how this pack is meant to be stored. However, we will caution that some have voiced their concern online that these are not truly waterproof. Read Those Reviews Here⇒ProPack