Hunting Coolers & Camo Ice Chest Reviews

When hunting, do you really want a cooler that announces you are there by being brightly colored? Most people try to disguise the fact that they are there, but their coolers tend to be bold red, bright blue, or pure white. That will never blend into the natural surroundings that a hunter will be visiting. So why should you continue to give yourself away by waving the “red flag” in front of the animals you hope to target?

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What Makes the Best Hunting Cooler?

When it comes to a good hunting cooler, the quality depends on way more than color. For instance, the best hunting cooler is able to keep ice for an extended period of time. Some rugged, hunting type coolers are able to retain ice for up to two weeks. The features that make this possible is double walled insulation and an airtight seal on the cooler lid. Some coolers have even thicker walls to keep ice cold and may be up to three inches thick.

Durable locks are also important to some hunters and campers if they want to keep wild animals, especially bears, from getting inside of their cooler. Most hunting coolers now are also bear proof coolers. Considering the price of most hunting coolers, most people also want durability and ease of cleaning features included in their cooler.

Some people also enjoy using the waterfowl cooler styles because they have soft sides. A lot of them are camo, which makes them ideal for some hunters, but they are also lightweight and easy to carry. They are less bulky and hold just enough for one person to handle.

What Makes Some Coolers Better?

In order to see what makes some coolers better than others, you should see what other people enjoy about their coolers. This is best done by viewing reviews for various hunting coolers. Below are reviews of the most popular hunting coolers.

Mossy Oak Ultimate Waterfowl Bag

This water resistant waterfowl bag is everything you could want in a cooler and more. It has several exterior pockets for easy access and storage for everything you could need while hunting. It has an adjustable shoulder strap that is padded to help you carry even a full cooler comfortably. Even though it is soft sided, it has a hard shell bottom to give it durability and added moisture protection so that no matter what area of the world you are hunting, fishing, or camping in, the elements will not affect your cooler’s contents. Total it is 11”x13.5”x10” and weighs about 2 pounds when empty. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒

Mossy Oak Waterfowl Cooler Bag

Grizzly Coolers Hunting Cooler

This camo ice chest was designed by Grizzly, a popular brand of active, outdoor coolers. It is a 60 quart cooler that has a large 2 inch drain hole so that cleaning it out is easy. It has non skid rubber feet ensuring that it will never move around when you do not want it to and as with all other Grizzly products, it is made in the USA. Read More Here⇒Grizzly Coolers Hunting Cooler

Igloo RealTree Gripper Cooler Bag

Igloo has been a popular cooler brand for many years. This Igloo camo cooler is proof of why it is such a great name brand. It has a comfort grip handle that is rubberized with a reinforced bottom. Inside you will find two different storage areas. It also has a large front and back pocket for you to put other items that do not need to be chilled. It also has cool vents thanks to a mesh panel that can also hold an ice pack so that you never have to worry about carrying a bag of ice and using up all your internal bag space. Read More Here⇒Igloo Real Tree Soft Sided Hunting Cooler

Igloo RealTree Camo Backpack Cooler

When you want a camo cooler bag like none other, you may find the idea of a cooler backpack to be ideal. This cooler is made of fabric and polyester, but it is fully insulated to keep everything inside of it cold. However, it still has dry places outside of it as well, thanks to the exterior pockets which allow you to hold opened drinks and gear that you need to have within easy reach. It has adjustable straps to ensure shoulder comfort and it can hold up to 18 cans of your favorite beverages. Read More Here⇒Igloo Real Tree Backpack Cooler

Rubbermaid Mossy Oak Ice Chest

With this camo cooler, you have options. You can choose from a variety of sizes and all of them are guaranteed to keep your food and drinks cold. It is made in the USA and it is built to resist odors and stains, no matter what you put inside of it. If you get the 48quart cooler, you can hold up to 68 cans plus all the ice that you could possibly need. However, the best thing about it is that it does have comfort grip handles so that your hands will never have to ache from carrying it around.

Camo Rubbermaid Cooler