Mountable Bottle Opener for Coolers

No matter where you are going, nothing can beat a good cooler and a tall bottle of your favorite beverage. However, when out camping or fishing most people avoid the bottle and opt instead for a can. They are easier and you do not need to carry a bottle opener to pop the top. However, more and more are beginning to enjoy craft beer or micro brews, usually sealed in a non-twist-off bottle. A mountable bottle opener for coolers is a great way to have your bottle and enjoy it, too.

What Is a Mountable Bottle Opener?

A bottle opener is a small, necessary tool, for opening bottles.  This is where a mountable bottle opener is perfect. It is a little piece of metal that can easily attach to your cooler. Thus, you will always have a bottle opener attached to where your  drinks are kept; eliminating the risk that you might not be able to enjoy your favorite brew.

Classic Wall Mounted Bottle OpenerThere are several different types available. They were originally designed as bottle openers that could be mounted on a wall. In fact, many people may remember seeing these wall mounted bottle openers in homes or even still in some bars. One great example of something you may have seen is the Classic Zinc Starr X bottle opener.

Now though, there are better options available. One of the coolest bottle openers is the wall mounted bottle opener by Yeti Coolers. It is made of cast stainless steel. It can attach easily to a wall or a cooler using four screws instead of the usual one or two. This will keep your bottle opener attached, no matter how many times you use it. Check Out The Yeti Bottle Opener Here⇒Yeti Mountable Bottle Opener

How to Install a Mountable Bottle Opener

These bottle openers are easily attachable to any wall or cooler. You simply have to screw them into the area you want using a drill or a Phillips screwdriver. If installing on a wall, you may want to find a stud. If installing onto a cooler, you will obviously need to use the insulated side walls.

Once done, you can simply hook your bottle and pop the top. It is easy to use and saves you from having to search for that elusive bottle opener that may be hidden among your camping supplies or buried in your tackle box.

Is There An Easier Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Option?

You can thrill your friends the next time you hang out by offering beer and a custom bottle opener on your cooler. You can even have a mounted beer bottle opener that is made with black nickel. It is available from Trendy Bartender and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. You can own two of them, one for the cooler and one for the wall in your man cave. This bottle opener has a two screw design with one on the top and one on the bottom to hold it securely. It even says, “beer me” as a humorous way to further delight your friends and family.Trendy Bar Tender Mountable Bottle Opener

Beer Thirty Mountable Bottle Opener

Beer Thirty Wall Mounted Bottle OpenerWith the Beer Thirty Wall Mounted Bottle Opener, you can easily remove your cap and let anyone asking, “if it’s a little too early or late to be drinking” with the response of its “Beer Thirty”. Barware Gear provides several wall beer openers and accessories. Each beer bottle opener is secured to the cooler with two stainless steel screws instead of zinc or plastic screws. The screws are easily fastened into the cooler with a Philips head screw driver. Some prefer to drill small holes where the screws will be going to be make it easier.

Customers have used on the wall bottle openers on coolers, patio post, man caves, pool table rooms, under/ behind the bar, and next to the grill. Kids also love using the mounted bottle opener for their tough to get soda bottles that require a soda bottle opener. If you are like us, we always forget we need a bottle opener and can never find one when you need one due to being accidently thrown away or lost in “that” drawer we all have. With a bottle opener wall mounted or cooler mounted, you and your friends don’t have to wait for the hunt to begin in that drawer. A wall bottle opener while save you time and embarrassment of not being ready for “Beer Thirty”. If your cooler is full of beer bottles, the Beer Thirty Wall Mounted Bottle Openers are the perfect combination for you and your cooler against those pop off bottle caps. Read More On Beer Thirty Here⇒Beer Thirty Bottle Opener

Whether you are camping out, fishing, hosting a back yard barbeque, or tailgating at the next game, a cooler with bottle openers on it is sure to gain attention. It will allow you and all those who are with you to enjoy their most favorite bottled beverages. What could be better than that? Are you ready to give a mountable bottle opener for coolers a try?