Floating Cooler For River or Pool

Choosing the Right Floating Cooler for River Fun

Summer time means fun and time on the water for many people. It also means hot, which is why summer and water are usually combined thoughts. Before you head out to the river this summer, why not consider getting a floating cooler for river fun?

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Big Bobber
Big Bobber Floating Cooler
GoPong Rack
Go Pong Floating Cooler Raft
Kelsyus Swimways
Intex MegaChill





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What Are Floating Coolers?

A floating cooler is simply a cooler that can float on the water along with you. This gives you easy access to snacks and drinks while you are tubing down the river, swimming at the sandbar, or doing any other kind of water activity to eliminate the summer’s heat. It is also a cooler that if you are on your boat and it falls overboard, you will not have to worry about losing all of your drinks.

What Would You Use A Floating Cooler For?

Most people use their floating coolers as a floating bar. They may put drinks for their children and more adult beverages for the grown-ups. You can put anything into it that you would put into a regular land cooler. It simply will not sink if it gets wet, even if you have a bag of ice and all of your snacks and sodas in it.

A floating ice chest is ideal for any situation that involves water and summer fun. They are very popular with tubing adventures because a floating cooler is easier to manage than securing a cooler inside of another float. There is virtually no chance of it tipping over and spilling out, whereas a tube that has the weight of a cooler on it, may do so.

Which Type of Floating Cooler Do You Need?

Some people also want a floating cooler for their swimming pool. It is a great way to keep your beverages close so that every time you want a beer you do not have to leave your friends sitting in the pool waiting on you to return. However, when choosing a floating cooler, you do need to keep in mind that there are two different types of floating cooler.

One is created for heavy duty uses, such as the river or the beach. These coolers are often made a little more solid. They are often made in the same way as a roto molded cooler, but they have a float or a large base on them to increase their ability to stay upright while floating on water.

The other type of cooler is typically going to be a blow up style float and a cooler that sits on top of it. These coolers are not designed to hold a lot of weight because it is assumed you will not be floating down stream, five miles from your car when you use them. They are not able to handle waves as well as other floating coolers.

Perhaps to gain a better understanding of what you need in a floating cooler, you should look at some of the more popular cooler choices. This will point you in the right direction so that you know what is available and what type of situation they are most able to handle.

Reviews of Popular Floating Cooler for River Reviews

Big Bobber Floating CoolerBig Bobber Floating Cooler

This big bobber cooler has an easy to carry handle built into it to ensure easy portability whether you are on the water or just getting to the river. It is also lightweight at only 4.9 pounds and created in the USA with high quality material. The coolest part about it is the fact that it looks like a very large bobber, but it holds up to 12 cans of your favorite beverage as well as enough ice to keep your drinks nice and cool. Read Owner Reviews⇒

GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong SetGo Pong Floating Cooler Raft

This fun little set turns your pool into a place that is even more fun. With it you can challenge all your pool buddies to an exciting game of beer pong. The set comes with two floating rafts that can hold six cups each and three balls. If you are unsure of how to play beer pong, instructions are also included within the set. You can use empty cups when playing the game or use it as a floating drink holder. No matter which way you choose to use it, it is certainly going to add a little more fun to your swimming pool. More On GoPong⇒

GoPong Floating River Raft

Kelsyus Floating Cooler

Kelsyus Floating Cooler This floating cooler is insulated and also has six numbered cup holders around the cooler’s base. The labeled holes ensure that no matter which way the cooler gets turned, everyone will know which drink is theirs. The cooler is large enough to hold 18 cans of beer or soda without ice. If you want ice to keep them cold longer, you can still carry 12 cans. It also has a zippered lid to keep it closed when you are not getting a new drink out of the cooler. When it comes time for you to return home, cleaning out the cooler is a breeze. Simply pull out the liner and then fold it up. You can then put it into a convenient carrying case. See the Carrying Case Here⇒

GoPong Pool Party Barge

Go Pong Floating Raft Cooler This floating beer pong table has everything you could possibly want in your pool. It is a 6 feet long floating beer cooler that doubles as a fun to play beer pong float. You can play the game and take aim at 10 cups set on each end of the pong table. There is a cooler for your drinks or ice in the middle of the barge and cup holders for your beverage of choice scattered down each of the sides. The cooler is large enough to hold 18 cans of beer or soda with ice to keep them cool while you party and play with your friends. More On Go Pong⇒

Intex Mega Chill II

IntextMegaChillThis very large floating raft can hold a cooler that can carry up to 72 cans of beer or soda as well as enough ice to keep everything cold. You can use any cooler up to a 48 quart cooler, even your favorite yeti or grizzly cooler. It also has 6 cup holders on each end of the raft and 4 heavy duty handles to make enjoying the water easier on everyone. It comes with a repair patch in case you damage the inflatable raft. Read More Here⇒