Canyon Coolers Review

In the past, everyone felt that a Grizzly or a Yeti cooler were the only high end cooler that could keep up with the active outdoor lifestyle. The introduction of Canyon may change all of that. Are they a better deal? You may be surprised to find out that Canyon coolers held ice significantly better than a Yeti Tundra in our Five Day Ice Challenge. Often found at $100 or more of a discount compared to a Yeti, Canyon coolers needs to be considered before your next cooler purchase. Canyon Coolers

About Canyon Coolers

The Canyon ice chest is American made in Flagstaff, Arizona. Since March 2008, it has been a company that is dedicated to providing quality coolers to professional outfitters. In more recent times, their coolers have undergone a makeover to appeal to other outdoorsmen. It is a family owned and operated business that has earned the Great Buy Award for providing the amount of quality they do. Most coolers are backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and cooler durability, no matter what type of outdoor adventure you may be planning to enjoy.

How Does Canyon Performance Measure Up?

Canyon 35Q Vs Yeti Tundra 45 Vs Engel Deep Blue 50 Q After Five Days

Canyon 35Q Vs Yeti Tundra 45 Vs Engel Deep Blue 50 Q After Five Days

To see just how long these coolers could maintain ice we conducted our own ice retention test. We tested all the top names in the cooler industry under moderate use for 5 days. By moderate use we mean opening the coolers three times a day to shift the beverages inside from top to bottom and vice versa, as well as leaving the coolers outside in the warm Florida sun. All coolers were pre-chilled for 24 hours to ensure optimum performance (a suggestion by Canyon Coolers themselves). Lastly, all coolers were filled to capacity with ice and the six beverages. Much to our surprise the Canyon Outfitter Series 35 Q cooler was one of the best performing coolers in the test. Ironically enough it was one of the best value coolers in the test. The Canyon was one of the smallest coolers in the test and held ice amongst the best. As you can see, the Canyon held ice for 5 days with ease. If we had to make a rough guess, the Canyon 35 would have lasted another 2-3 days for a total of 7-8 days of moderate use when filled to capacity with ice. See the full video review below.

Canyon Coolers Video Review- Ice Retention Results

Canyon Coolers for Sale

CanyonFishingWith only a glance through the Canyon coolers website, you can see a variety of coolers available. They have different sizes and different options. There are fishing companion coolers that offer you a place to put not only your favorite beverages, but your fishing poles and other necessities. It even has a light inside of the cooler so that when you are fishing in the dark. This cooler is only covered by a full no hassle warranty for 4 years.

If you are looking for an even cheaper option for a dependable cooler, Canyon has a “boneyard” where they sell coolers that have been repaired or returned. Even these coolers have a guarantee on them, but it is only for 3 years of functional use. This means that the cooler you purchase may have scratches and flaws, but it will be up the Canyon standards regarding quality.

Canyon Outfitter 22 vs Yeti Roadie

Canyon Coolers Outfitter 22The Outfitter 22 offers 21.13 quarts of interior space, whereas a comparable cooler by Yeti offers only 20.8 quarts of interior space. The Canyon comes with a premium seal and it is 11.1 pounds when empty. The Yeti offers a Hycar Wiper Seal, a drain plug, and weighs in at 15 pounds. The Outfitter comes with a lifetime warranty whereas the Yeti is covered for only 5 years and it is a limited warranty. When it comes to price, you are looking at roughly $140 dollars for the Canyon versus about $250 for the Yeti. They both feature easy carry handles and secure latches, but the Canyon’s latches are recessed and the carrying handle is able to fit comfortably over your shoulder. Read More Here⇒

Outfitter 35 vs Yeti 45 Series

Canyon Ice Chest 35The major differences that set these two coolers apart is that the Canyon offers a No-Lose drain plug, the lifetime warranty, and walls that are a full 2.7 inches thick. The Yeti features a quick twist drain plug, a five year limited warranty, and walls that are 2 inches thick. The Canyon uses a Silicone Wiper Seal and will cost you approximately $240 whereas the Yeti provides a Hycar Wiper Seal and could cost you $320 at least. Read More On Canyon 35 Here⇒

Outfitter 50 vs Yeti 50

Canyon Coolers For SaleThe Canyon 54qt cooler can hold ice up to 14 days (well over 5 days in our test), thanks to the Neoprene foam rubber seal. It weighs only 25 pounds when empty, features nonskid feet, has recessed handles, and the lose-free, leak-free, drain plug. It will cost you nearly $290 to own it. The Yeti Tundra 50 weighs in at 32.8 pounds and can be purchased for about $481, and you still do not get the extended warranty. Read More On Outfitter 50 Here⇒

Canyon versus Grizzly

Grizzly offers a lifetime warranty on their coolers, the same as Canyon Coolers. Their coolers are slightly more expensive than Canyon. Both are bear proof and easy to deal with. Reliable locks, excellent ice retention, and more prove that the choice between these two coolers is based simply on personal preferences.

Canyon 125 Q Cooler

Canyon, A Great Performing Value Cooler

As we have stated, Canyon is a terrific buy for the money. You are definitely getting the “best bang for your buck,” with a Canyon. Many may be reluctant to buy a cheaper priced cooler in fear that it is an inferior product. However, as a result of our five day ice challenge, the Canyon can definitely hang with the Yeti, Grizzly and Pelican coolers of the world.