Igloo Sportsman Series 40 & 55 Q Cooler Review

Choosing a good cooler is not easy. There are a lot of name brands out there and all of them claim to be the best. It is not easy to choose which one is really going to be best for you. They all seem to have similar features, but they also have features that are unique to each cooler and a lot of price differences. Two great examples are from the Igloo Sportsman Series. Here is an Igloo Sportsman Series 40 & 55q cooler review for you to take a look at these two popular coolers.

Our Igloo Sportsman Series Ice Challenge Results

Top: Igloo 40 Q Vs Igloo 55Q Bottom: Grizzly 40 Q, Yeti Tundra 45

Top: Igloo 40 Q Vs Igloo 55Q Bottom: Grizzly 40 Q, Yeti Tundra 45

In addition to our Five Day Ice Challenge, where we tested all the name brand coolers such as Yeti, Grizzly, and Pelican, we also tested two Igloo Sportsman Series Coolers. We tested the Igloo Sportsman Series 40 Q and 55Q. Why would we test two of the same style and manufacturer coolers? We wanted to confirm if there was a difference in ice retention based on cooler size alone. Here we had two exact same manufacturers and model cooler, the only difference being quart size; a 40 Q Vs a 55Q. After five days there was no noticeable difference in ice retention between the 40Q and 55Q. Furthermore, both coolers held ice on par with a Yeti Tundra 45 and longer than a Grizzly 40Q. The Igloo Sportsman series cooler often comes in at a significant discount compared to a Yeti and Grizzly. Therefore, if you are looking for a good cooler for the money that can hold ice on par with the “name brand” coolers, the Sportsman Series needs a second look. Video comparison at bottom of post.

Why Some Feel the Igloo Sportsman is Best

Igloo Sportsman 40 Q Cooler With all of the name brand coolers on the market today, only one truly stands out as a cooler that has stood the test of time. The Igloo brand cooler has been around much longer than other coolers and it is not something they have stopped working toward. Igloo Coolers is constantly improving their coolers so that they can meet your needs.

For instance, the Igloo Sportsman Coolers 40-quart cooler have several features that make people proud to own them. They have 2 inches of insulation in the lid and 15-20 inches of foam in the body of the cooler. It has a 3-point grab handle that can ensure your comfort when carrying it. There are T-Grip lid latches which make them very secure. You can rest assured when taking this cooler camping as it is certified bear proof, and there is an integrated fish ruler on its lid making it a perfect fishing cooler. If you are hauling it in your truck or on your boat, anti-skid feet will ensure it does not slide around. It also drains easily, so that cleaning is a breeze. This cooler is also large in size, but not in weight at only 23 pounds. More On Igloo 40Q⇒


Igloo 40Q Vs Yeti Tundra 45 After Five Days, Water Drained

Igloo Sportsman 55Q ReviewThe Igloo Sportsman 55 has all of the same features as the Sportsman 40-quart cooler along with aluminum hinges to ensure long lasting durability. However, it clearly states that it can hold ice for at least 7 days, which for some people is unimaginable from an Igloo Coolers brand cooler. It does weigh slightly more than the 40qt Sportsman cooler at 41.95 pounds, but this is mostly due to the fact it is a larger cooler. There is a locking area on it so that you do not have to worry about bears or other wildlife getting into it. It also features raised non-skid feet to further ensure that it stays cool and stable, no matter where you are taking the Igloo Cooler Sportsman. More On Igloo 55Q⇒

Igloo 55Q Vs Yeti Tundra 45 After Five Days, Water Drained

Igloo 55Q Vs Yeti Tundra 45 After Five Days, Water Drained

Igloo Sportsman Price Comparisons

We looked at the cooler prices on Amazon and the Igloo drink coolers we reviewed were substantially less than other coolers of a comparable size. Often, other cooler brands would list approximately the same features as the Igloo bear proof cooler we were reviewing. The biggest difference is that you could find Igloo Coolers for sale and save at least a couple hundred dollars. This clearly made it so that Igloo Coolers would be a better choice price wise, but what about performance?

What Our Igloo Tests Revealed

Igloo 40 Q Cooler ReviewWe then compared Yeti coolers of a comparable size and ice expectancy to the Igloo 5-day cooler. We kept the coolers beside each other and tested them in the same environment. What we found was that an Igloo drink cooler could hold ice for the full maximum ice retention claim that it makes. So, to ensure total accuracy, we then tested it during extremely warm temperatures and the results were still the same. Both brands were able to handle the heat reasonably well and both reached their expectancy of five days and then some.

With that information on hand, we have to say that unless you simply have money to spare or like the name brand coolers for some other reason, you have no reason to spend a fortune. Our Igloo Sportsman 55 review proves that high dollar quality does not have to come with a high dollar price tag, because with it, our ice lasted 5 days when the temperatures were average. Why would you want to spend more than absolutely necessary to get a quality cooler?

Our Igloo Sportsman 40Q Video Review & Ice Challenge Results

Our Igloo Sportsman 55Q Video Review & Ice Challenge Results