Nash Sub Z Cooler Review

Nash Sports is a company that creates many high-quality products for summertime fun. Nash has been in the business of doing so for more than 50 years. It should not come as a surprise to know that this also includes coolers. Their line of coolers carries the name “Sub Z.” *Video Review Toward Bottom Of Post*

Sub Z Cooler With WheelsFeatures of the Sub Z

All Sub Z coolers are made with heavy duty construction making them more than capable of keeping up with your busy life. They are ideal for camping trips, time in your boat, and just about anything outdoors. Even the smallest coolers have a double locking lid to ensure that your contents stay cold and secure inside.

The lid features an Artic Dome lid gasket. This gives you an extremely tight seal ensuring that heat cannot seep inside the cooler’s rotational molded, double walled PE shell. The seal coupled with 1.5-inches of foam that insulate the cooler walls, make this a cooler that can maintain ice for days.

Nash Small Comfort Grip CoolerSmaller Sub Z coolers have a stainless steel carrying handle with padding for comfort and ease of transportation. They also have non-skid feet to ensure that even on a wet boat deck; the cooler will not slide about. Several color choices are available. You can choose subtle colors including blue, tan, and white or bolder colors like green and orange. A popular accessory, the padded seat back, offers even further customization.

Larger coolers also include features such as baskets, divider/cutting boards, WHEELS, and even a padded seat cushion. Larger coolers also have molded in handles in addition to the rope handles with finger guards to protect your hands no matter how much weight you are carrying. An Extendable handle offers the ability to comfortably pull the cooler along rather than carrying (when on smooth surfaces).

All coolers have a unique “V” shaped drain channel. This helps to ensure that melted ice is channeled down and away from food and drinks. The oversized drain plug makes draining ice melt quick and efficient.

Considering all the features outlined above, it is amazing to discover that the Sub Z often weighs in 30% lighter than many other coolers. Yet, it remains just as durable.

One of the most important features that many of our readers will appreciate is that this cooler is American made in Fort Worth, Texas. It will also be covered by a one year warranty against all product defects.

Padded Seat Back For Sub Z Cooler

Accessory: Padded Seat Back For Sub Z Cooler

Ice Retention Times

Nash Coolers Sub Z Rating

Green Sub ZThese coolers hold a steady 4+ star rating. They are spacious coolers that can hold a significant amount of cans and ice. Larger coolers can hold up to 64 cans of your favorite beverages along with 10 pounds of ice. The smaller coolers are able to hold up to 20 cans and enough ice to last for up to 5+ days. Most owners love the padded seat cushions and high back support (accessory) on the cooler. The interior is more spacious than many other high-end coolers at a fraction of the cost. Last but certainly not least, the customer support provided by Nash is top notch!

Will You Love the Sub Z by Nash?

Overall, we feel that most people will love this cooler. It is comparable in quality to other high-end coolers, at a fraction of the price. The entire line of Sub Z has great ice retention ability and are very versatile coolers. We love the idea of a padded seat since most people often use their cooler as an extra seat.White Color Option

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