Coolers Like Yeti

Yeti is a cooler that stands out from other coolers. When you see the Yeti name on a cooler you know immediately that the owner chose a quality product. They are coolers that many of us wish we could own, but there are still some people who would not want to consider owning one of these coolers and instead prefer to own a Yeti cooler alternative. Why the debate? What makes one cooler better than another and why do some people love or hate them? What is the big deal when it comes to coolers like Yeti?

Why People Want Yeti

Yeti Coolers Vs PelicanIn 2006, the company Yeti was founded. It was a dream for the founders that they would build a cooler that would be usable in everyday situations. They wanted to build a cooler that would last longer than a single season. According to most people, Yeti coolers are extremely popular because they are well-built and they can hold ice for many days at a time. They come in a variety of sizes and they make coolers that can stay cold in even the most extreme temperatures. These coolers are mostly American made (some from the Philippines) and come with a 5 year warranty to protect you from defects.

Why People Prefer Other Brands, Pelican, Grizzly etc.

The main reason people would rather have some other high end roto-molded cooler is the price. Yeti’s are expensive. There are other high-end coolers that offer the same ice retention as a Yeti for half the price. For instance, if you compare Pelican vs Yeti, you can get a 65 quart cooler from Pelican for around $289, but with a Yeti name on it, you will pay closer to $400. An Orca cooler is about the same price as the Pelican. The Grizzly cooler is between the Pelican and Yeti in price. The takeaway being, the Yeti is the most expensive. You may find our head to head comparisons helpful below:YetivsGrizzly

Grizzly Coolers Vs Yeti⇒

Pelican Coolers Vs Yeti⇒

K2 Coolers Vs Yeti⇒

Engel Coolers Vs Yeti⇒

Another reason people prefer other brands is the warranty. In the warranty battle between Grizzly vs. Yeti, Grizzly wins hands down because it offers a lifetime warranty. However, in our Five Day Ice Challenge the Yeti Tundra held ice longer than the Grizzly 40 Q. The same cannot be said for Pelican coolers and Orca coolers, they held ice significantly longer than the Yeti Tundra. View the full Five day Ice Challenge below:

Which Do You Prefer Yeti? Or Another?

If you want a product that is more affordable, you may want to consider Orca. In the battle between Orca vs Yeti, you will find that they are comparable in all ways, even down to the simple fact that they are both American made. The only true difference is that the Orca is more affordable. As one can see, the main difference between these coolers is the price. All of these coolers promise maximum ice retention and longevity of the product. Some may want nothing but a Yeti for their name and reputation, and others may want anything but a Yeti.