K2 Coolers for Sale, Price & Reviews

The K2 Coolers Company

K2 Coolers offer “Real Value. Real Cold”. That is the motto that they stand behind with each cooler that they create. Their mission is to provide an excellent cooler that is backed by an outstanding customer service team and since 2011 they have strived to stand behind their company standards.K2 Cooler Vs Yeti

The coolers that they offer are durable while remaining lightweight. They are heavy duty and provide the maximum amount of ice retention, without asking you to break your bank account, regardless of what style or size. It is surprising to most people how reasonable the K2 Coolers price is for the variety of options that they have available.

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Different K2 Cooler Sizes and Options

K2 Coolers provides the Summit series. There are coolers available from 20quarts to an extremely large 120quart cooler that can hold up to 86 cans of your favorite beverage. Regardless of which size you choose, you will get the K2’s SNOWblown insulation, which is pressure injected into the one piece roto-molded cooler shell. This ensures that you get the maximum amount of insulation inside the cooler walls to keep ice longer.

K2 Coolers ReviewThe shell is constructed of food grade material that is UV resistant. You can also use dry ice in these coolers for an even more extreme cooling effect. They have SUREgrip rubber feet, which will never damage the surface you are putting it on and they use a TORRENT draining system to help you clean the larger coolers easily.

Best of all though is whether you have a small cooler or a large one, you will be able to carry them comfortably. The smaller styles have a padded shoulder strap, larger ones have rope handles, wheels, as well as other carry options.

Why Purchase K2 Coolers?

When it comes the K2 Coolers for sale, you will notice two things, quality and affordability. Admittedly, there are cheaper coolers on the market, but most of the time, those coolers are not able to hold ice for days. The K2 Coolers brand cooler can. There are also coolers that are going to cost you more. However, you can look at our K2 Coolers vs Yeti article and see that you really do not gain very much from paying more. Just look through a few of the K2 Coolers owner reviews and you will see why overall, people feel that it is much nicer to spend less and get more.

If you would like to see more about the available choices you have when looking for an affordable, easy to use cooler, why not have a look at the reviews listed below.

K2 Summit 20

K2 Coolers Summit 20 Cooler This small cooler can hold about 14 cans of your favorite beverage. It is small and lightweight enough to carry it filled to capacity on your shoulder, thanks to a padded shoulder strap. The lid latches securely closed. You can use regular ice or dry ice inside of it to keep your cold items cold. Read More Here⇒


K2 Coolers Summit 50

K2 Coolers Summit 50 Cooler This larger Summit cooler is available in a variety of colors, basic gray, white, or green. In addition to these standard colors, the K2 Summit 50 also comes in exotic colors such as pink, purple, or orange. You will never have to wonder which cooler is yours when you are in a crowd. It has extra thick insulation and easy to hold side handles for you to carry it with. Read More Here⇒


K2 Summit 30

K2 Summit 30This cooler is also available in various colors. It has the standard 7 year warranty on it that other K2 Coolers have. It can hold ice for up to 5 days, according to some reviewers. It is easy to carry, lightweight, and stylish. Read Owner Reviews⇒


K2 Coolers Water Jug

K2 Cooler Water JugThere are times when a large cooler may not be necessary, but you still want a cold glass of tea or water. For backyard barbeques or family picnics in the park, you can leave the cooler at home and take your water jug instead. It has a gasketed lid, handles, a vacuum release plug, and more. You can take it with you anywhere and it works great for sport teams and activities. Read More Here⇒


K2 Coolers SS Bottle Opener

K2 Bottle OpenerThis is just one of the accessories available for Summit coolers. It is designed to fit the Summit 20. It is stainless steel, easy to attach, and simple to use. You also do not have to worry about damaging the cooler as there is no need to drill into your cooler’s outer shell. See More Here⇒


K2 Coolers Hydro Turf Mat

This mat is designed to attach to your Summit 30 cooler. It sticks using 3M adhesive on the back and fits onto the top of your cooler to put a non-slip pad on it. This simple addition to your cooler can give you a place to stand or a place to put your drinks. This also works great as a poling platform. Read More Here⇒

K2 Hydro Turf