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Do you feel like a child going off to work with a goofy little lunch box in hand? If so, perhaps it is time to discover a new way to make lunch more enjoyable (and less embarrassing). Or you may be looking for perfect cooler for your child, or a day trip to the beach. Personal coolers are perfect for taking much more than just lunch along with you. Here are some of the best personal small coolers available and why you may want to consider making one your own. We have also tested [our video test embedded below] many soft personal coolers and have ice retention times on these below.

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Small Personal Ice Chest Comparison

Coleman Coleman Personal Cooler

Rubbermaid Rubbermaid Small Personal Cooler

Igloo Playmate Small Personal Cooler

Wheeled Coleman Wheeled Personal Cooler





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Holds: 6 Cans
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What Makes a Good Personal Cooler?

Soft Sided Personal Cooler Option

This type of cooler is small enough to handle comfortably by one person. They often have soft sides and a shoulder strap for easy transport. (Read more about our larger soft sided coolers here). Some may also have a handle on the top or some might be an insulated backpack cooler. Soft sided coolers stay closed by using a zipper and hard sided personal coolers have a plastic locking lid in most cases. They are able to keep your items cold for a day or two. In some cases these may hold ice for up to 4 days (our testing below). As you can see there are several different styles, material and ice retention capabilities when it comes to small personal coolers. 

Soft Personal Cooler Challenge

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Often these coolers are available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Each cooler manufacturer will add their own unique touches to the cooler. People may use them for their daily lunch, a car ride, a trip to the beach or the lake, and even trips to the grocery store. Soft sided coolers may look small, but expand to hold more. For those that are not a fan of soft sided cooler, there are multiple plastic personal coolers available as well. We have highlighted both types below to show the pros and cons of each.

Ice Packs Or Regular Ice For Small Coolers?

Cool Cooler Ice Pack For CoolerMost utilizing a small or personal cooler are using it for a lunch bag or a day trip. Because many use these types of  coolers for daily lunches most opt to use ice packs. Using ice packs in your small cooler will keep internal temperatures cool enough to enjoy your meal, yet will not cause food to become waterlogged. Depending on which ice pack you choose (we have a post & video test on the best ice pack⇒) most only produce a minor sweat which would not ruin a lunch. Whereas ice, by lunchtime, would likely experience significant melt potentially ruining a sandwich.

Also, many of the more affordable soft sided small coolers are not meant to hold water. As ice melts inside, water could seep out through the seams of the bag. It is worth noting though, that the higher end cooler bags like Polar Bear or Yeti Hopper are in fact water tight and can hold ice melt, but then again these are larger options.

Best Small Cooler- Top 10

Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler

Best Small Personal Cooler

Two Color Choices

This small cooler can hold up to 6 cans of soda or beer. It has a wide bottom for stability and a comfortable handle for you to hold onto. The FlipLid top though is what truly sets it apart from other coolers. The lid itself is reversible so that it can be used as a serving tray, which also includes molded can holders so that when it is time to eat, you can eat worry free regardless of where you are. It is available in two colors, either blue or redColeman Personal Cooler _________________________________

Rubbermaid 10Qt Personal Ice Chest Cooler

Small Rubbermaid CoolerThis is one of the best small ice chest cooler if you want a personal cooler that can hold more. You can carry up to 12 cans as well as ice. It has the ability to keep food and drinks cold thanks to the superior thermal retention. This is carried via a durable handle that swings on the top. It is easy to clean and resists stains and odors. You can choose from blue or red. This is probably one of the most popular and affordable choice for a small plastic cooler. Rubbermaid Small Personal Cooler _________________________________

Igloo 14.8Qt Playmate Cooler

Open Diamond Plate Igloo Small CoolerThis small Igloo cooler features an industrial diamond plate exterior look. Being produced by a well-known longstanding cooler manufacturer, The Boss has earned its name as one of the best small coolers on the market The Igloo has a tent shaped locking lid that will help to prevent spills. The diamond plating exterior is durable and resists damage from impacts. The playmate boss opens toward either side for easy access, and the handle is very comfortable to hold. Many men prefer the diamond plating sides making this their go-to lunch pail.Playmate Small Personal Cooler


Coleman 16Qt Personal Wheeled Cooler

Telescopic Coleman Wheeled CoolerEven small coolers can become a handful if loaded to capacity. Adding cans of soda or beer along with ice can make the weight add up quickly. If this is one concern that prevents you from getting a personal cooler, you should consider the Coleman’s wheel personal cooler. It is taller than most personal coolers and able to hold a two liter bottle upright. Although, this is a smaller version to most of our coolers with wheels, it can hold 22 cans and ice. It has recessed wheels to ensure it rolls smoothly and the handle is extendable to make it comfortable at almost any height.

Coleman Personal Cooler With Wheels

Comes With Telescopic Handle


Stanley Adventure Cooler

Stanley Personal CoolerThe Stanley Adventure cooler is produced by the same company that produces many tools including the popular tape measure. The working husband or dad will appreciate this manly cooler. The lifetime warranty is a testament not only to the cooler itself, but Stanley as a company. This adventure cooler offers a leak resistant lid and double wall insulation. This is the perfect job site cooler. This is also slightly larger at a 21 can capacity making it suitable for a days-worth of drinks. Lastly, this is one of the few smaller coolers that offers adjustable tie-down AND can double as a seat.Stanley Personal Adventure Cooler


Wagan Powered Personal Cooler

Open 12V Personal CoolerThis cooler is slightly different from the rest of the coolers outlined in this post, and for good reason. If you need a small cooler for long hauls, truck drivers for example, this could be the perfect solution. This cooler plugs into a 12 volt source and can cool AND warm its contents. In the summer months, this is more than capable to maintain internal temps indefinitely so long as it can be plugged in. In the winter months, this is perfect for transporting food to a holiday party or for a warm cup of coffee or soup on the job site. This cooler will maintain (on cool mode) at 35-40 degrees and when on warming mode will heat up to 140 degrees. The Wagan is a 7 Liter cooler that features a padded shoulder strap as well as built in cup holders. This is the perfect car or truck accessory.Powered Personal Cooler


Coleman 24 Hour Cooler

30 Can Coleman Personal CoolerThe Coleman 24 hour cooler is capable of holding up to 30 cans and keeping them cool for up to 24 hours. This is a versatile cooler with multiple access points including a larger zippered opening as well as a soft hinged top access point. The front of the cooler also offers a pouch for dry goods. The padded should strap makes transporting this cooler comfortable and handsfree. One of the best features of this cooler is the antimicrobial liner. The liner resist odor and mildew. This is the perfect cooler for anyone who tends to forget food or ice packs in their cooler. Many moms will know this feeling when opening a cooler and finding a moldy sandwich or mildew from a leaky ice pack.


eBags Crew Cooler

ebags Personal Transport Cooler

Multiple Colors Available

Anyone who travels often has likely heard of eBags before. eBags is one of the most popular packing cube manufacturers. Thus, they have developed the perfect cooler for traveling. The Crew Cooler offers several compartments for storage of dry and wet goods. The bottom section of the cooler is the “cold section” and offers insulation on all 6 sides. Externally there are multiple mesh bottle storage compartments. Finally, on the top is a zippered dry storage area.

One of the most unique features of the Crew Cooler is the back slip pouch which allows for a rolling suitcase handle to slip through. This allows the for the cooler to be securely carried on top of a rolling suitcase. The eBags Crew Cooler is available in multiple color schemes. See Color Choices Here⇒eBag Crew Cooler Small


Igloo Max Cold Lunch Box Cooler

The Igloo Max Cold is most traditional “lunch box looking cooler.” This is essentially a modern approach to the lunch pail. Although the Igloo offers a leak resistant design, we still recommend utilizing ice packs with this cooler. This will ensure that seams do not become damp or leak. The interior offers an anti microbial liner and the exterior offers an ergonomic carrying handle.Max Cold Personal Cooler by Igloo


Everest Lunch Bag

Everest Polka Dot Personal Cooler

Multiple Colors Available

If you are the “Keep It Simple” kind of person you will appreciate the Everest Lunch Bag. This is one of the most affordable lunch bags. Offering an additional storage area in addition to the large insulated area, this is one of the simplest coolers available. This is practical for a children’s lunch box as it is available in multiple colors so each child can have their own color. At roughly $10, this is the economical approach to a lunch box. See Color Schemes Here⇒Everest Lunch Bag