Golf Bag & Golf Cart Coolers

Many golfers want to carry along a cooler on their cart, but most coolers just don’t fit properly. This often results in the passenger holding onto the cooler, or worse, it flying off the back of the cart when forgotten about. Don’t worry, many of us have been there… This is especially true when two oversized golf bags are attached to the back. Luckily, several manufacturers have come up with creative ways to hold a cooler without causing a cumbersome ride.

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Golf Cooler Comparison

Pride SportsCallaway BagBuggy CoolerCaddy Daddy
Pride Sports Golf Cooler BagCallawayCollapsible Golf Cooler Golf Cart Buggy Cooler
Cost: $$Cost: $$$Cost: $$$$Cost: $$
Holds: 12 CansHolds: 12 CansHolds: 24 CansHolds: 9 Cans
Pockets: 3Pockets: 1Pockets: 4Pockets: 2

Why Have a Golf Cooler?

Golfing Beer CoolerA golf bag with cooler is ideal for spending day on the course. Many often include reusable ice packs that can stay cold, and keep your beverage of choice cold, throughout the entire day of golfing. Some are also adjustable so that they can be used as a club car cooler, which may not be one size fits all. One thing that people question about golf coolers is their size. Most all of them are small enough that they can only hold enough drinks to get you through a few holes. Below are some of the most popular golf cooler bag choices.

Popular Golf Bag & Golf Cart Coolers

PrideSports Cooler Bag

Sports Golf CoolerThis golf cart cooler bag can hold 12 cans of your favorite beverage. Because it uses a reusable ice pack, this is suitable not only for drinks but snacks as well. The Pride Sports has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. It features three accessory pockets for you to store your golf balls, snacks, and golf tees or other items. This is one of the most versatile golf cooler bags because its small, yet offers storage space specifically with the golfer in mind. The internal liner is leak proof, so you don’t have to worry about sweat or ice melt seeping through. Pride Sports Golf Cooler Bag_______________________________

Callaway Golf Cart Cooler

Collapsible Golf Cart Cooler BagAside from this cooler being an official Callaway product, the best feature of this cooler is the ability to completely collapse down. This make storying the cooler with your clubs virtually unnoticeable This cooler has an insulated, welded liner to ensure that warm air will enter the cooler. It can hold 12 cans or 9 bottles of your favorite beverage. The top opens with Velcro to making for the easiest of accessibility among golf coolers. It is small enough to fit in most riding carts and collapses down to only 3” when not in use. Lastly, there is an adjustable strap to ensure it can hang from push carts if necessary.Callaway Golf Cooler Bag_______________________________

Nivel The Buggy Front Cowl Cooler

If you’re looking to make a statement out on the links, this is the cooler for you! Rather than sit in the seat or on the back of the cooler, this attached to the from. Because it fits on the front of the cart it can hold much more. In fact this cooler can hold 18-24 cans. It fits by adjusting easily to the front of a golf cart. It is larger than most all other golf cart coolers and comes in a brown color. It has a zipper closure. Golf Cart Cooler_______________________________

Callaway Golf Cart Bag

Camo Callaway Cooler Bag For GolfThis is the most popular cart bag. As you can see, this is not just a cooler, rather an entire golf club bag that includes a cooler. And insulated pocket functions as a cooler as it is water resistant. The Callaway has updated pockets, an improved strap system, and an e-trolley base. It measures 10.5” at the top and has dividers as you’d see in any golf bag. If you’re looking for an all-in-one golf cooler solution, this is for you.  Golf Club Cooler Bag


Caddy Daddy 9 Can Soft Cooler

Caddy Daddy Side ViewAs we originally mentioned, space is typically limited on a golf cart. The Caddy Daddy offers the slimmest and lightweight option, yet being able to hold 9 cans. This caddy is constructed from fabric and nylon to ensuring minimal weight and the capability to collapse down. It has a side zipper which allows you easy access and a heat sealed liner, which prevents potential leakage. There is a removable shoulder strap and the cooler comes with a free ice pack. Lastly, this is one of the most affordable options for a Golfing cooler. Caddy Daddy