Coolers Like Yeti

Yeti is a cooler that many may want to own, but when it comes time to shell out several hundred dollars, the story changes quick. This then leads those same people to look for a cooler like a Yeti. A cooler that will offer similar performance but at a more affordable price point. As a result of testing a majority of the most popular coolers, we have found several coolers which hold ice just as long as Yeti and usually at a cheaper price point. (Our Video Test Embedded In Post Below) 

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Coolers Like Yeti-Performance Comparison

CoolerIce HeldIce Retention PriceDry WeightFull Review
Orca 58
Orca 58 Qt Cooler
50 lbs

7 Days

$$$$32 lbsFull Review
Engel 50
Engel 50Qt Cooler
42 lbs

6.5 Days

$$$24 lbsFull Review
Orion 45Q

39 lbs

6.25 Days

$$$$31 lbsFull Review
K2 Summit 50SummitGreen

48 lb.

6.25 Days

$$$26 lb.Full Review
Yeti Tundra 45 (37Q)

33 lbs

6 Days

$$$23 lbsFull Review
Pelican 45
39 lbs

6 Days

$$$37 lbsFull Review
Grizzly 40 Tan
Tan Grizzly Proof Cooler
39 lbs

5.5 Days

$$$22 lbsFull Review
Igloo Sportsman 40
Sportsman 40Qt Closed
39 lbs

5.5 Days

$$22 lbsFull Review
Grizzly 40 White

39 lbs

5.5 Days

$$$22 lbsFull Review
Pelican Tailgating 55Q
45 lbs

5 Days

$$$$46 lbsFull Review
Siberian (Old Model)
Siberian Alpha
27 lbs

4.5 Days

$$19 lbsFull Review

Why People Want Yeti

Yeti Coolers Vs PelicanYeti makes an extremely solid and desirable product. However, the reality is they have done an even better job marketing their product line. As a result of their marketing efforts they have created a highly desirable product at a premium price. To be fair, in our testing Yetis held ice for 5+ days. They are more than capable of holding ice even in extreme external temperatures, but then again, so too can many other cooler manufacturers. What it really comes down to is the desirability. The Yeti name is prestigious, just like driving a BMW or Mercedes, or a new Duramax for us 4X4 fans.

Cheaper Options

The biggest reason someone would rather pick a different high end roto-molded cooler is the price. Yeti’s are expensive. There are other high-end coolers that offer the same ice retention as a Yeti for half the price. For instance, if you compare Pelican vs Yeti, you can get a 65 quart cooler from Pelican for around $289, but with a Yeti name on it, you will pay closer to $400. An Orca cooler is about the same price as the Pelican and Grizzly coolers are between Pelican and Yeti in price. The takeaway being, the Yeti is the most expensive. You may find our head to head comparisons helpful below:YetivsGrizzly

Grizzly Coolers Vs Yeti⇒
Pelican Coolers Vs Yeti⇒
K2 Coolers Vs Yeti⇒
Engel Coolers Vs Yeti⇒

Another reason people prefer other brands is the warranty. In the warranty battle between Grizzly vs. Yeti, Grizzly wins hands down because it offers a lifetime warranty. The same can be said for Pelican, Siberian, and Orca. However, in our Five Day Ice Challenge the Yeti Tundra held ice longer than the Grizzly 40 Q. The same cannot be said for Pelican coolers and Orca coolers, as they held ice significantly longer than the Yeti Tundra. View the full Five day Ice Challenge below: UPDATED post just below Five Day Ice Challenge Video.

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UPDATED Test Results:

As shown in the table at the top of this post, we conducted an Ultimate Ice Challenge, which included the Yeti Tundra 45 and eleven other competitor coolers. Four coolers held ice longer than the Yeti Tundra. Although, we must say to finish fifth, and being one of the smaller coolers in the challenge, this is impressive for the Tundra 45. On the other hand, as we originally mentioned, there are several coolers that offer the same ice retention abilities, only cheaper.

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Which Do You Prefer Yeti? Or Another?

We understand there are some people who have to have Yeti, and this is perfectly OK. Yeti makes a top performing cooler, backed up by a solid warranty. However, there are several coolers (even some Made In USA Coolers) that offer similar ice rentention abilities at a lower price point. It really comes down to personal preference, color, size, etc. Instead of focusing only on ice retention times, its better to focus on versatility and use. For example, if you’ll be moving a cooler around frequently, the Pelican with wheels is likely the best choice. In the end there are Yeti coolers & “Coolers Like Yeti” for a reason and only you can be the ultimate decision maker on that debate.