Pelican Cooler Accessories

If you’re a keen outdoorsman you probably have a cooler box that you take when you go fishing or hunting. If you aim for the best in your equipment, that cooler is most likely a Pelican. You simply can’t go wrong when buying a Pelican cooler and they know it themselves – almost all of their products come with a lifetime guarantee. Every fisherman our outdoorsmen who needs to protect his precious catch will benefit from a Pelican box on his boat. The box itself is made of very, very sturdy plastic with stainless steel elements. Each opening – from the lid to the drain valve- is sealed so tight that temperature retention can last up to seven days. The boxes are built to last and endure and pretty much anything on them is as heavy-duty as it gets. You can even compare this Pelican cooler review to the likes Pelican Vs Yeti or Grizzly or Yeti.Pelican Cooler Accessories

Pelican Cooler Accessories

As an avid fisher, I couldn’t hold my smile once I opened my Pelican cooler for the first time. Lo and behold – a fish ruler was etched into the top of the lid. The cooler pretty much never leaves my boat nowadays, except when it has to travel to the kitchen. Each time before setting off I put either a single, large block of ice or I pile up ice cubes on the bottom of the cooler. From then on it’s all just opening it and throwing in whatever I manage to catch (not without measuring it first). I rarely stay for more than a day on the lake so I can’t even catch the ice in the cooler melting, even after spending a whole day in the scorching sunlight. In our Five Day Ice Challenge, the Pelican ProGear Elite 45 With Wheels, held ice with no problem for five days. Pelican advertises 10 day ice retentions, and that is easy to see as possible. See Pictures below

Pelican After 5 Day Ice Challenge

Pelican After 5 Day Ice Challenge With Ice Melt


Pelican Cooler After Five Days & Water Drained

Pelican Cooler After Five Days & Water Drained

The Pelican cooler has proved itself to be a mean US-made box, perfect for any person looking to preserve his catch or food and drinks. After being so positively impressed by the box, I decided to spoil myself a bit more by buying some accessories for it. So far you must think this thing is the sturdiest cooler in the world, right? Well, wait to read about the available Pelican Cooler Accessories.

Pelican Marine Cooler Accessory


The marine cushion can easily handle and distribute weight on the cooler comfortably. I used to throw on a very old blanket but with time it grew to look like something brought up from the bottom of the lake. At that time I decided I needed a change. Shortly after, I was the proud owner of a heavy-duty, non-slippery vinyl cushion that fit perfectly over the cooler box. I’ve left all sorts of sharp tools on it, I’ve thrown it around, I’ve soaked it in water and left it in blazing sun for days but this thing just won’t take damage. It has two strips of vinyl on each side with holes drilled in. You simply screw it to your cooler. It’s surprisingly comfortable for being that thin plus it saves valuable space on a small vessel like mine.



More Pelican Accessories

Pelican’s own tie-down kit comes with two heavy-duty polyester straps, the kind used by construction workers to hoist things up. They are as strong as construction-grade straps and come with their own plates and screws. With a half hour worth of work, the straps can be installed. The best part of it is that each cooler has its dedicated strapping slots which allow the straps to stay on as tight as you want them without getting in the way of the lid. Sure, the price might be a bit too much for a pair of polyester straps at first but once you see your cooler sitting like a statue even on the sharpest turns or biggest waves, you’ll know it’s worth it. More On Pelican Tie Down⇒

The wire basket is specially made for the pelican cooler. The Pelican wire basket is made to fit perfectly inside any Pelican-made cooler aside from the twenty-quart model. Its non-corrosive and it’s said to be quite sturdy.

PelicanWireBasket View All Pelican Cooler Accessories Now⇒

The Pelican line of coolers come with an array of available accessories.  All of which can used to make the best use of a cooler whether it is for fishing or an outdoor patio cooler.