Coleman Thermoelectric 12V Ice Chest Review

White 12V Coleman Ice ChestFor those seeking a portable (or home use) powered cooler, the Coleman is one of the most popular choices. A lot of coolers end up making a huge mess because of melted ice and water, sweating in warmer temperatures, amongst other issues. Not to mention what happens if you run out of ice and the water starts getting warm? There is a better way to have your cooler, and less mess. The Coleman PowerChill is an electric ice chest that allows you to skip the messier side of a cooler.

Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Electric Ice Chest Features

The Coleman thermoelectric cooler is a 40qt capacity cooler that can hold up to 44 cans plus snacks. It can be used the same way you would use a traditional chest style cooler or you can turn it so that it is a small, upright refrigerator. Either way, it has the ability to keep all of its contents up to 40 degrees below the surrounding temperature. The lid can also be converted to open from the left or right side, when standing upright.

Coleman PowerChill Thermoelectric Cooler

This Coleman plug in cooler comes with a one year limited warranty against failures. Many of our readers will appreciate the fact that the Coleman is Made In the USA, although it does contain some foreign parts.

12V Cooler Adapter PlugThe motor in it is powered by a 12 volt vehicle outlet. If you want to use it in your home or dorm room, you can do so using a standard 110 volt outlet which is a separate adaptor that you can purchase.

This plug in cooler has tray shelves to help keep the contents of your cooler organized, regardless of which position you are using it. It is ideal for all types of settings, including camping out in an RV, by the lake with your SUV, car or truck, and even in offices or dorms. Especially because it is only 21.75x15x17.125 inches. This ensures that it will fit virtually anywhere you need it.

Coleman Plug In Cooler Adapter


Pros & Cons Of The 12V Coleman Cooler


  • WhiteThermoelectricVariety of Uses
  • Limited Warranty and 30 Day Returns
  • Easily Keeps Contents Organized
  • Affordability
  • Compact Size


  •  Plugs sometimes overheat
  • After extended use, the fan may get noisy

Thermoelectric PowerChill Conclusion

12 V Plug In Coleman CoolerColeman electric coolers are also a force to be reckoned with in the cooler industry. As to whether it is the best thermoelectric cooler available, depends on the indented use. Most will agree that it will keep contents nice and cold; but if the weather outside or the room temperature is extremely hot, it may not be suitable. It is an electric cooler, not a refrigerator. Therefore, if your primary use will be in extremely hot environments, you may want to consider a more robust 12V Cooler. That is not to say, the Coleman won’t do the job, as it will in almost any environment except extremes. Also, it is worth noting that this is one of the most affordable thermoelectric coolers available.

Electric Ice Chest by Coleman