nICE Cooler Review

The best selling point of the nICE brand of coolers is the fact that they provide quality coolers that will not break your bank account. nICE promises to be not only one of the most affordable coolers, but also the most dependable. These coolers have double walled insulation to ensure that your beverages and snacks stay cold and fresh. In fact, it can keep contents fresh and cold for days at a time, even when exposed extreme heat. As an added bonus, the exterior is designed to never sweat.

nICE Brand CoolerMore Features Of nICE Coolers

These coolers are bear resistant thanks to the integrated lockable lid. All you need to add is a padlock and no one [or creatures] will be able to get inside. The nICE Cooler has a quick drain system so that draining out excess water or cleaning is done so easily.

Handles & Drain PlugHeavy duty carrying handles, that also have soft rubber grips, ensures that you can easily pick up the cooler and move it about easily and comfortably. The 45-quart cooler can hold up to 64 canned beverages, depending on other items and the amount of ice you add.

It has a built-in measuring ruler. This enables you to make sure that everything you catch is legal and will fit within the cooler! It also features built in cup holders so that when you are camping or fishing, you always have a place to set your cans or bottles down.

Because most people end up opening and closing their cooler frequently, this cooler has reinforced hinges to ensure a tight and reliable close. The gaskets  give it a good seal when closed, which is further secured by the T-locks.

The anti-skid pads that are built into the bottom, ensures that even when your boat deck or truck bed gets wet; you do not have to worry about it sliding around and ending up out of place.

The nICE Cooler is available in five color choices. They include gray, white, brown, granite, and sea foam. This ensures that no matter how coolers may be on the jobsite or in the woods, your cooler will always be recognizable to you.

Color Options

All nICE coolers and stainless steel products are backed by a five-year warranty limited warranty. This protects you against manufacturer defects and defects in the material used in manufacturing. This excludes future owners, normal wear and tear, and intentional abuse to the coolers.


Cannon Cooler 6Along with the 45qt cooler; there is also other size options that are both larger and smaller. They offer the same quality and warranty that the 45qt offers. If you do not need that much cooler; you can choose the nICE cannon coolers. These coolers are available in either three can or six cans. They are simple sleeves that you can carry on your shoulder or with your hand. They can keep cold beverages cold for up to 48 hours with the puck insert. Inside of the stainless steel, double walled tube you will find a spring to ensure that you never have to dump the sleeve just to get a drink out.

3 Can CannonIs the nICE Cooler the One for You?

This cooler is more affordable than many high-end coolers, but performs just as well. However, it is a new cooler, so it is an undiscovered gem for most people. The lockable lid, the non-slip feet, and all of the other features make it worth it. We feel that anyone who expects quality will be happy to have this cooler with them on their outdoor adventures. Some people are starting to discover the functionality of this cooler and we encourage you to give it a try as well.

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