Coleman Marine Cooler

Whenever you plan for a great party or wish to head out to adventure trips, the journey will never be complete without cool refreshments and cold drinks. For this, the Coleman 100 quart Marine Cooler will surely save your day.

Serving their clients over a century since 1900’s, Coleman is renowned for their own trademark and creations especially when it comes to the best coolers. Proven and tested through the years, Coleman customers speak for the quality and durability of cooler products.

Coleman Marine Cooler Product Description

The Coleman 100-Quart cooler offers 5-day non-stop freshness and cold refreshment; crafted to suit adventure outings capable of holding up to 130 cans of 12 ounce drinks. Coleman boasts the unique antimicrobial liner feature which resists bacterial growth. Each unit is made to withstand pressures and ease in lifting with its stainless steel hardware construction, large grip handles and lid cable strap.

Coleman 100 White Extreme Marine Cooler On Sale

Coleman Marine Cooler Technical Specifications and Features

Cooling Technology

The king of coolers has finally arrived in the market. The party Coleman coolers offer 5-days uninterrupted social trips at 90 degrees Fahrenheit equivalent to 32.22 degrees Centigrade giving you immense opportunity to stay back wherever you are and enjoy.

Insulation Capacity

Lovers of the environment will surely pick Coleman with its ThermOzone feature. Say no to CFCs, HFCs and anything that will harm the ozone.

Versatile Partner

Be it for pool parties, on road trips or simply to earn a living, Coleman coolers certainly perform at their best. It comes with 2-way handles and weighing a little light compared to contenders at 16.38 pounds. It’s durable, although a little bulky for some.

Size and Design

Coleman coolers are also modestly designed to suit the taste of the modern market; not merely for aesthetic purposes like a barrel cooler but to serve their purpose.

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Product Dimensions and other Info

Coleman Cooler 100 quarts in inches: 36.25 (L) x 18.5 (W) x 16.88 (H)

Manufactured in USA

Available Colors: White, Blue

Shipping Weight: 21.85 pounds

Average Rating on reviews: 93% of users recommend Coleman to friends with average 4.5 stars in terms of value and meeting the consumers’ expectations.

Why Consumers Love it?


Bring it on! Add the Coleman 100 quarts to you collection of outdoor gear and experience for yourself the numerous benefits in using a Coleman cooler. It is capable of holding 130 cans of assorted refreshment drinks at a height of a 2 liter bottle in an upright position. It comes with a rustproof and leak resistant drain that marks real meaning of convenience.

By adding few dollars in the way of a cooler investment over the conventional cheap cooler types, Coleman is a name worth spending on because you will surely save a lot in buying packs of ice along the way. Whether you’d like to maintain the coolness of soda drinks or bring raw meat for the grill party, you’ll never have to worry about freshness with the Coleman cooler.

No adlibs, just the truth, Coleman stands for what it speaks about; the products as advertised. One happy consumer boasts that they had a camping trip for 5 days at 90 to 95 degree weather yet they never went short on cold refreshments until the day they left. Sold for less than a hundred bucks, certainly, Coleman coolers remain the best quality coolers to purchase under $100 category.

In all, consumers are happy with this cooler in terms of durability, easy drainage system, capacity and good hand grip for transport. The product can retain cooling temperature without giving off plastic taste to stored items inside.

Not So Alluring Comments – The Fallback

Amazingly, Coleman Coolers got a very satisfactory rating in all consumer online sites at an average of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. Very few consumers gave less than the average ratings due to some isolated issues on the parts like failing screws. Although there are other items that give better performance, you can’t find anything like Coleman cooler features at less than $100.

Why Should You Buy The Coleman Marine?

There are numerous reasons why investing in a Coleman cooler is worth it. Foremost is its cooling properties and large capacity. Coleman can store the ice for five days. Next is all about convenience. You don’t need to worry, should you need to carry the cooler around. It comes with a sturdy and comfortable with two handles for easy transport. No need to tilt the cooler whenever you need to drain liquids from it. The cooler is engineered with an easy channel drain. Do you need more drinks? Bring it on and let it cool inside the 100 quart Coleman Cooler. It keeps your refreshment cool around five days and for sure it can accommodate lots of it goods for five days too.

Who Should Buy The Coleman Marine?

If you’re a serious party pal hosting patio parties or an adventure lover you’ll have to take hold of the Coleman Extreme Marine Cooler. For someone who is after quality and quantity, Coleman coolers are the right answer. Gone were the days of outdated coolers which can only offer hours of cool refreshing drinks. Here comes the latest technology innovations which bring little fridge to camps. Men and women who seeks to relax away from the stressful events from work, home and school may like to bring the Coleman cooler inside the trunk or backseat and along for any trip.

Coleman 100 Quart Cooler is highly recommended for backcountry camping, day tours, beach parties and river trips. Otherwise, you can enjoy chilling with friends on a long on road or off road rides.

Enjoy Lasting Performance

Proper care and usage lets you enjoy the maximum performance of Coleman coolers. Keep the cooler in shady areas away from direct heat or sun exposure. Chill the items first before placing it inside the cooler. Be sure to mat the ice at the base and around the beverages. Dry ice helps keep the food at a frozen state. And most of all, keep the lids close. Read More Owner Reviews⇒