Brute Box Outdoor Ice Chest Cooler Review

The Brute Box cooler promises to be comparable to other high end, quality coolers, but does it truly meet your expectations? Read below to find out before you purchase.

What Makes Brute Box Coolers Great?

A Brute ice chest comes with a lifetime warranty and it is made in the USA. It is filled with pressure injected insulation to give you the maximum amount of ice retention available. These coolers give you a rubber, leak proof, tight seal around the lid, drain plugs to make cleaning and draining easier on you, and rubber latches which utilize a cantilever hinge system.Brute Box Outdoors CoolerThese coolers are built to be durable, no matter what adventure you are planning. They are strong enough to hold a persons bodyweight if you need to sit or stand on it, but they are still lighter weight than many other cooler brands of a comparable size.

How Does Brute Outdoors Compare To Yeti or Grizzly?

Brute Outdoors Ice Chest ReviewIf you are wondering how Brute coolers compare against other high end coolers, such as Yeti or Grizzly, then look no further. Not only do they all have different price ranges, but they have a variety of other differences as well.

Some say that if you take a Brute outdoor cooler and compare it to a Yeti, you will find that the Brute is easier to carry thanks to rope handles and built in handles. The Brute also has more interior area than the Yeti, due to a difference in insulation technologies used. Brute is made in the USA, Yeti is partially made in the USA using parts from the Philippines. The Brute also has built in rulers on the larger coolers and dual drain plugs, which Yeti’s may not have.

As to how it compares to Grizzly coolers, most people feel that the main difference are the aesthetic features. For instance, some people will like the color of one versus the color of the other. Some say that the latch is better on the Grizzly cooler because it fits flush against the cooler.

In short, deciding which is best, will most likely boil down to how much you want to spend and what features you find most appealing to you.

Brute Outdoors Company Information

The Brute outdoor cooler has recently undergone a makeover, which includes a new name, but maintains the same quality and durability as it has always been known for. They are now Bison Coolers. They still offer the same ice retention of other Brute outdoors coolers. They are professional grade coolers, which are made in Fort Worth, Texas, where outdoor lovers enjoy living life, fishing, camping, tailgating, and more.

Brute Outdoors Ice Chest

With these coolers, it is all about you. If you want a cooler that is truly unique to you, there are ways to accessorize your cooler and lid graphics that you can have put on them. To ensure that they are of high quality and enjoyable by their target buyer, these coolers are independently tested. Of all the people, whether they are professional chefs, barbeque pit masters, fishermen, hunters, or other hobbyist, all agree that these coolers perform great and the extended warranty backs up the quality. Read More Owner Reviews Here⇒