Why You Should Consider Adding Yeti Cooler Wheels

Have you ever noticed how the top selling, high end coolers often lack one very convenient feature that would make them more user friendly? It is not something that is a design flaw because they are still coolers that everyone want to own, but these simple accessories could add more value to the already reliable Yeti cooler. Adding wheels will make those extra-large, somewhat heavy coolers when loaded, a little easier to manage.

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Popular Yeti Wheel Kits

All Terrain Yeti With Wheels
Single Axel Yeti Badger Wheels
Dual Axel Yeti Badger Wheels Dual Axel




Cost: $$$
Cost: $$
Cost: $$$$
Number Of Wheels: 2
Number Of Wheels: 2
Number Of Wheels: 4
Fits Yeti Tundra: 50-150
Fits Yeti Tundra: 35-160
Fits Yeti Tundra: 35-160
Rating: 4.2
Rating: 4.4
Rating: 4.4

Yeti Cooler Wheels

Slightly different from these accessories, a wheel cooler is a type of cooler that comes with wheels on the bottom. Regardless of how much ice, beverages, snacks, or fish you put into the cooler, portability will always be easier to handle. It is a feature that many of the highest quality coolers forget, including Yeti. Perhaps it is time for you to get the quality of a Yeti and the easy maneuverability of wheels combined in one convenient package.

How to Get Yeti Coolers with Wheels?

Adding Wheels To Roto Molded CoolerBecause so many people love Yeti, some manufacturers have developed a way to take their cooler to the next level. These manufacturers have created some pretty unique ways to put cooler wheels onto their most favorite coolers. You can forget the days of putting your cooler onto a wagon and hauling both along on your fishing trips.

With wheels you cad reduce the risk of  straining the muscles in your back; additionally you will no longer have to have one person on each end of your large Yeti cooler. Most importantly, getting up the boat ramp at the end of the day will become much easier. If you still have a fishing buddy, they can help by pushing, but neither of you will have to strain to get it to the top, even during low tides when the ramps may be very steep climbs.

To get an idea of whether you would benefit from adding a wheel system to your Yeti, perhaps you should look at some of the unique Yeti wheels that have already been put into production. Consider the items below proof that you are not the only person who is tired of having to work to bring in your treasure at the end of a big fishing trip.

Yeti Wheel Reviews

Yeti Cooler All Terrain Wheel System-The Rambler X2

Yeti All Terrain Wheels

This set of wheels will roll along freely on just about any terrain that you want to venture into, or out of, thanks to the 8 inch flat free wheel system. A telescoping switch grip handle makes wheeling your cooler into place a breeze. This handle will also prevent the cooler from running into you while taking your next step. When you are done walking your cooler, your cooler will sit flat, just like it is intended to. No tools are required for you to use the wheels or the handle. It simply uses the already available tie down slots that are on the Yeti Tundra cooler. It will work for Tundra coolers that are labeled 50-125. Rambler Wheels Price & Availability⇒


Badger Wheels –Single Axle for the Yeti Tundra

Yeti Badger WheelsWith this cooler wheel set, you will be able to easily move the Tundra 35-160 coolers. It is made of marine grade 316 stainless steel. The Badger Wheels single axel is durable and it will resist corrosion. It also rolls smoothly thanks to the two steel bearings that are on each wheel. The handle can help you move up to 500 pounds. However, it should be noted that there is some assembly required. Within the kit you will get one axle, one 2”, 4”, and a 5” lock extension, a hex wrench, and the locking plate and bolt. When you are not using the cooler, you do have the option to take the wheels off and store them in the cooler to save space. It is also worth noting that this system requires that the cooler be tilted when wheeling the cooler about. If you are worried about contents inside shift around, you may want to check out the dual axel system below.  Check Single Axel Pricing Here⇒


Badger Wheels Combo-Two Axles & Handle

Yeti Badger Wheels Dual AxelIf you are looking for the best of the best, look no further than the dual axel combo by Badger Wheels. With this system comes two axles, a handle, two locking plates, and all the required bolts. It is adjustable to fit the Tundra 35-160 coolers. It is all durably made and corrosion resistant just as its little brother above, no matter where your adventures take you. This is the smoothest wheel system for roto molded coolers.

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