Antique Coca Cola Cooler & Ice Chests

In 1886, Coca Cola was first released to the public. It was only sold at Jacobs’ Pharmacy and during that first year only nine drinks were sold per day, even though newspapers advertised it a “Delicious and Refreshing Beverage”. Since then, Coca Cola has become one of the most recognizable logos in the world and enough has been sold that if you filled 8ounce bottles with it, you would have enough full bottles to reach the moon and back more than 2,051 times. Its logo has been featured on signs, vending machines, lights, games, clothing, and much more. At one time, you could even purchase ice chests that featured the Coca Cola logo. These antique Coca Cola cooler ice chests are still very popular, and now you do not even have to be an antique collector to own your very own new ice chest.

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Koolatron Coca Cola Mini Fridge

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History of Coca Cola Coolers

After the realization that soda would sell better if it was chilled, Coca Cola retailers wanted to figure out a way to keep them cold, even before the advent of electric coolers. At first, it was done by using wooden barrel halves, which were filled with ice. These barrels would have a wooden lid over them and on the sides, would have the Coca Cola logo stenciled on them.

By 1929, Coca Cola released their own version of a cooler/vending machine. It was a rectangular Glascock cooler that had an iced box above the storage area. Over the next several decades, the design of these coolers improved so much that by the 1950s they were virtually everywhere and some of the best were the Coca Cola cooler on wheels. Some would use ice, some would use power, either way, they were guaranteed to provide people with the cool beverages that they desired and it was one more way that Coca Cola made use of advertising.

Why People Love Antique Coca Cola Coolers Still

When you have a company that is as popular as Coca Cola, it is hard to not have dedicated fans. This is further encouraged by the simple fact that Coca Cola is constantly changing their advertising to include other products. When people grow bored with one type of advertising scheme, the company will come up with a new way to keep their fans happy, whether it is a new bottle or can design, a new beverage, or something totally unique. The only thing that never changes is the classic Coca Cola logo, which ensures that it is recognizable.

Antique Pickers Dream

Antique collectors get excited over anything that features the Coca Cola logo. They go out searching and dream of discovering true “Coca Cola” merchandise, especially the coolers, because even though nowadays coolers have improved, people will still pay outrageous amounts of money to own a piece of Coca Cola history. They especially love a true antique Coca Cola ice chest, even if it is a simple rectangle metal box that stands on four legs and holds ice along with Coke cans and bottles. All it takes is it having the most recognizable logo in the world and people will buy it because they love it. Luckily, now, you do not have to pay a small fortune to own your very own piece of Coca Cola history nor must you be an antique collector.

New Coca Cola Coolers Available

With the age of the internet upon us, you can find virtually anything on your home computer. Coca Cola products and vintage Coca Cola coolers are no exception. You can find the old style coolers and new ones that work more efficiently than ever. Instead of being something that only antique collectors can find, there are Coca Cola coolers for sale on some of the most popular shopping websites. As proof, here are some of the most popular Coke history cooler options.

Classic Coca Cola Picnic Cooler

Retro Coca -Cola Cooler This antique Coca Cola cooler has chrome corners and a chrome handle that can lock into place. It is scratch and rust resistant. It has a lead free powder coating, built in bottle opener. It is made with aluminum and steel and it is fully insulated to keep your Coke products as cold as you want them to be. The best part though, is the very boldly displayed Coca Cola logo which is located on the front. It states simply but beautifully “Drink Coca Cola in Bottles”.




Leigh Country CP Coca Cola Vintage Cooler

VintageCocaCoolerThis beautiful, wooden vintage cooler is an officially licensed Coca Cola product. It has a bottle opener, easy to carry handles on the sides, and a drain valve for your convenience. It also offers the traditional lift lid that was, at one time, found on the old style barrel coolers, but this is the rectangular box with four legs style of cooler. It is ideal for outdoor use when you want to impress your friends and family at your next backyard barbeque or tailgating adventure.




Koolatron Coca Cola Personal 6 Can Mini Fridge

Koolatron Coca Cola Mini FridgeThis cooler is small. It measures only 11x8x11 and weighs 4.7 pounds when empty. It can hold up to six cans of soda, but will keep them about 32 degrees. It has a self-locking recessed door handle, the Coca Cola logo, and it pays tribute to the Coca Cola polar bear. It is perfect for dorm rooms, offices, and other areas where you want to show your love of Coca Cola.




Retro Coca Cola Machine

American Retro Coca cola Cooler This Coca Cola beverage cooler is a true blast from the past for Coca Cola. It is very true to the original 1950s design and can hold up to 80 cans of soda. It has the Coca Cola logo on all four sides and under the lid. It is made from pressed steel and aluminum and it is guaranteed to resist rust and chips. It is a larger sized cooler that weighs about 90 pounds, but it would look great in any game room, living room, or “man cave”.