Corona Beer Cooler Review

Pros of the Corona Beer Cooler

  • Novelty

CoronaNoveltyCoolerFor those that like to enjoy their frequent Corona & Lime, this cooler is definitely a novelty of sorts. Because it has a built in bottle opener (and we all know how handy that is for a Corona beer) it is the perfect accessory for those higher class beer drinkers. You know, the type that drink “non-twist-off” cap beers…..

  • Durable

Made of stainless steel, beer and soda stays ice cold even in extreme heat. You simply have to make sure to shut the lid properly and you can guarantee your drinks as cold as if it came from your fridge at home.

  • Ice Retention

Ice Retention is commendable, plus the cooler is portable at 65 pounds. You can keep as many as 85 cans of beers or sodas inside. The design is indeed good for having ultimate outdoor coolness. This works as a great patio or outdoor bar cooler.

Corona Stainless Steel Cooler

Corona Beer Cooler

Considering this cooler is manufactured by Coleman (one of our top rated cooler manufacturers) it’s no surprise its superior quality. It also comes with a built in bottle opener which is the ultimate accessory when purchasing a beer cooler. The solid latch makes carrying of the cooler and moving it around hassle-free. This is the perfect item for all beer lovers, especially those that like to have a frequent Corona.

When it comes to durability, it seems that this can stand the test of time. The strong make and rugged design can definitely survive years of use. As long as you see to it the latch is properly shut, that seems to guarantee maximum ice retention. This product is highly recommend to friends and coworkers.  Read Corona Beer Cooler Owner Reviews⇒

Corona Beer Cooler Accessories

Corona Extra Beer Neon Light Sign

Corona Beer Cooler AccessoriesNow, while you’re at it, you might also consider a few other Corona products. These products will work well along side your new Corona Beer Cooler. This is one great bar accessory, the Neon Sign.

This comes with a grid and gauge to assist you in mounting on the wall. This great work of art can even be mounted on your window to be lit up at night. So long as the light is mounted somewhere that it will not be exposed to the rain and excessive moisture for that matter, this neon sign will last for quite some time.


Corona Rita Drink Clips

You’ve probably seen these gems at restaurants as they are the perfect complement for Margarita Glasses. This comes in packages of 6 so you will have enough to use when you are in the mood for entertaining. These little treasures are party favorite!

These are great drinking party favors that will suit the mood of all party goers. Your summer parties will be perfect with these accessories. In fact, this is the same clip used in world class bars and cocktails so you now can have the fancy cocktails you’re used to getting in the restaurant at home. Make a splash at your next party with these Corona Rita Drink Clips.

Corona Rita Drink Clips