Barrel Cooler

What is a Barrel Cooler?

A barrel cooler is a cooler that is made (or made to look like it is) from wine barrels. Just like a typical cooler, barrel coolers are used to keep drinks cold for any outdoor activities, such as backyard parties or barbecues. They are very stylish, made from recycled wood, and available in a pine or butternut finish. Some even bear the name of the vineyard that used the barrel during wine production.

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There are also a group of coolers that are referred to as “barrel coolers.” They are similar to barrel coolers, however, the main difference is they are not made from wine barrels. Instead, these are made from other materials like wicker or rattan. They are very stylish as well, and just like typical barrel coolers, come in a number of shapes and sizes and make for excellent patio coolers.

Wine Barrel Coolers -What Are They Used For?

Barrel coolers are used to entertain guests at your home when you are hosting a party or gathering. They make excellent centerpieces in the backyard, as they are very classy home accessories. If you are having a more sophisticated get together, such as a wine party or a welcome party for out-of-town clients or friends, then a barrel cooler would work very well.

Wine Barrel Ice ChestTech Specs

Barrel coolers are huge and measure between 38” to 42”inches in height. Moreover, their weight is anywhere from 13 to 57 lbs. The range is so vast because it depends on which type of barrel cooler you decide to purchase. The heaviest barrel coolers tend to be the ones that can hold a large of drinks.

Aside from the more common plastic coolers that are portable and used for camping or other outdoor activities, barrel coolers can be expensive. The prices range from $80 – $800. This is why barrel coolers might not be the best choice for purchasing if the cooler will be used around children. Not only are barrel coolers heavy, but they sit high up on a stand, which will be a problem for small children trying to reach inside to get a cold drink.

Also, it is important to note that barrel coolers are not portable. If you buy a barrel cooler for a backyard party and then realize you need one for an upcoming road trip, you will like want to buy another one like a Yeti or Pelican Cooler.

Who Would Benefit from an Ice Barrel Cooler?

Individuals who would benefit from barrel coolers are those that do a lot of entertaining at their homes, especially for parties where the majority of the guests are adults. Barrel coolers would also work for store owners looking to have a prop in their store that would draw customers in. Keeping cold beverages in it during the summer can save energy and money from stopping customers from continuously opening the refrigerator doors.

Popular Barrel Coolers

Full Barrel Cooler

This barrel cooler is beautifully crafted. Made from recycled wine barrel, it has a butternut finish. Ideal for a huge gathering, it can keep a large number of different size drinks cold for a long period of time. Furthermore, it has a very sophisticated look, so it will work well for you if you are throwing a wine party or adult gathering at your home.

Full Barrel Cooler

On the other hand, if you are having a children’s birthday party, this might not be the cooler to showcase. This barrel cooler weighs 40 pounds and is situated on a stand, which means if little ones accidentally bump into it, it could fall on them and cause serious injury. It should also be noted that this cooler is very expensive, thus best used for people who are going for an upscale outdoor setting. Read Owner Reviews Here⇒

Bistro Barrel Cooler

This barrel cooler serves as the perfect home decoration item. It is made from recycled wine barrels and comes with a pine finish. Half of the Full Barrel Cooler, it is small and compact, so it is better suited for small, intimate gathering. In addition, unlike the Full Barrel Cooler, this cooler comes with a lid that can be used as a small table to sit snacks on like fruits, cheeses, and nuts.

If you plan on inviting a large group to your party, then you will want to bypass this style and go with the Full Barrel Cooler.

Bistra Barrel Cooler

Suncast DCCW3000 Resin Wicker Cooler

Chic and stylish, the Suncast DCCW3000 Resin Wicker Cooler is perfect for keeping drinks cold on your patio. Made from resin, you can purchase this cooler to match your patio/deck resin furniture. With plenty of room, you can keep up to 72 beverage cans or six 2-liter bottles cold while your get together is under way. Additionally, this style comes with a basket on the side for any accessories, as well as a towel bar.

Just like the Full Barrel Cooler, this version can be used for a large gathering of people. Furthermore, if it becomes dirty, you just simply hose it off with water. This is much easier than the Full Barrel Cooler which has to be clean using wood polish cleaner to keep the finished wood looking new. This cooler also requires assembling. There are no tools needed, as the parts just snap together. This cooler will work for you as it is “easy to assemble.”


Keter Rattan Cool Bar

This is the smallest cooler among the popular barrel coolers.  It is part cooler, which keeps drinks cold for 12 hours, and part cocktail table, where guests can sit their drinks while socializing. This cooler is very trendy and modern. To get from cooler mode to table mode, just lift the lid and lock it into place, and you have a table and a cooler all in one.

Keter Rattan Barrel Cooler

Because it is compact, this cooler (or cool bar as it is referred to) can be used in such places as your office or dorm room. It will save you money in the long run from having to purchase cold water or beverages while you are working late or studying for your classes.

Because this cooler is more of a personal size item, it is not for you if you plan to party with more than a few friends. It is the most inexpensive of the popular models, costing approximately $80.

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