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Roto molded coolers, or rotationally molded coolers, are made to keep ice for a very long time, as well as keeping your perishables protected from forest creatures. This is in part due to being constructed with what is known as rotationally molded plastic. The rotomolding procedure ensures that every part of the cooler is made with a continuous thick wall with no imperfections. Furthermore, it can uphold to almost any degree of abuse, including being handled roughly by grizzly bears. Read more about bear proof coolers here.

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Certified Bear Proof
Certified Bear Proof
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Roto Molded Coolers are made to last a lifetime. When manufacturers construct products using rotationally molded plastic, they have the expectation that the product will be the last that the consumer will need to purchase. Made with optimum performance in mind makes them some of the best coolers for sale.

Therefore, it is no surprise that roto molded coolers are certified by such organizations like the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, a group that focuses on products that are aimed at being animal resistance. Also certified coolers are to be made with materials that will not harm the animals if ingested. Roto molded coolers can be used for a number of activities, such as:

What you will find with roto molded coolers that you will not find with your average cooler is sturdiness and durability. Roto molded coolers cost more than your average cooler, but are worth every penny. One important factor to recognize with a roto molded cooler is this: having this type of cooler for your outdoor activity can save you time and money in the long run.

Best Coolers for Keeping Ice

There are no better coolers on the market than roto molded coolers for keeping ice. Ice stored in a roto molded cooler can stay frozen for approximately 3-10 days, depending on the size. Ice retention performance like this lets you keep your drinks cold, but also keep fish or other game from spoiling on your fishing or hunting trip. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whatever extreme weather condition you are in, roto molded coolers will keep your ice frozen for a long period of time. In our experience almost all of these types of coolers can last 5 days. External temperatures play a huge role in ice retentions times, so keep that in mind. Below is two different test we ran. One in December and another in May. The same coolers differed by up to a couple days in their ice retention abilities based on external temps.

Our Five Day Ice Challenge Testing Roto Molded Coolers (December)

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Its also worth noting that size capacity of a coolers plays a huge factor in how long a cooler will hold ice. Our testing revealed that in general a larger cooler (when filled to capacity) will hold ice longer than a smaller cooler. This is NOT always the case as some smaller coolers can outperform some coolers even double or triple their size. However, the take away here is that larger coolers usually will hold ice longer, irrespective of external temperatures. The video below depicts coolers between 40-60Q being tested during the month of May in Florida with external temps into the high 90’s.

Watch: Ultimate Ice Challenge (May)

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High End Coolers Are Roto Molded Coolers:

Roto molded coolers are also known as high end coolers because of their price. They cost much more than what you find with other coolers. However, when you figure that other coolers don’t possess the toughness and durability of a roto molded cooler, it really isn’t hard to figure out why the price tag is higher. While there are coolers on the market that claim that they can keep ice cold for a long time, they are not tested on the same level as roto molded coolers. While a barrel cooler for example may possess a section made for keeping ice cold, its purpose is aesthetic appearance to look nice as an outdoor beverage cooler.

Pelican Roto Molded Cooler Besides the roto molded plastic, roto molded coolers have extra dense insulation and neoprene seals to keep the cold air inside and the warm air out. Most roto molded plastic is UV resistant, so that if you are in the heat for a long time, the sun will not affect the items inside the cooler, especially when compared to a non-roto molded cooler. This also helps to prevent the cooler from warping or becoming brittle over time due to UV exposure. Another feature that makes roto molded coolers animal resistant are the roto molded hinges or heavy-duty latches.

Roto molded coolers are typically rectangularly shaped allowing them to easily fit in the back of a truck or on your boat, while taking up as little space as possible. They also have sure grip rubber feet to make sure that the cooler stays in place, even while the vehicle or boat is moving. These coolers are leak proof, so if it happens to turn over, your interior will not suffer moisture damage.

PelicanHandleIn addition to the heavier price tag, roto molded coolers typically weigh more. This is why a large number of them come equipped with a rope handle for easy transportation. It also helps with lifting the cooler from the back of a vehicle or boat to land. While roto molded coolers are expensive, some manufacturers costs more than others. To find the roto molded cooler that will work for you, you need to think about what you will need the cooler for and how much you are willing to spend. You also need to consider how much usage the cooler will get. If you are an outdoor aficionado that hunts and fish almost every week, then a roto molded cooler is certainly for you. Here are reviews of our favorite High End Roto Molded Coolers: