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When it comes to lunch time, do you have a way to keep your drink cold and your food fresh? Do you feel like a child going off to work with a goofy little lunch box in hand? If so, perhaps it is time to discover a new way to make lunch more enjoyable (and less embarrassing). There are personal coolers for you to consider and they are usable for much more than taking lunch along with you. Here are some of the best personal small coolers available and why you may want to consider making one your own.

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Coleman Personal Cooler
Rubbermaid Small Personal Cooler
Playmate Small Personal Cooler
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What Makes a Good Personal Cooler?

Picnic Time Insulated CoolerThis type of cooler is small enough to handle comfortably. They often have soft sides on them and a shoulder strap for easy transport. Read more about our soft sided coolers here. Some may also have a handle on the top, which you can carry by hand, or some might be an insulated backpack cooler. Soft sided coolers stay closed by using a zipper and hard sided personal coolers have a plastic locking lid in most cases. They are able to keep your items cold for a day or two.

Often these coolers are available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. There are different styles and each cooler manufacturer will add their own unique touches to the cooler. Most of the time, these small coolers are able to hold only a few canned drinks. Some may be able to carry a six pack.

People may use them for their daily lunch, a car ride, a trip to the beach or the lake, and even trips to the grocery store. Soft sided coolers may look small, but expand to hold more. What will you use your personal cooler for? Do you want a soft sided cooler or do you prefer something a little more solid? The choice is yours. However, before you decide, perhaps you should consider what others consider the best small beer cooler available.

Best Personal Cooler

Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler

This small cooler can hold up to 6 cans of soda or beer. It has a wide bottom for stability and a comfortable handle for you to hold onto. The FlipLid top though is what truly sets it apart from other coolers. The lid itself is reversible so that it can be used as a serving tray, which also includes molded can holders so that when it is time to eat, you can eat worry free regardless of where you are. It is available in two colors, either blue or red. Read More Here⇒Coleman Personal Cooler

Rubbermaid 10Qt Personal Ice Chest Cooler

This is the best small ice chest cooler if you want a personal cooler that can hold more. You can carry up to 12 cans as well as ice. It has the ability to keep food and drinks cold thanks to the superior thermal retention. It has a durable handle that swings on the top. It is easy to clean and able to resist stains and odors. You can choose from blue or red and then enjoy having a cold one. Check Pricing & Availability Here⇒Rubbermaid Small Personal Cooler

Igloo 14.8Qt Playmate Cooler

Playmate Small Personal CoolerThis small Igloo cooler features an industrial diamond plate exterior and it has earned its name as one of the best small coolers on the market due to being a longstanding cooler manufacturer and for providing quality. It has a tent shaped locking lid that will help to prevent spills, the exterior is durable and resists damage from impacts, you can open it toward either side for easy access, and the handle is very comfortable to hold. Read More Here⇒


Coleman 16Qt Personal Wheeled Cooler 

Coleman Personal Cooler With WheelsEven the small cooler bags can become a handful sometimes. Adding cans of soda or beer along with ice can make the pounds add up quickly. If this is one concern that prevents you from getting a personal cooler, you should consider the Coleman’s wheel personal cooler. It is taller than most personal coolers and able to hold a two liter bottle upright. Although this is a smaller version to most of our coolers with wheels, It can hold 22 cans and the ice to keep them cool. It has recessed wheels to ensure it rolls smoothly and the handle is extendable to make it comfortable regardless of your size. Imagine how much easier it will be to take this cooler to the beach or anywhere else that life will take you. More Info Here⇒

Telescoping Handle For Ease Of Use

Telescoping Handle