Taiga Cooler & Custom Cooler Bags Review

Most coolers that hold ice for an extended period of time are high end coolers that cost a small fortune to bring home. The Taiga cooler claims to be different, but are they really that good of a cooler? Read our Taiga cooler review to find out why many people are taking notice of this relatively new name in the industry.

How Long Can Taiga Hold Ice?

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Features of the Taiga Coolers

Taiga Cooler 27 QThe Taiga Cooler comes with limited lifetime warranty. This is a better warranty than many of the high end coolers available on the market today. They are also one of the few coolers made in the USA completely.

Taiga is a veteran owned company which has the ability to mold a corporate logos (providing minimum quantities) into the cooler. This is a feature unique to Taiga coolers.

These coolers are true to size, which is rare for most high end coolers. If it says it is a 27 quart cooler, it actually holds 27.5 quarts.

Taiga coolers are available in a variety of colors. They are not dipped or wrapped the way that some coolers are yet they still have camouflage coolers available. The lids go through a four color process to create the lid graphics. This makes it great if you want to have customized coolers that are easily identifiable as yours.

Custom STIHL Cooler By Taiga

Custom STIHL Cooler By Taiga

Popular Taiga Coolers

To give you a complete idea of what these coolers have to offer, you should take a look at the variety of coolers available. All of these coolers are popular with the people who purchase them.

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 27 Quart Cooler

Pink Cooler By Taiga CoolersThis cooler has heavy R5 insulation. They have an interior that is 15” x 12 1/2” x 10”. It has a recessed seamless lid gasket that is completely leak-proof. Not even air can get through this seal, especially when matched with the with the two heavy duty UV protected lid latches. The cooler itself is made of Poly Propylene so that it is FDA compliant to be in contact with food items. There are tie downs on each side, but they will not block the lid to open. It is available in white or pink. See Taiga Coolers 27 Colors here⇒

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 55

Taiga 55Q Customized CoolerThis is a larger sized Taiga Coolers. Its interior dimensions are 24 1/2” x 12” x 12 3/4”. This proves it can hold a full 55 quarts of food or drink. It comes with three divider slots so that you can separate the contents of your cooler. It has large, dual drain plugs so that you can let water out without letting too much cold in. The lid is recessed so that air flow cannot get in through the lid’s seal. This cooler also has 1/4” diameter aluminum hinge rod to secure the self-stopping lid to it. Check Taiga Coolers 55 Pricing here⇒

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 88

Taiga Tan 88Q CoolerFor an extreme cooler that holds an extreme amount of food and drinks, you may want the very large 88qt cooler. It has an interior that measures 36 3/4” x 12” x 13 1/2”. There are three divider slots inside of it and it still features the seamless lid gasket to ensure you get the maximum amount of ice retention available. It also has the self-stopping lid and large dual drain plugs. This cooler is available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Check Taiga Coolers 88 Pricing here⇒

Taiga Coolers Pink Camo Soft Sided Cooler

Customized cooler BagThis cooler is ideal for people who want to have an easily carried cooler. It is ideal for carrying lunches to work or going to the beach. These custom cooler bags are also available in regular camo or navy blue. They all have a bottle opener keychain attached to them to make it easy for you to use. They come with the standard limited lifetime warranty and measure 15” x 8” x 10”. They are very lightweight at only 2 pounds. They are made using Tuff-Duck material and a PVC backing. There is also a secondary PVC liner. In between, you will find high density foam so that you never have to worry about it sweating. More about the Taiga Coolers bags here⇒