K2 Coolers Vs Yeti Coolers

In the battle between K2 and Yeti coolers, most people have a brand that they feel is superior over the other. They are both designed to perform well in extreme conditions. They are both made to be used by and trusted by avid outdoor enthusiasts. However, any true fan of K2 will say that their cooler is better than a Yeti and vice versa. So which do you prefer? Which do most people prefer? The battle between K2 Coolers and Yeti coolers will rage on and perhaps you will find your answer hidden below.


Most Well Known

Best Value

Origin: USA & PhilippinesOrigin: Thailand
More Expensive Than K2Less Expensive Than Yeti
Construction: Roto MoldedConstruction: One Piece Roto Molded
Color SchemesColor Schemes/Collegiate Colors Available
Models: Tundra Series 20-125 Models: 20- 120Q
Five Year WarrantySeven Year Warranty
Retention Of Ice: 5-7 DaysIce Retention: User Dependent

Tundra Series Yeti Coolers are model numbers not size of the cooler

K2 Summit Series Coolers models are reflective of cooler size

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About K2 Coolers

K2 Cooler Vs Yeti K2 Coolers were designed to give Yeti a run for its money in both quality and price. These coolers are made using only high end professional grade coolers that are rotationally molded. They are well insulated so that they have the maximum amount of ice retention available and they are extremely durable. There are a variety of sizes available so that you can choose the right cooler based on your preferred adventures in the great outdoors.

Which is Best, K2 Vs Yeti

If you look at two similar products, such as the K2 Coolers Summit 20 or the K2 Coolers 90 and the Yeti Roadie 20 or Yeti Tundra 75, it is not hard to see some pretty major similarities yet subtle differences. Therefore, when it comes to the battle of the best, you should look closely at the individual features of each one and see how it compares to the other. K2 Green Color

How Are Yeti Coolers & K2 The Same?

K2 Coolers 20 vs Yeti Roadie 20

The K2 has a roto-molded polyethylene construction with extra thick insulation. It has a padded shoulder strap (20Q) and rubber feet to give it added grip when set down, even on slicker surfaces. It has an ICE vault lid gasket, Positrac lid latches and an edura integrated hinge system to ensure that it opens and closes properly. The Yeti Cooler has the same roto molded construction, non-slip feet, and permafrost insulation, but no padded shoulder strap to make carrying it easier on the person.Yeti Vs K2 Coolers

The K2 Coolers 90 offers all of the same features, except for the shoulder strap. The Yeti 75 is one of Yeti’s larger coolers, but it does add in a NeverFail Hinge system that stops the cooler lid from flopping too far back and breaking the hinges.


We only tested the 50Q K2 Summity as opposed to several different size Yeti coolers. However, in out Ultimate Ice Challenge, the K2 (50) held ice longer than the Yeti Tundra 45 by about 1/4 of a day. You can see how that challenge went below.

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Price Differences Between K2 & Yeti?

You can easily find K2 Coolers for sale on online and depending on the size that you want, you will pay around $150-$400 for the two coolers mentioned above. Whereas the small Yeti Roadie 20 has a start price of $299.99 and the Tundra 75 for at least $429.99. The Tundra is still more expensive than the larger K2 Coolers and is only capable of 15 quarts less than the K2.  As you can see, the K2 Coolers prices are much more reasonable than the Yeti coolers.K2 Coolers Review 90 Quart


Both the K2 Coolers and Yeti are designed to give the outdoorsman a way to keep his most favorite beverages nice and cold, no matter how long he may be out camping, fishing, or just simply tailgating at the next big game. In terms of versatility, they are roughly the same.

Final Thoughts

According our K2 Coolers review and ice challenge, these coolers are able to do it all and withstand the vigorous activities that owners put them through without ever missing a beat. Most people who simply want a cooler that can last them through the years and one that will keep ice cold for a very long period of time, they are satisfied with the way K2 Coolers gets it done.

Collegiate Team Color Ice Chest

Available In Collegiate Color Schemes

Last but not least, K2 Coolers come with a 7 year warranty that covers the entire cooler. The Yeti coolers have a five year warranty that will cover material and workmanship defects. If you’re looking for a cooler with a more robust warranty, at a cheaper price, K2 Coolers is the easy choice.

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