Coleman Steel Belted Review

Coleman coolers are synonymous to outdoor BBQs and patio grill parties. When it comes to refreshment drinks like ice cold sodas and beer, Coleman remains the top notch cooler throughout time. With consistent demand, Coleman introduced the latest steel ice chest innovation to the market. To this date, the Coleman 54-Quart Cooler with Steel Belt remains the one of the best sellers on the list.


Coleman Steel Belted Product Description

A genuine art craft engineered with full steel base and lid covered with assorted colored plastic, the Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler has 85 can loading capacity. It is made with sturdy stainless steel handles molded with rubber grips for ease and comfort during transportation secured with a solid steel latch, rust-resistant hinges, and screws which make this Coleman Cooler undeniably strong.

About Classic Coleman

Coleman Steel Coolers were originally manufactured in 1954 attesting to its 60- years in gear business. The steel belted cooler is the American camping classic. Camping and picnics may not be as fun without the Coleman coolers on the trunk. This cooler is back with latest features and innovations to keep ice up to 3 days even in high temperatures.

Coleman Steel Belted Specifications and Features

A 54 quart capacity Coleman is large enough to keep 85 cans cool and insulated for hours. Its construction is of real strength with the solid steel latch to keep the lid secured. You’ll never have to worry about rust or breakage because this cooler’s hinges and screws are fully made of stainless steel as well. The high-quality handles ensure ease in transport whether you need to carry, lift or bring the fully-loaded cooler somewhere. Also, it has a leak-resistant channel which seals the unit from any leaks at the same time allows you to empty water without tilting it.

The Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler is best for outdoor activities, family outings and camping trips. In all, this item has 51.1 liter or 54 quarts gear capacity coming at 24.5 (L) x 16.75 (W) x 16.23 (H) inches dimensions at 20 pounds and 4-ounces weight.

You don’t need to worry just in case you’d lose or break any of the Coleman’s crucial parts after using it over the years because spare parts are also widely available on the market. This means that you don’t need to buy the entire unit again. For future purposes, take note of the parts against the model codes below:

Handle Latch: 6155-5121

Cam Latch: 6155-5441

Lid assembly with Handle Latch: 6155-6641

Hinge Package: 6155-5741; 2 stainless steel hinges and 8 screws at 2000-2 inches in height by 2 1/8 width

Drain Assembly: 5214B5111; black with 1 1/6 inch drain nut

Tray: 5294-1171

Note: Replacement parts are only intended specifically for the 54-quart Coleman coolers. Using non-approved parts can result in low performance and damage to the cooler.

>>>Available in Multiple Colors<<<


Coleman Steel Belted Red CoolerDurable- Its construction makes the Coleman 54 Quart cooler virtually indestructible whether you sit on its lid assembly or bring it through rugged situations on long road journeys, boating or any kind of outdoor activity.

A client shared his amazing Coleman experience giving a rating of 5 stars to this item when he unbelievably witnessed the Coleman cooler intact after his car caught on fire. He was astonished to see that the ice remained inside when they opened the ice chest.

Affordable- Coleman is 100% the most affordable quality cooler on the market, in our opinion. Plus, the product is often on a deep discount and normally will include free shipping.

Competitive Ice-Retention Capacity- Tested with other expensive cooler brands, the 54 quarts cooler shows impressive ice-retention performance with ice bags lasting about 3 full days.

No Need for Electricity Source- The greatest advantage of any ice coolers is it doesn’t require any energy source to keep your stuff cool and fresh. It’s like bringing a backpack fridge on your backseat with being a 12V cooler.


Ice Doesn’t Last for Five to Seven Days- If you’re planning for a weeklong trip, you can’t expect the ice inside this cooler to stay intact. Nonetheless, it’s a good investment though if you don’t have issues refilling the ice again.

Food may be Soaked with Water- Remember to seal your items carefully to avoid soaking the food with logged water inside the chest.

Plastic Parts- Plastics are lightweight yet you can’t expect it to last really long. Plastic parts of the cooler including the drain plugs, hinges and handles may break in time. However, you can always purchase spare parts from any Coleman distributors and stores.

Why Buy the Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler? 

colemansilverColeman coolers are one of the best rated coolers on sale. This ice chest cooler comes with patented polystyrene beads, fiberglass or urethane insulators. The quality of its plastic materials are greatly innovated and improved to resist scratches and discoloration. It comes with easy to carry heavy-duty handles perfect for travelers looking for convenience.

Consumers speak about its performance. If you try to surf the forums, discussion threads, reviews from the most reliable online merchant sites, you’ll see theat this product is indeed reliable in terms of performance and quality giving above average rating on customer satisfaction.

Who Should Buy The Coleman?

It’s great for parties and gatherings whether you wish to celebrate in your home or stay outdoors. If you wish to bring foods and beverages on your road trips, you have to bring with you this Coleman cooler. It’s not too bulky and heavy. So, if you want to ensure that your family takes in nutritious snack and meals, it’s wise to cook your own food without worrying about its freshness. You’ll never go wrong in choosing the Coleman 54 quarts cooler. This product is very affordable too yet it the quality and performance is never compromised.

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