Yeti Hopper Cooler Price, Is It Worth It?

There are a lot of people who feel that the name “Yeti” on a cooler means that it is an excellent cooler to have. It is a name that has been trusted for many years to provide quality coolers that are able to hold ice, during extreme heat, for a very long time. However, most people associate Yeti with hard sided coolers and the release of the Yeti Hopper has made people question whether it is their new favorite Yeti or not. The Hopper is a Yeti cooler that has soft sides, and the same price that typically comes with the Yeti name. So is the Yeti Hopper price worth it or not? Read our review to discover the answer for yourself.Yeti Hopper 20 Review

Why Is The Yeti Hopper Expensive?

Yeti coolers are designed for the true outdoorsman and the Yeti name has been around for many years because they know how to make a quality cooler that can hold all the ice you need for as long as you want for it to. They are heavy duty enough to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. They can hold both hot or cold items and the coolers, whether soft sided or not, will never sweat.Yeti Hopper Cooler Inside

When you see the Yeti name on a cooler, you know that it has been thoroughly tested and already approved of by avid outdoorsmen, like you. They test their coolers to ensure they can withstand heat and cold. They know before it is made available to the public that nothing will prevent this cooler from performing as it should when it comes to ice retention. For many campers, hikers, and fisherman, they feel quality is worth the added price.

How Does The Yeti Hopper Compare to Other Soft Coolers?

Most soft sided coolers are not very reliable. They sweat when you are trying to carry them, which means you could get wet and they do not hold very much, especially when you add in the ice pack. Some other coolers, like the Polar Bear 24 pack soft cooler says that it is able to hold cold for up to a day and hot for hours. It is cheaper by a substantial amount, but most reviews say that it is not very roomy on the inside. The AO Coolers vinyl fishing soft cooler has double the insulation of other coolers, so you know that you will lose space within it. Do you want to pay for wasted space? They both say that they are leak proof and the AO Coolers can keep ice in more extreme conditions than the Polar Bear. You can read more and see a full comparison chart on all soft sided coolers in our review to find the best soft sided cooler⇒

Hopper 20

Yeti Hopper PriceThe Yeti Hopper Cooler 20 only has a rubber foam padding on the bottom and the sides. This leaves you with plenty of space and it can hold ice for days, rather than a single day like the other coolers. It is 100% leak proof thanks to welded seams instead of stitched, and a HydroLok zipper. There are tie downs on it to ensure when you are on your boat you do not have to worry about it getting tossed overboard and it can ride easily in the back of your pickup. It is pricier than the other two, but for many, it could be worth it.




Hopper 30

The Yeti Hopper 30 has the same DryHide Shell and RF welded seams as the 20, but it is larger. It has the ColdCell rubber foam on the sides and the bottom to ensure that you do not have wasted space. Most people love that it can hold ice for several days and they do take advantage of it by using it on long road trips or extended camping/fishing trips where they are going to be gone for days at a time. However, because of the added size the Model 30 is more expensive than the Model 20. Yeti Hopper 30 Price

Is the Yeti Hopper, Soft Sided Cooler Worth It?

Overall, if you love keeping ice cold for days at a time and you want to enjoy a day of fishing without having to drink your beer hot, you should be happy with the Yeti Hopper. However, it is a smaller cooler than some hard sided Yeti Options, which may be a problem for people who want to carry a lot of food and drink in their cooler. In the end, whether you purchase the Yeti Hopper 20 or the Yeti Hopper 30 soft sided cooler, you will get what you pay for in regards to space and ice retention according to virtually every person who has already purchased them. Read More Yeti Hopper Owner Reviews Here⇒