Locking Your Cooler with Cooler Locks

Many people never think about their cooler needing locks. However, there are a variety of reasons that you may want to consider putting a lock in place. Would you leave a bicycle unlocked when you venture into the store to do some shopping? If not, why would you choose to leave your cooler unsecured? To discover more about why locks are a great idea, read more about the available locking systems available. We have found the best ways for you to start locking your cooler with cooler locks.

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Locking Your High End Cooler

Lock Cooler To BedMany of the high end coolers that are on the market are secure according to the manufacturer. There are even numerous “bear proof” coolers available. However, even the best “T-Locks” aren’t completely bear proof if you don’t put a lock on the lid itself. Most of these coolers can be secured with a simple padlock, but some opt for a more secure option. They may use a chain lock to ensure that they can get into the cooler easily, yet still be secured to a truck bed, camping location etc.

Secure Your Cooler in Your Truck

Everyone wants the expensive, high-end cooler. Many people are willing to spend $300-400 coolers. They work great and can retain ice for many days. The downside is, some people want the high-end cooler without the high end cost of it. What is going to stop them from taking your high dollar cooler out of your truck and making it their own? Nothing, if you do not choose to secure it to the back of your truck. It is a common mistake that people make and many have lost their high end cooler to thieves. The bad news is; coolers are not something that have unique markings. They don’t always have serial numbers. Often you cannot tell one from the other. Therefore, thieves will most likely walk away and you will be out trying to come up with the money to buy a new cooler. This wouldn’t have happened if the person had taken only a few minutes of time to secure their cooler to the bed of their truck. Why put it off until you have lost a cooler because you walked into a store?

Our Favorite Cooler Locks

When it comes to cooler locks, you have a lot of choices. However, when protecting your high end Yeti from theft and your cooler contents from bears, you shouldn’t stop with just a basic lock. The cooler locks below are our favorites. Perhaps they will become your favorite or at least give you an idea of the types of locks that are available.

Master Lock Python Adjustable Locking Cable

MasterLock Python Cooler LockThis lock has 6ft of cable, two keys, and very secure. It is 3/16-inch in diameter. There is a pin tumbler locking mechanism. The vinyl coated cable will never cause damage to your truck bed or the cooler and it also has an ABS lock cover/bumper. It is a compact lock that more than 1,000 people have given an overall 4.1-star rating on. Master Lock Python Pricing here

Security Lock Bracket for Yeti Tundra

Cooler Lock BracketThis Yeti cooler lock fits in the handle area of your Yeti Tundra. It works with all Tundra coolers whether you have a small or a large cooler. It is made of 1/8” marine grade aluminum and will never rust. It also has rounded corners so that it will not damage the cooler. The hole, which you can put a padlock on, is 1/2” in diameter. This means that it will work with most locks and cables when you want to secure it to the bed of your truck. Check Pricing here

Yeti Bear Resistant Lock

Lock Through LidIf you want a securely locking cooler, you may want to upgrade your bear resistant locks. This is a set of two padlocks and when used in the corners on your yeti cooler, you can feel confident that no one, man or beast, will get inside of it. It has a long shank lock and works with all sizes of Yeti coolers. Yeti Cooler Lock Pricing Here
Security Lock & Cable Bracket for Yeti Tundra

Lock And BracketThis is a complete set that will ensure you have a cooler with locks that you can trust in. The plate is made of 1/8” marine grade aluminum. The vinyl coated steel cable is 3ft long. Corners are rounded so that they will not damage your cooler and you get two keys to ensure your cooler stays where you want it. See the security lock and cable here

K2 Coolers Cable Lock

K2 Cooler LockIf you have a cooler with a locking lid, you can use this cooler lock. It works well in tight spaces because it is flexible. It has a tumbler pin locking mechanism and the cord is 3/16” braided steel. This ensures that no one can cut it to get to your cooler when it is in your truck. See the K2 Coolers cable lock here