Coolers Of Color, Red, Blue, Pink, & Collegiate

Pink Yeti LogoMany may not realizes that their favorite cooler brand may be available in colors that match their unique style or support their favorite teams. Some of the biggest and best selling name brand coolers are getting in on the fun of colors. This includes pink Yeti coolers and much more. We’ve done our best to cover all color schemes in this post. Many also ask does color of the color affect the ice retention ability? [Our Video & Explanation Below]

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Top Color Choices (more below table)

Pink Coolers

Red Coolers

Blue Coolers

Orca Coolers


Coleman 40Q


Yeti Ice Blue


Yeti Coolers


K2 Crimson


Blue Orca


Yeti Hot Pink


K2 Red


Pelican LB


Does Cooler Color Affect Ice Retention?

We receive a ton of emails and YouTube Comments asking if the color of a cooler affects Ice Retention. We actually have a video [see video below] where we tested two 40Qt Grizzly Coolers. The only difference was the color; one white and one tan. Both coolers held ice for almost the exact same time. Sure, we see external lid temperatures on darker coolers reaching 20-30°+ higher compared to whites coolers. However, with up to 2-3inches of insulation in most high end coolers, this has had negligible effect on ice retention times. We have experienced the same with Yeti, Pelican, and even Tumblers. Needless to say, you should pick a cooler color based on your style preference rather than from a standpoint of ice retention.

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What’s Your Style?

Do you prefer high end coolers? Igloo and Yeti coolers are very popular brands, even more so thanks to the outstanding color choices available. Even collegiate prints and colors are available. You can choose based on your needs and your preferences. If you are a tailgater who enjoys going to all the games of your favorite team, no problem, there is likely a color scheme to match.

University Of Texas CoolerWomen may want to express themselves with a pink cooler. If pink is too girly, a red cooler could be a better choice. However, many women do not want girly things and for them, black Igloo coolers are available. Men can also get in on the fun by choosing coolers that fit their style. These might include camo coolers, sea foam green (to match their flats boat of course) and collegiate sports team schemes.

Check out some of the unique cooler choices available below and forget the world where only blue, red, white, or tan coolers were used.

Pink Coolers

Red Coolers

Blue Coolers

K2 Coolers


Red Orca


Pelican DB


Igloo Coolers


Coleman Steel Belted


AO Coolers Vinyl


Engel Dry Box


Wheeled Patio Cooler


Polar Bear H20


Top Cooler Color Choices

Yeti 45 Quart Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Limited Edition Cooler

Yeti Pink Cooler Breast Cancer AwarenessThis large pink cooler is ideal for anyone who loves the color pink and wants to show their support for breast cancer research. It also helps that you will be investing in a cooler from Yeti, one of the biggest name brand coolers ever, which means it is backed by their quality standards. Inside, this cooler you will also find a wire basket for storing smaller items that you do not want to lose in the bottom or to keep dry. Support the cause now, get your Pink Yeti Here⇒ 

**The Pink Yeti is often times sold out, as it is a limited edition, but you can also find a pink breast cancer awareness cooler from Orca here.

Pink Orca Cooler Breast Cancer Awareness

Larger Sizes Available


Coleman 48 Quart Red Or Blue Cooler

Blue Coleman CoolerThis cooler can hold up to 63 cans of soda or beer. It can also hold 2 liter bottles in the upright position. You can choose from blue or red. It has two handles what extend out from the cooler side, making carrying that much easier. There is also a leak resistant, rustproof drain hole and plug. When empty, it only weighs a few pounds ensuring its’ portability. This is also one of the cheapest, quality coolers you can buy.

Red Coleman Cooler 48 Qt


Yeti Tundra Cooler

-Most Desired Cooler-

Tundra Blue On DockYeti is well known for making quality coolers. The Tundra line is no exception, in fact, it is one of the most popular coolers available. It has permafrost insulation and a roto construction that makes it great as a tailgate cooler. The Tundra has a no sweat design keeping it dry on the outside, no matter how cold it is inside. There are no slip feet on the bottom so that no matter what you are doing, it will not wiggle in the back of your truck or boat deck. See Our Full Yeti Tundra Review⇒Yeti Tundra Tan


Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

Purple Yukon CoolerThe Igloo Yukon offers a full 3 inches of polyurethane insulation in the gasketed lid and two inches in the body. The Yukon also implements cool riser technology, which means air can flow underneath. It has a fish measuring tool on the lid, a nonslip bottom, and large drain plugs that are tethered to the cooler. It also measures in at 50 quarts to ensure plenty of space to store your food and drinks. It also has a variety of unique colors to choose from. There is a dark tan cooler, the green with tan, orange and white, purple and yellow, as well as the basic tan color. See The Colors Here⇒

Green Igloo Yukon Cooler


Leigh Country 54 Quart Collegiate Cooler

LSU Tigers CoolerThis is perhaps the best way to go tailgating with a cooler that shows your favorite team. It is a cooler that definitely stands out among cooler choices. It is a 54 quart capacity cooler, insulated with a galvanized metal liner. Powder coated hardware ensures it does not rust easily. There is a bottle opener and a drain valve included. This cooler is one of the very few that is an official licensed collegiate cooler. Just imagine how impressed your friends will be when you pull up with say a Texas AM cooler or an LSU cooler like the one to the right. There are other teams available as well. You simply have to want to show your love of the game and support your favorite teams. Check Out ALL Collegiate Coolers Here⇒

Florida Gator Collegiate Cooler