Yeti Cooler Tank Review

More Than Just An Ice Bucket

Yeti Cooler Tanks are very popular because of its robust materials and unbeatable thermal properties when it comes to retaining the ice temperature to nearly freezing point. For so many years now, Yeti Coolers has top the market probably for producing the best insulated coolers ever invented. It features impeccable insulation system not only to retain both low temperatures and heat alternatively without worry of getting damaged.


Yeti Cooler Tank Product Description

The Yeti Cooler Tank’s ice bucket feature can carry up to 20.8 gallon of beverage equivalent to 96 cans of soda or beer, 2 bushels of oysters, or 60 longneck bottles. This defines the words “party pal bucket” Renewed with the latest technology innovations; you’ll enjoy endlessfrosty cold party beverages. Include optional lid accessory and optional caddy which are available Yeti Tank Accessories.

Yeti Tank Cooler Features and Technical Specifications

YetiTankTopYeti Cooler Tank carries the rotational-molded feature plus the 2-inch thick polyurethane coming at 19.5 inches height by 25.5 inch width. It surrounds evenly distributed thick walls engineered with strength, durability and portability. The rotomolded construction pattern protects Yeti to its core making it indestructible. Yeti cooler tank is crafted with 2-inch premium insulators, the UV resistant polyethelene which simply adds to the ice retention levels being highly compatible with dry ice. This cooler tank holds Yeti’s patent signature – the Permafrost Insulation, a thermal resistant system or an insulation method maintaining the heat exchange for a maximum thermal balance.

In addition to that is the No Sweat Design promise which keeps the ice cooler bucket dry inside and out. Just place the bucket without worries on water leaks or water dripping condensation. It also features the non-slip plate, the Bearfoot design to ensure that the cooler stays in place no matter where you go. Be it on smooth or rugged trails. The tank comes with the Vortex drain system, an easy drainage system which will only require users to twist and drain. This 100-pounder cooler is also highly mobile and portable with its double-haul handles featuring a military grade nylon rope. It assures complete control on transportation. The Yeti Cooler tank is more than just an ice bucket. It’s built with the same features as other Yeti coolers. It carries quite heavy load so you’d simply enjoy freshness all throughout the day whether you’re going to beach or patio parties.

Yeti Cooler Tank Accessories

Yeti Cooler Tank LidYetiTankWLid You have to complete the Yeti Cooler Tank with its great accessory, the Yeti cooler tank lid. It’s a study cutting board approved by the Food and Drug Administration in terms of safety when it comes to food contact. It’s crafted with strong Marine Grade High-Density polyethylene (HDPE) Material to resist moisture. HDPE components do not emit toxic chemicals and are especially made to resist harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. With every cooler tank accessory, you’re assured to help create a healthy environment for its eco-friendly feature. Yeti cooler tank lid measures 21 inches x 21 inches x 0.5 inches weighing 9 pounds. The lid doesn’t just seat the bucket cooler but also has multifunction features which serves as cutting board whenever you are going for outdoor trips.

Yet Cooler Tank Caddy Like the Yeti Cooler tank lid, this caddy is also FDA approved for safety food contact coming at similar dimension. For party pals who wish a little comfort on accessing items inside the bucket, the Caddy answers your needs. It allows users to open through a sliding opening while sealing the temperature inside.

Yeti Tank Pros

Advantageous No Sweat Feature- Yeti Cooler Tank is one of the best backyard party accessories. It’s handy and easy to carry around. It certainly beats the typical open tin coolers with its’ no sweat design. With tin cans, the water leaks after condensation which can be a big mess to floors and tables.

Overloaded with Fresh Goodies- If you simply love loading your parties and gatherings with endless sharing of ice cold refreshments, a Yeti cooler tank is a better option than the conventional cooler design. You won’t like carrying a bulky rectangular cooler around your guests, right? So, if you’re looking for a good investment to please your guest next time you invite them and point them in the direction of your new yeti tank cooler. This is surely to make an impression similar to a trendy barrel cooler.

Yeti Tank KeggeratorNovelty- Surely, gear collectors get attracted to this recent innovation for their outdoor collection.


Expensive This bucket cooler is expensive. It’s not so affordable for average users.  Having said that, this is what adds to the novelty/collectability of a yeti cooler.

Heavy when Loaded- Of course, with its capacity, you have to expect that this thing is a little bit hard to move around when fully loaded. To enjoy maximum portability especially if you intend to use this around on distribution of loaded drinks for your guests, it’s wise not to fill it up completely.

Why Should You Buy The Tank?

Yeti Tank BrownAnyone who loves Yeti will surely define the good reasons why you need to get this item over other brands. The Yeti Cooler Tanks come with the same features as other Yetis but are greatly portable and handy to parties and outdoor events especially when you plan to sail for fishing trips. You’ll never have to carry the mop around your guests because of annoying water leaks from unreliable tin bucket coolers. The No Sweat Design will save your day from hassle. It’s not very affordable but nothing beats quality and proven performance when it comes to your hard-earned investments.

Who Should Buy The Yeti Tank?

WhiteYetiTankPeople who are fond of the best of the best should add the Yeti Cooler Tank on their list of outdoor accessories. Yeti is renowned for to pleasing its consumers, so if you’re planning to get something to chill your hot summer, this one is a good pick. Fishermen, travelers and party organizers won’t regret a single penny spent for Yeti Cooler Tank. If you are after comfort, long-lasting coolers, Yeti can provide that for you. Thanks to Yeti’s brilliant inventions, you’ll definitely enjoy endless hours of uninterrupted fun with your friends and love ones on a party night.

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