Engel Portable Fridge Freezer Review

Although high end roto molded coolers can now hold ice for days at a time, these still are not practical for long term applications. When on a boating/sailing excursion, over landing trip or traveling anywhere long term, a fridge freezer is much more efficient and economical solution. In our testing, Engel has consistently been a top performer across various different roto molded cooler ice challenges, but how does their fridge/freezer stack up?

Our Engel Mini Fridge Freezer Video Review

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How Fridge Freezer Compares To Other Engel Coolers

Engel Fridge FreezerAs shown in many of our cooler video reviews, Engel is most well-known for their roto molded coolers. The Engel refrigerator is different. It is a roto-molded cooler that incorporates a high efficient, solar-compatible, Engel swing motor on board. If you choose not to use solar power, you can power it with a 12/24V. It will not cause a heavy drain your battery as it uses low amps, only 1-2amps, even when starting it up. It can be powered using AC or DC and the compressor is 100% cfc-free.
Engel Portable Fridge Freezer Review

Engel Refrigerator Applications

The Engel Fridge Freezer is perfect for RVs, tailgating, and because this model is constructed with corrosion resistant materials it is suitable for marine environments. Most other portable electric coolers are not capable of resisting salt water corrosion. This model is a 40 quart capacity which should hold plenty of food/drink for days or even weeks are sea. This is even more realistic considering this is a fridge AND a freezer, thus keeping good frozen. With frozen goods, you’ll likely be able to stay for longer periods of time at your destination or underway.

How Does It Compare to Other 12V Brands?

Coleman Thermoelectric (A More Affordable Option)

Coleman Thermoelectric (A More Affordable Option)

The Engel 12-volt refrigerator is not the first of its kind. For example you may also choose something like the Igloo Iceless or Coleman Thermoelectric. All three do not require ice in the cooler yet can still keep items cold and fresh so long as power is provide.

The Coleman Thermoelectric uses an optional 110V power adapter or the 12V vehicle outlet. This makes it is ideal for dorms and offices or vehicles. The Igloo Iceless utilizes a 12V DC power supply. The Engel is larger than other cooler refrigerators yet still very manageable. It is spacious enough to hold a week’s worth of food for extended camping trips. The biggest difference between Engel and many other thermoelectric coolers is the ability to provide consistent freezing internal temps. This will allow frozen items to be kept frozen for prolonged periods of time. With this advanced capability comes an increase in price. Then Engel will cost significantly more than Igloo or Coleman, but again it comes back to that size and freezing capabilities. For those that need a cheap (below $100) option, the Igloo is likely your best bet. Compare all 12V Thermoelectric Coolers in our review here. For those that are into long term traveling or need a smaller portable fridge freezer, the Engel below is a top choice.Portable Fridge Freezer By Engel Coolers

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