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When you’re looking to purchase a good outdoor cooler or a patio cooler, you’ll want to know what the important metrics are when it comes to comparing coolers. As of late, a lot of manufacturers and retailers have been pushing forward with a term known as “ice retention”, which translates to the amount of time that the ice stays inside without melting; however, the metric doesn’t change depending on the outside temperature, which seems to suggest that this cool new metric can be a little misleading. So, we took it upon ourselves to show you what to actually look for in a good outdoors and patio cooler and we’ve also selected a few options available online, that you might be interested in.

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Outdoor Beverage Coolers

Now, before we go into any actual products, let’s first try and explain what some of the terms surrounding cooler metrics mean, and maybe make your choice easier for you.

Ice retention time

As we discussed in the opening paragraph, the amount of time ice stays ice in the cooler is what this term is all about. However, ice tends to melt a lot faster in a smaller cooler, because there is a lot less air to insulate it from the outside. So, take ice retention in moderation when making your consideration, and don’t think it to be the metric that begins and ends it all. Also, to actually be able to tell how much time ice remained ice, one has to consider the temperature when the cooler was released, inside and outside, even the temperature of the ice itself. Lastly, with outdoor coolers and patio coolers, these are often used for parties or cookouts which leads the cooler being opened and closed more frequently. Therefore, it does not make much sense purchasing a high end cooler which works on forming a tight seal and maintaining internal temperatures for longer durations. This will be negated with frequent open and closes. Coolers with speakers and radio coolers now exist as well, this may be a consideration to make when choosing and patio cooler that is portable.

More importantly, weight and size are what you should be more interested in.

Weight and size

These metric are clear cut, the weight of the cooler when empty is important, though most models today are made out of plastics that keep them relatively light. However, what you’re interested in is interior volume, as well as exterior volume. Interior volume shifts depending on the size of the interior walls, and, while you want an interior volume that is sufficient for your applications, you might also want to consider how much space you want dislodged. Also, remember that an outdoor cooler needs to be stored, so think about your particular space you have available for it. In addition to weight and size, you may want to consider the aesthetic appearance of your cooler. A barrel cooler can work great as an outdoor cooler yet provide a classy appearance to your patio.

Top Rated Outdoor and Patio Coolers

Rolling Outdoor Patio Deck Party Cooler 65 Quart

Now, as far as actual, full size patio coolers go, the 65 Quart cooler is definitely not a winner in terms of portability, if you’re thinking taking it with you places. But, if you just want a high capacity true patio cooler, that can hold a week’s worth of cans, this one is it. The cooler can hold up to 100 cans and its high enough so that you won’t have to bend to reach it. Also, it is a rolling cooler, which means that if you want to move it around in your front or back yard, it will be done almost effortlessly. And, best of all, it comes with an included can opener! And, at about $89, this sturdy rolling deck cooler is very well priced too. More On Rolling Outdoor Cooler⇒


Living Accents Rolling Steel Cooler

If a bit of style is also on your mind when considering a cooler, and if you don’t like the plastic look of your classic patio cooler, this metal, almost furniture like cooler can be the option for you. Capacity wise it’s smaller than the Party Cooler 65, it can hold about 60 cans, however, it also rolls in place where you want it and looks great. The powder finish and the square geometry make it easy to store in small places and, being relatively low, its great kept close by a lounge chair. Also, it makes bottle opening very easy, as it has a bottle opener, plus a bottle cap catcher. A really neat product. More On Living Accents⇒


Coleman 150-Quart Cooler

The 150 quiart cooler is a relatively large cooler, made out of a specialty material; thermozone. Most coolers rely solely on an air cushion between the plastic walls to keep the ice inside cool, but this one has an extra insulation layer inside, a porous material that holds air and is a better insulator than air alone. In terms of size, with over 223 cans that it can hold, it’s the perfect cooler for a larger family. Filled, it’s a 2 person carry, so this isn’t your camping kind of cooler, but, it works great for patios or for an outdoors trip. Also, very important recycling wise, this is a kind of cooler that is made out of materials that are safe for the environment, and are not toxic. More On Coleman⇒

Coleman Patio Cooler

Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler

Of course, not everyone owning a patio needs a large, hard to manipulate cooler. So, for a one person, or for a very small family, this type of cooler can be more than enough. Yes, some would not think of it as a patio cooler, but, in terms of its portability and ease of carry, this one is definitely a great product. This product is also priced much lower than some of the larger outdoor coolers. More On FlipLid⇒


Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

Following on the same idea of portability, even a better choice is this easy to carry, strap based cooler. It looks like a hard body satchel, so it’s not as conspicuous and it can hold up to 9 cans; it’s got a zip pocket and a mesh pocket lid, and also the shoulder strap is adjustable, for even easier carrying. This is one of the top selling soft sided coolers.  So, think about your needs carefully – one of those might be much better for you, if you’re looking for a day in – day out type of cooler, instead of going for a very large one. More On Coleman Softsided⇒