Coolers With Speakers & Cooler Radios

Coolers with speakers are a one-of-a-kind gadget. Compact and portable, they are the ideal accessory for days at the beach, camping, backyard barbecues, and picnics. Not only will they hold your beverages and keep them cold during your event, but you and your friends and family members can enjoy your favorite music via an on board radio or speakers.

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Owning a cooler with speakers can save money as you don’t have to purchase a radio sound system and a cooler separately. Additionally, it is very user friendly. To listen to music through the speakers, all you have to do is plug in your MP3 player or mobile device and you are good to go.

As with any product, the features vary on coolers with speakers according to the price. There are those that come with amenities like bass control, AM/FM radio, and portable wheels. For these features, the price will be higher than those of others with fewer features. The cool thing about coolers with speakers is that there is one for you, regardless of which type you are looking for. Not looking for a radio cooler instead a traditional ice chest? Check our reviews here.

There are coolers with speakers that are constructed into a backpack or tote bag. If you will be in the pool for the day, you should consider buying a floating cooler with speakers. Whatever good time you plan on having, coolers with speakers are the perfect companion.

Coolers With Speakers

Coolers with speakers are small and compact, and they have to be portable. This could be that the cooler with speaker comes with wheels or foldable. As far as height and width, they typically run from 20’ to 33’ inches, depending on whether the cooler with speakers is on folding legs. In addition, there are coolers with speakers that are backpacks and tote bags. Most, however, are shaped like a regular cooler and have rectangular shape.

The average weight for coolers with speakers is from 1 to 15 lbs. The weight of the cooler with speaker increases according to how many features it contains. For example, the ones with wheels, handles, and can hold a huge number of drinks will be heavier than the ones that don’t have any of these amenities. These larger coolers may be better situated as an outdoor and patio cooler.

Who Would Benefit from a Cooler Radio?

Individuals that would benefit from owning coolers from speakers are those that do a lot of outdoor activities or entertaining. It can save you money by not having to spend money on speakers for music. Serving as a cooler, it will keep refreshments cold during your event or gathering, and will keep people from going in and out of your refrigerator, which saves on your energy bill.

If you plan on spending a nice summer day at the park with someone special, a backpack or tote bag cooler with speaker will serve you well. It can hold your water and drinks, food/snacks, as well as serve as musical entertainment for you and your companion.


Another great idea for coolers with speakers is long road trip with your family. Packing ice, drinks, and food into the cooler with speaker can save you from stopping for food and drinks during your travel and can save you money and time. Moreover, you keep your children occupied with an audiobook while you focus on driving. More On The Backpack Radio Cooler⇒

Why Is A Cooler Radio A Good Purchase?

Coolers with speakers are a good purchase for everyone. It is ideal to have one because at some point, everyone will partake in some sort of outdoor activity, whether it be by yourself, with a friend/special someone, or family get together/friends night out. Regardless, it is a great product to own. It will save you money and time in the long run when you need a way to keep the beverages cold and the music loud.

The best thing about coolers with speakers is that they are inexpensive. The price runs from $24 – $60. There are those that are more expensive. However, they will benefit you if you are entertaining a huge group and need big cooler. If you do not need to keep 58 cans cold for a long period of time, you can save your money and get a smaller cooler with speakers.

Picnic Plus Cooler Radio

One example of a more expensive cooler with speakers is the Picnic Plus Cooler Radio. This product features sturdy wheels, a pulley handle, two-speaker console with MP3 connection. It holds ice, 60 beverage cans, as well as 2-liter bottles upright. There are a number of exterior pockets that hold napkins, sunscreen, cutlery, and plates. This is the one to have if you are entertaining a large group, such as a family gathering in the park/backyard or a marshmallow roast for you and your friends. More On Picnic Plus⇒Picnic Plus Cooler Radio


Picnic Plus Cooladio Tub Cooler

Another popular cooler with speakers is the Picnic Plus Cooladio Tub Cooler. This one is portable as well as collapsible. It comes with a stand for the cooler with speakers to sit on, and it is easy to assemble. It is a huge seller because not only does it keeps up to 72 cans cold and holds ice, it also possesses a leak-proof lining and has a drain plug. Additionally, it comes with a carry bag and amplifier. More On Picnic Plus⇒

Cool Tub With Speakers

This cooler with speakers works for those that are entertaining a large group similar to a barrel cooler. The drinks will be kept cold and the students can listen to their favorite artists. If your social group is having a picnic, then think about purchasing this cooler with speakers.

Coolers with speakers are great products to own for everyone. They can keep drinks cold and save money on buying drinks which is a great for anyone who wants to save money. If you are planning a party and want to keep the cost down, then buying a cooler with speakers to keep drinks cold and guests out of your kitchen is the way to go.