Polar Bear Backpack Cooler Review

Coolers can be heavy and awkward to carry. Even soft sided coolers can be heavy when carried over long periods of time. What if there was a better way to carry your cooler? Polar Bear Coolers have perhaps found it. They have created a backpack cooler and it promises to solve the issues of a cooler which is difficult to transport.

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What Is a Backpack Cooler?

A backpack cooler is a type of cooler that you wear on your back, like with any other backpack. You can carry several cans of your favorite beverage and all the ice that you need to keep them cold. Some of the Polar Bear Coolers that you wear on your back are able to keep a bag of ice for up to 3 days and still have ice remaining. Better yet, you may opt for a cooler ice pack.

Our Polar Bear Backpack Video Review-Ice Challenge Results (3 +Days)

H20 Series as seen in video, coming soon!

Polar Bear coolers also claim to never sweat. They are durable and have extra pockets, so that when you are out on that long hike, you can easily carry your necessities without having to carry a separate backpack. For many, carrying a cooler on their back is much easier than carrying it on their shoulder or in their hands. As long as you are able to carry a full hiking backpack, you should be able to carry a cooler with comfort.

Why Choose Polar Bear Coolers?

Polar Bear is a company that has been in the business of making life in the great outdoors easier for more than a century. They have the best high-quality, soft-sided coolers available and they are all designed in the USA. All coolers are protected by a two year warranty against defects and it will be covered in full if it fails you in any way. Can you ask for anything more from a soft-sided backpack cooler? Read More About Warranty Here⇒

Polar Bear Back Pack CoolerPolar Bear Backpack Cooler Review

This cooler is 18×12 inches. It is 7 inches deep. It has a weatherized rubber coating on the zipper to ensure heat does not get in (or out). It also can hold up to 24 cans as well as a bag of ice. If you are curious as to how long ice will stay; a full 24 hours (or 3 days in our test) in 100 degree temperatures. If you want to carry something warm, it can maintain a temperature of 200 degrees for several hours. Either way, it will not leak or sweat and it is built with a design that is sure to last through many hiking trips. Read More Here⇒

Polar Bear Coolers Backpack

Backpack Polar Bear CoolerThe most popular Polar Bear Coolers backpack is the orange 18x12x7inch cooler. It is created using 1000 denier Cordura nylon as well as a very high density foam that is open celled. When not in use, it is easily collapsed down and stored. When empty it weighs less than 3.5 pounds, which means that even if you pack it to capacity, you will not have to worry about the extra weight of your backpack. It is a great option for anyone hiking on the trails or taking a family trip to the zoo. Read More Here⇒