Black Rock Coolers Review

Black Rock Coolers are rugged coolers that can keep up with you regardless of whether you are camping the forest or hanging out at the beach, fishing or hunting. You can take the smaller coolers with you on any adventure that you do not require a lot of cold cuts or beverages. The larger coolers are designed to hold enough food and drink for days out in the wild.

Black Rock Coolers Features

Black Rock CoolersBlack Rock Coolers are designed by one of the best rotomolded cooler manufacturers around and for this reason, you get a full three-year warranty with purchase. That should give you some peace of mind that your buying a quality, well-backed cooler. This cooler uses high-density foam throughout the entire cooler. The lid, sides, and bottom are all filled to keep the warm air out and the cool air in. To further protect your items, it is certified bear resistant and rubber T-grip latches to ensure it stays tightly closed. There is also a freezer-style gasket that covers the entire rim of the cooler.

Also present is a removable wire rack to keep your beverages separate from your dry goods in an effort to prevent them from becoming soggy. Rotomolded hand holds and plastic handles offers two ways to carry.

As with all coolers, there will at some point be water inside of it. When it is time to drain your Black Rock Cooler, you can take advantage of the easy to use marine grade drain plug. It is built into the cooler and within easy reach.Black Rock Coolers With Tray

The exterior of this cooler is gray and white speckled and you do not have to worry about stains. The whole cooler, inside and out, is made using stain resistant color and texture. This means that your new cooler will look new for many years with minimal care.
Black Rock 110 Cooler

What Options Are Available in Black Rock Expedition Coolers?

With Black Rock coolers you may not get a lot of colors to choose from, but this does not mean that you have limited options. One of the first things you will have to decide is how large of a cooler do you really want. The 45 is one of the most popular Expedition coolers, but there are coolers that are much larger. If you only need a little more space, you can choose the 60 quarts. Both the 45 and the 60 quart are square built coolers. If you want to spread out your items a little more, you can choose a rectangle 55L, 70L, 90L, 110L, and even a supersized 150L Expedition cooler. Regardless of which cooler shape or size you choose to make yours, you will get the wire basket as a bonus item and if you are concerned about price, you do not need to. All of these coolers are among the most reasonably priced, high end coolers available.

If you are still not sure that the Black Rock Expedition coolers are what you have been searching for, you should consider taking a look at our video review of them. We will show you all of the features and you can decide if it is worth it for yourself.