Best Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

For those that enjoy wine, you know that temperature can make or break the flavor. If optimal refrigeration is lacking you can quickly turn a good glass of wine into a nasty one. This is one of the main reasons that you will find different types of wine coolers. What make one wine cooler different from the next. Below we have outlined some of the top picks for thermoelectric wine coolers.

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Wine Cooler Comparison

NewAirFire BirdAvanti
New Air Thermoelectric Wine CoolerClosed Thermoelectric Wine CoolerAvanti Wine Chiller
Most PopularAffordable OptionMost Compact
Cost: $$$$Cost: $$Cost: $$$
Sizes: 12, 18, 28 BottleSizes: 12, 16, 28 BottleSizes: 12 Bottle
Colors: Black, StainlessColors: StainlessColors: Black

Thermoelectric Vs Compressor Wine Coolers

Home Wine CoolerWhen shopping for a wine cooler, you will notice that there are thermoelectric wine coolers and compressor wine coolers. This will often lead potential buyers to question what is the difference between thermoelectric and compressor wine coolers. One of the major differences is that a thermoelectric will run very quietly and they are efficient. This makes them ideal for small homes where you cannot put your wine cooler in another room. The only downside is that they need a lot of clearance which may not be suitable in areas where temperatures are quite warm. This is because thermoelectric coolers do not create cold air, they simply remove the heat out of the cabinet.

Thermoelectric Wine RefridgeratorA compressor unit uses a refrigerant to keep wine cool. They work the same way that a standard refrigerator does. They are louder to run and not easily moved from one area to another because of their weight. The bonus is that these coolers often have a longer lifespan and can keep wine at cooler temperatures. These coolers work best if you live in a home isolate the wine cooler from the rest of the house.

Which Type Wine Chiller Is Best?

Back Of Thermoelectric Cooler

Back Of Thermoelectric Cooler

When it comes to choosing the best wine cooler for your home, there really is no one better than another. It will be based on your own personal preferences. If you have a large house, you may want to stick with the compressor so that you have more wine, colder wine more consistently. An apartment owner may want to stick with the thermoelectric since it is quieter and often times much smaller. If you have a thermoelectric cooler in south florida, you will have to watch the indoor temperature of your home. If it goes above 80, your cooler may not be able to stay cold enough to keep the wine fresh. In this regard, compressor coolers may be better because they create their own cold air.

Top Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Choices

To give you a better idea of which one may work best for you, you may want to take a look at our wine cooler reviews below. These reviews will help you to understand why some choose thermoelectric and what truly makes them a solid choice.

NewAir Wine Cooler

New Air Thermoelectric Chiller For WineThis wine cooler has six pull out chrome racks offering easy access to the cooler’s contents. It is black and stainless steel which compliments almost any home’s décor nicely. The NewAir runs quietly, so you won’t have to worry about the cooler sound drowning out the party or interrupting your quiet moments. It offers a double paned door, ensuring maximum insulation to keep unwanted heat out. The NewAir comes in 12, 18 and 28 bottle size. See Available Sizes Here⇒ New Air Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


Fire Bird Thermoelectric 

Closed Thermoelectric Wine CoolerThis thermoelectric gives you control over the internal temperature with a bright blue digital LED display. You can set it to range from 54-66 degrees inside. The Fire Bird features 6 wooden shelves inside and a stainless steel handle on a transparent glass door. The door itself is stainless steel. The Fire Bird is available in 12, 16 and 28 bottle configuration. See Available Sizes Here⇒

Firebird Wine Cooler

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter

This 12 bottle thermoelectric wine cooler can hold 8 bottles laying down and 4 bottles vertically. It has a curved glass door to give it a very modern and stylish look. Because it is a smaller aesthetically appealing unit, it can fit almost anywhere and look great. Additionally, the Avanti promises no vibrations which keeps noise to a minimum. Avanti Wine Chiller


Fire Bird 8 Bottle 

8 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine CoolerThis small wine cooler has an electronic touchpad to control the temperature which is seen via an LED display. The Firebird emits no noise or vibration and uses very little power. This units comes with a 1-year warranty on parts if there is a manufacturer defect. Inside, it has two metal shelves. Outside, you will find a recessed handle and a transparent silver framed glass door. 

Small Wine Cooler